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Blowing off a little steam

I admit it’s been awhile. I did go under the radar for a spell, but I’m am far from throwing in the towel. I’ve focused the meager hours of my hiatus putting attention to not only family, but my disposition in life as well. Dare I say it? I’ve gone and done it. I’m a bonafide colleague student, and I don’t mind admitting…The experience, as exhilarating as it is...My fun meter is pegged out. Am I calling it quits? Hardly. I’ve only just begun…Again. All considered this write up is a little shorter then usual. My ears are still ringing (I promise not to mention that someone did announce “Going hot”, but failed to hear me say “Hold on” right before she unloaded an entire magazine, while I was standing right behind her). The funny thing is, as distracting as it is. I can recall a time in my life when I felt this same sensation of ringing ears night in and night out after playing with my old band, and I don’t mind saying, for one reason or another…It is exilerating. …What was that? I spilled something?…No…What? Oh. Spelled something wrong?…Sponge Wong?