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The Mad Artist Photographer

A very long time ago I started doing some wedding and portrait photography on a very part-time basis. I figured that if I wanted to increase my exposure (no pun intended) I needed to get my name out there. So I decided to sit down at my computer and design some business cards. So I sat down at my trusty Commodore 64 (I told you this was a long time ago) and designed some business cards. This is the original image I used back then. If I recall it came from the Newsroom Desktop Publishing Program (I can see a bunch of you smiling and saying 'I remember that'.) I laid out the card in the same aspect ratio of a standard business card but about four times the size, printed it out on my Commodore Dot Matrix Printer, took it to the local Insty-Prints shop, and got my business cards made. Fast forward a couple of decades... Recently I scanned one of my old business cards into my computer. I cropped out everything but the image. Using GIMP I added a bit of color and the shadow. Very recently I used Photoshop to convert it into a GIF with a transparent background. (Ain't technology wonderful). That way when I use it on my website I can use any color background behind it. (NOTE: was recently registered and may not be activated for a day or so, so please be patient. Thanks, John)