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Done, Finished, Completed

After about 50-60 hours of my time and about $400 for materials I have finally finished the repairs and remodel of our water-damaged travel trailer. (See here for more repair images.) For the most part the project is complete. I still have to put up some curtains over the windows. And I need to put down some peel-n-stick tile under the bed. But other than that it is done. I painted the walls because I could not find any paneling to match the 10 year old pattern that was on the walls. I put some peel-n-stick carpet tiles on the floor instead of putting vinyl flooring back down. The cost was probably about the same, but I figured the carpet was a nice 'upgrade'. Now that this is complete I am starting to have some grandiose thoughts about what else I can do to the trailer. Hmm... Let's see, maybe a new stainless faucet in the kitchen, some hardwood flooring in the living area, and so on. ;-)