Maven Machines’ Bluetooth-ready safety earbud

Maven Machines’ Co-Pilot SE Smart Earbud is a slim Bluetooth-ready in-ear driver safety headset designed to provide real-time fatigue and distraction monitoring. The device weighs 0.5 ounces and has a connection manager engineered to pair to a phone or tablet to offer clear audio through echo- and noise-cancellation algorithms. The smart headset is built to measure a driver’s real-time head position in 3D space, and its motion sensors are engineered to communicate with GPS sensors ...

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Fatheadz’ oversized sunglasses

Fatheadz’ All-American V2.0 oversized sunglasses and optical lenses are designed to combine a stylish look with durability and comfort and come in a wide range of sizes. The lenses feature materials used in fighter jet canopies for added resistance and an anti-reflective coating to ease eye strain and fatigue. They also are engineered to provide 100 percent UV protection and are glazed to help repel water, grease and fingerprints. Customization capabilities allow customers to create their own ...

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Ancra’s safety product line

Ancra’s line of safety products includes wearables, flags, banners and reflectors. • Safety vests are manufactured with highly visible lime green or orange mess with contrasting retro-reflective strips on the front and back, with a Velcro closure at the front and elastic side straps. • Reflective work gloves feature retro-reflective strips. • A magnetic flag holder has a center screw and wing nut for secure attachment. • Reversible vinyl banners offer sewn-in bungee cords. • A help light kit features three puck-style lights, each with ...

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