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Fifteen Degrees Below Zero And I Am Sleeping In A Vehicle

Most people stay nice and warm inside their house in the brutally cold weather this winter. But Professional Over The Road Truck Drivers, like myself, spend 200 to 300 or more nights each year sleeping in their truck. Most of the time it doesn't faze me. But this winter has been the coldest winter ever in my 25 years of driving. And every once in a while it hits me that I am sleeping in a vehicle in some very cold weather. When the weather gets extremely cold we just leave our truck engines run all night. That keeps the truck engine warm so I don't have to worry about it not starting in the morning. And, of course, it also keeps the inside of the truck warm and comfortable for me. But that gets a bit expensive. The law says we have to take at least 10 hours off at night. A truck engine uses about one gallon of diesel fuel an hour. Diesel fuel is about $4 per gallon. That comes out to about $40 per night to keep me warm. If it is not extremely cold I will run my APU (auxiliary power unit). The APU will keep both me and the truck engine warm. It also gives me 120 volt power so I can watch my TV. And it charges the truck batteries so I have no worries about starting the truck in the morning. When the weather gets this cold I will close the curtains in my truck and cover the windows. That makes a big difference in keeping the interior of the truck warm. I also have an electric heated mattress pad. That really helps keep me roasty-toasty on these bitterly cold nights. So next time you snuggle up in your warm bed in your house remember all the drivers out there sleeping in their trucks.