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Trouble In Paradise- Part 2

This is the front bedroom in our 26ft. travel trailer. Over the years it developed a water leak in the roof. I found the leak in the roof and sealed it. Now I am disassembling the bedroom to remove anything and everything that got wet. Obviously the bed and all the cabinets are out. Now I am down to removing damaged ceiling and wall paneling. So far I have removed one ceiling panel, one panel from the right side wall, and the entire front wall paneling. I have removed all the insulation that is or was damp. Luckily the wall studs were not rotted. So all I have to do with the walls is put in new insulation and install new paneling. However there is some damage to the floor. The dark spot left of center is rotted plywood. So the next thing to be disassembled is the floor. I am really not looking forward to ripping up the floor. By now I have already resigned myself to the fact that the trailer is in scrap or salvage condition. I could sell it for a pittance of what it is worth (sans water damage), or I could pay a shop a horrendous amount of money to repair the damage, or I could tackle it myself. Can't afford a new travel trailer at this time. Can't justify $5000 to repair a $7000 RV. So that only leaves one option. DIY. Just having all sorts of fun here. Follow along as I detail what I am doing in more detail on my Life In The Jayco blog.