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Oklahoma truck stop ordered to combat prostitution

Jill Dunn | April 18, 2011

A judge has ruled an Oklahoma City truck stop owner must take new measures to deter the world’s oldest profession.

On April 7, Judge Bryan Dixon of the District Court of Oklahoma County ruled in favor of city officials against Five Star Truck Stop. City representatives sought relief through the court after more than a year of negotiations with the business failed to resolve the soliciting issue, according to Master Sgt. Gary Knight.

The judge ordered the business to fix and maintain fencing to completely separate the Five Star property from adjacent motels.

The property’s video camera capabilities must be improved and the owner has to buy and monitor video equipment that provides continuous parking lot surveillance. The owner must also provide copies of video surveillance data in usable form to police if requested.

The judge also has stipulated the truck stop must:

  • Increase lighting.
  • Post and maintain no trespassing or soliciting signs in conspicuous locations.
  • Hire Council on Law Enforcement, Education and Training certified guards who can take prostitutes into custody and who are armed during certain hours.

Oklahoma City officials filed the suit to get Five Star to comply with laws regarding prostitution, Knight said.

  • Linn P.

    I see that Senator Pryor is still in the pockets and a lackey of the largest trucking companies and trucking associations in his state and in most of the country.
    With doing their bidding, the bill that Pryor keeps putting forward, will in effect work against small companies and owner operators.
    Senator Pryor could put forward bills that help strengthen the wages and rates paid to the trucking industry, and work on laws that regulate detention time at shippers.
    There are plenty of “good” things for the benefit of most truckers senator Pryor could advocate for, and make it look like he is not working for a “small” constituency base. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.