Trucker protest paled compared to one in late ’60s

| October 17, 2013

George R Brown, president of Culpeper Transport Co. in Culpeper, Va., wrote with this comment on last weekend’s Ride for the Constitution trucker protest:

When All Trucks StopHaving been through all of the trucker shutdowns of the past nearly fifty years this one falling on its face came as no surprise.  Even with all the media coverage it was pretty much a mini free for all with several trying to organize something.

The only shutdown that ever got off the ground was in the late sixties and if memory serves me there wasn’t a lot of media help.  A CBer/reefer hauler from Kansas calling himself “River Rat” had the thing fairly organized.

A lot of trucks were parked or ran convoys for several days. There were a lot of flat tires and broken windshields. A lot of steel was moved by car and livestock haulers.  Flatbeders, myself included, ran very cautious for several weeks after it ended as some of the strikers wouldn’t give up.

I believe this was the start of FASH (Fraternal Association of Steel Haulers), who I believe did the steel haulers some good getting them better pay and working conditions. 

Any readers recall trucking protests of the last 50 years?


  • guest

    Speaking of “Falling on you Face”…this guys truck fleets gets placed out of service 20% of the Time..according to FMCSA.
    April 22 2013 his truck racked up 90 points during the D.O.T
    inspection……..constantly cops find their trucks at Culpeper Transport with Bad Brakes……..this guy s an AUTHORITY on what truckers should be doing???

  • guest

    This guy’s “fleet”must drive around the block most of the time. He has 10 trucks and only shows 900,000 miles in past 2 years?? great authority on the trucking industry.

  • guest

    Culpeper had an Injury accident July 10 2013 in Alabama
    and the driver is 73 years old!
    This guy is a great authority on what truckers should be
    doing….who would work for this guy except the Hopelessly insane?? Listening to what this guy say is stupid.

  • Shawn L Hubbard

    I’m curious which website you got this information from.

  • guest

    Its their CSA File.

  • Old Timer

    All anyone does on this site from what I have read in the past and now is.

    Cut Down anyone who has a opinion other then what they believe in!

    I have 45 years and after all these years, is there anyone out there that has learned to listen too other and read all you can, and then try too talk it out, so we have some kind of organization to work with? All I see are people that tell everyone else what to think? And no one that really understands what it is all about. It is no wonder these are the people who jumped and said, let’s go to DC and protest with out finding out first it wasn’t about better conditions for our industry, but an impeachment rally for a few radicals that

    do not understand, you have to go through the legal channels to make any changes to the American Health care act (other wise know as Obama care.
    If we are going to go to DC and put on a show with big trucks, then lets make it about Trucking!!!!

  • Richard Murray

    Not a word of what the 60’s protest was all about! Nothing about what really happened then as well as the one in the 1970’s. And…

    The media coverage this time was fairly good except very little about why. There were also more than 50 trucks though not as many as they had hoped.

    The protest in the 1960’s was about rates and working conditions. All rates were regulated by the government and working conditions were much less than ideal, but this was mostly because of the companies running the trucks and the hour drivers were forced to work. They were also protesting O/O’s who the unions felt were taking jobs from union drivers.

    The protest in the 1970’s was more of the same… raise the rates for the various freight lanes because fuel more than doubled as did taxes and rates were the same for years. Unions again screamed at independents who could not shut down because they were already on the verge of losing their trucks because the rates had not kept up. Several independents were shot as snipers would hide on hillsides and on overpasses.

    This time rates are no longer regulated but all other regulations are depressing profits and making it impossible to really make a decent living, especially as an owner operator. It has always been a tough gig but getting tougher and tougher.

    And yeah, I went through the protests of the 60’s and 70’s myself.

  • jim stewart

    if you think that’s bad check out “SPEEDY HEAVY DUTY HAULING” MC 403266 on the FMCSA Safer web, with an 85.7 out of service record.. they happen to be one of the local motor carriers who successfully under cut the flatbed rates around here in south Georgia. how these people continue to operate or even purchase carrier liability insurance is amazing! all i know is maybe the rest of us are doing something wrong with trying to run a safe operation and keep our record spotless. i got pulled over the other day and given a warning for a three inch tear in a mudflap after i had just purchased a new one fifteen minutes earlier and was driving to my home to install it. i showed him the recipe and flap in the floorboard but he said i should have installed it at the truck parts place of business. he also told me next time if i couldn’t find a safe pull over area within five hundred feet after seeing his lights behind me to just pull to the right side of the highway lane and stop. OK right, so we have to deal with idiots in official government positions and idiots in trucking positions both costing us money.

  • Migaz

    What is more obvious is the effort to discredit todays truck drivers who are being hit from all sides, from trucking magazines publishing multiple negative articles to federal legislators regulating them out of business. Not to mention the abuse by carriers, the outrageous operating expenses in this Obama economy, a news media that fails to report the truckers in DC & you can’t get out of trucking either with this record unemployment. But you still have to go back 50 years, without quoting any sources, to try to find some event to somehow, try to make us believe what you say instead of our own eyes. And then we see this at the end of the article.

    Any readers recall trucking protests of the last 50 years?

  • guest

    Pulled over by Son Of Hitler!! He can see a small tear in a Mudflap but NOT all the illegal aliens driving 18 wheelers right past him and in and out of the weigh stations? They should get these illegals out of these trucks FIRST..then lets worry about mudflaps.

  • guest

    If truckers dont stand up NOW and Protest what is on our minds…exactly WHEN is the optimal time and occasion??
    That protest was a great Beginning…..we will need MORE.
    If everything is Peachy for YOU…stay home. It isnt Peachy for most of us and they DO have tons off illegal Foreigners taking our Freight and Trucking jobs.

  • guest

    It was plain to see our Congressmen getting Arrested WITH the illegal aliens in DC….and our VETERANS being SHUT OUT of the Veterans memorial?? Something wrong with that Picture??

  • Lazarito

    Where are the rest of our trucking association??


  • Sheppard

    “FMCSA company snapshot” is where you can find anything you want about a trucking companies safety record

  • Shawn L Hubbard

    I was familiar with company snapshot but he had more details than I’d seen before. Thanks for the info.

  • Earl Conlon

    The trucker shut down of DC was NOT about TRUCKING ISSUES, it was about corruption in our Government and everyone from the President to the Local police officer IGNORING THE LAWS AND LIMITS of the CONSTITUTION.
    If the cops and Gov. were Obeying the Constitution you would NOT be pulled over for tears in Mud flaps, you would NOT have illegals in Trucks, you would NOT be getting tickets that violate your Rights.. etc.. How ever the Media including this one. Overdrive JUMPED on the chance to try to belittle Me because i said i wanted to shut down DC bumper to bumper Trucks 3 lanes deep around the city and flood the city with bobtails and supporters and then present our evidence to the Law enforcement and make Demands.. One to Arrest all who supported the idea of sending Money, weapons, and troops to fight along side of Al Queda. and two Arrest all who are or have violated their Oath to office.. and I said if they refused We THE PEOPLE WOULD find away to do it with the power of the citizens grand jury.. Media thought that meant a bunch of truckers would be doing the ARRESTING.. So in the beginning i Had A LOT of support. but that support dropped off when they learned Zeeda and Pete Santilli did NOT want to go in with firm Demands they only wanted to go in blowing horns and smiling for cameras. etc.. However it may not have been as huge and successful as i Had hoped but it did light the light of Liberty in many peoples heart.. REMOVE THE CORRUPT MEN FROM OUR GOVERNMENT AND ALL OUR TRUCKING PROBLEMS WILL ALSO BE REMOVED..

  • Humpty Dumpty

    American CITIZENS, (males), are in deep $#i^, in our own country. And all this guy and people like Kevin Rutherford can do is piss on people trying to bring attention to the serious problems in OUR country. Ask yourself, what is there motivation? They benefit from the things that are being fought. Cheap plentiful labor & in KR’s case more listeners, to include, massive numbers of foreigners, legal and illegal aliens ALL DRIVING FOR CHEAPER WAGES driving our cost of living down to foreign levels.

    As we saw, during the weekend of the “ride for the constitution”, our own government representatives like, so called, Senator, Nancy Pelosi, (who must be branded as a traitor to her own countrymen, along with those like her), STOOD hand and hand WITH MEXICANS IN OUR COUNTRIES memorial park, SUPPORTING CRIMINAL MEXICANS IN OUR COUNTRY, rather than protecting us.

    These things are actually an act of war on us. Let there be no mistake about it. If you don’t believe we are being run out of our own states, (country), you better TAKE a SERIOUS LOOK at what the hell has happened to Southern California, or California as a whole. California is now almost ALL Mexican’s, Indians from India, etc.. What do they have in common they are all 3rd world savages. One of the things that makes them savages is that they have 6 kids as a standard, and are working to out breed us in our own country with free birthing to them, at great cost to us.

    We are facing a New From of Genocide.

  • USMC 69-75

    There is nothing in the regs about a small tear to my knowledge??? I will look it up when I get home and have more time.

    In SC we don’t even have to run mudflaps anymore….your choice! The way the gestapo is changing, I’ll stay in SC and just worry about home.
    I can’t figure out that they are so concerned about safety, yet how many trucks do you see with no head boards or headache racks? Where is the safety???

  • guest

    No doubt….Calif is out of Control…jerry Brown is leading the charge to Motor Vehicles Dept to getthem all a Driver’s License…he just signed that ignorant bill ENCOURAGING more illegal savage illiterate foreign Invaders to scramble over the Fence and get some Handouts. Pathetic……

  • guest

    Heck Ya…it was a Great Protest and hopefully the FIRST of MANY…..we have alot of Truckers Organized and Interested….how about some MORE protests….it sure is a GREAT cause…The AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • guest

    Damn Right!!! Seems like the SHUT DOWN is themost effective part of these Protests…when they see empty shelves they will take us seriously.

  • guest

    Yep you can bring up any company with a D.O.T. number in America and all citations issued in their trucks is listed for the past 2 years…plus accident reports……

  • guest

    Yea you actually want SMS Safety Measurement System…….the company snapshot doesnt give much data………its at FMCSA.GOV…..well worth hunting around…you will enter company name and or D.O.T or MC number and Tons of data on the company comes up…entertaining.

  • g

    Yep you are right..he is Ray Hunter….he gets OOS Violation 86% of the time during inspection!!
    Alert Status at 99 % on maintenance basic.
    What a Maniac.

  • William McKelvie

    Can we all STOP arguing about something that was NEVER for truckers from the get go? It was NEVER a trucker strike, try informing yourselves and educating yourselves on what constitutes a legal strike. Here’s a clue, NSA is not a legal trucker strike issue, sorry.
    How’s about instead of all this posturing and arguing, we do something in history that no other time period has done for trucking. One of you says this, one of you says that. Where is it going? On a digital website and maybe in print. Reading the comments, most agree that FMCSA is not doing their job in regards to real safety. Know where they formulate those ideas? MCSAC. Who runs MCSAC? Not us!! Not the drivers, not the smaller owners. But we CAN go to the meetings and present our concerns. And we have to do a better job than what we see on facebook, or hear out on the roads or counters.
    Some of us have asked for more of a notice when these meetings are coming up, so that we can attend. They have announced the next meeting, Dec 9 to 11, at their normal meeting place in VA. Hilton, Old Town, Alexandria.
    This is a meeting in which we need to start being heard, and heard positively and show up in numbers. This is where the regulations get formulated, and we have no presence there. I read someone mention OOIDA. OOIDA cannot do it all by themselves. Spencer is on this board, but what can he do by himself, especially if the board is stacked against him and we do not show up? They have now given us more time to do so.
    So what say you? Are you ready to go to VA and talk to these people who rule your life? Sensibly and professionally? Or will you stay on the internet, on the radio, on facebook and just bitch? I for one, am going to try my hardest to make it to at least one of three days where I can present an issue or two.
    If you want more information, or would like to see if you can organize a small trip out of your area, that would be great. It would help keep the cost down of going. And no, there is no chrome, no truck show, no musician or anything else to bend your arm to go.

  • Mind Games

    Talk is cheap homie talk is cheap!

  • Mind Games

    You really give the rest of us a bad name.

  • Richard Wilson

    There are people Like Bill and myself that plan to attend, I have been attending these MCSAC meetings for the last 5 years and in that time I have seen besides myself 2 owners or small operators show up to voice their concerns. The FMCSA encourages small carriers, O/O’s to bring and voice their concerns. It seems that the only concerns get voiced at Truck Shows, in listening sessions. Ann Ferro shows up and listens, Larry Minnor Shows up and Listens, problem…. Ann is the administrator, Larry Assistant Admin. They go back to their offices and run the agents and Admin. The MCSAC committee discuses, and sends it to the OMB, its published and Finally turns into a regulation. Why you ask do I make this difference?, Did I say the MCSAC committee show up to these truck shows? NO, That’s right, The ones who Form the regulations never hear what you, the trucker have to say.Wake up people, DOG AND PONY shows don’t work. Don’t be labeled as “RADICAL POLITICAL TERRORISTS!” BE labeled as intelligent Business owners with Sincere Concerns! You have a voice, if you cannot make it your self,We have ways through a simple Email to read your concerns to the ones that need to hear it. This is not an “EVENT” TRUCK SHOW, OR Glorified Tail Gate Party. Just Facts, given to the ones who need to hear it!

  • Mind Games

    1999 was not announced by the corporate media.

  • Richard Wilson

    I was involved in the 1979 strike, as a member of the old ITA (Independent Truckers Association) We had a well publicized and covered Shut down, It cost me A windshield (CRAZY people came out to through bricks and shoot drivers) We had Stations set up all along the NE corridor for truckers to stop and get banners that said ” EMPTY on strike going home” Truckers were stopping by drinking our coffee and eating donuts and getting a banner so they could continue hauling freight. As soon as It was known I supported and shut down, the shipper I had a contract with was inundated with phone calls from people want ing my Freight! Yea strikes work… You’ll never convince me that DOG AND PONY shows work, Simply stated You will not get the ATA members to join, the Corp Giants will ruin every possible chance you have. There are other ways, Take your concerns, not “BITCHES” to the right people, Attend a MCSAC Committee meeting or find some one who is and if you cannot attend send your concerns with some one who is to read it to the very people that are making the regulations! You say the Suits in DC are not Truckers, Well then put on your suit and be a suit in DC that influences the regulations, or find a suit that will represent you!

  • steve4447

    I’m sorry but you guys couldn’t organize a birthday party…you never
    will stick together and will always undercut the rate of anyone to get
    the freight….your back haul is somebodies freight…

    If you can’t do it and make money…you can’t do it!….
    You all talk tough on the posts ..just as long as you will do it for less…Why in the hell should they pay me more?..regular
    keyboard commandos..but when it counts ..It never happens..The very guys
    calling for a strike can’t wait to scab their own strike..

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    This was all an ”ego stroke” for Pete Santilli. He got to spew his hatred on his show that nobody listens to and he bamboozled Zeeda into thinking he had a bigger reach than he really did.

    I along with a lot of very influential like minded professionals in the trucking industry tried to talk sense to Zeeda, but she had already drank the ” Santilli Kool aid” by time we got ahold of her and thought that the apocalypse was upon us.

    If she’d have never messed with that wacko to begin with, then things might have actually went somewhere. I’m with my buddy William Mckelvie in his statement about we all need to attend the meeting of the transportation infrastructure folks in Virginia.

    They have just announced the next meeting, Dec 9 to 11, at their normal meeting place in VA.

    Hilton Alexandria Old Town
    Washington and Jefferson Rooms, 2nd Floor
    1767 King Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314

  • William McKelvie

    Well first off MIND GAMES, I don’t HIDE behind a fake name. I am planning on going to the meeting, are you? I will even offer a ride up, and we can split the costs. No sorry I don’t give almost a thousand dollar checks to get you to show up and speak up for us truckers, that has to be totally on your own conviction and doing. :)

  • guest

    Im Pro AMERICAN..if you are going to work in MY Industry you need to follow the SAME rules as I have to follow. Why would I invite a Criminal illegal foreigner to Waltz in and start work in trucking??? You better have the same credentials as I have to have…….or go wash dishes..or better yet go HOME.

  • guest

    The SHUTDOWN is an effective tool for those who cant Go To Meeting….let THEM come to the Truckstop where we live and tell us how they are going to STOP with Rules that effect our INCOME.
    The Only thing they UNDERSTAND at this Point is Empty Shelves….They are Drunk with Power and only LAUGH at truckers today. No MORE butt kissing..ACTION speaks Louder.

  • g

    So TRUE….Shut down ACTION and Empty Shelves they understand. Otherwise WE THE TRUCKERS are wimpy and easily pushed around at those ignorant meetings.

  • Ken

    You can’t get two truck drivers to agree on what time it is. You ask the time on the cb and someone will say it is 10:15, another driver will say, no, it is 10:18, as if those three minutes make any difference. How could you possibly get them to agree on anything important?

  • guest

    Yep those ignorant “associations” were quick to go on record with the MEDIA as having NOTHING to do with TRUCKERS who were Protesting in DC.
    The Association dudes dont drive truck…they dont CARE what happens to any trucker…why would they? They only want your DUES MONEY….its a pathetic JOKE as we can plainly see as we are pushed around by FEDS every Day in Every Way.
    What “Representation” are they givign anybody?? They are WRITING the legislation for Immigration flood the market with 11 Million illegal aliens to drive TRUCK…the ATA is the BIGGEST promoter of this legislation in America. THAT is your representation!!!!

  • guest

    You gave gone to this “meeting” for 5 years and watched our industry become more and more dominated by Cops….and More illegal foreigners from Russia to mexico flood in here and take jobs and freight? Again WHAT good are these “meetings” you go to???

  • g

    Sure you can “speak” until you are Blue in the Face….they will Nod in agreement and even wring their hands with you..but not a damn thing will get done…..The FIX is in..The AGENDA is written…The RICH INTEREST will do what they want.

  • g

    Ha Ha…”Go To Meeting”….they will never listen to small pototos….Money Talks….The only do what Big Money tell them to do….”The Little Guy” is just a joke to them….they probably have a good laugh after the meeting about the little guys crying out for justice in Trucking…..
    Total Shut Down and Empty Shelves they stop laughing at us then.

  • john

    But there won’t ever be a total shutdown. Companies like Schneider, JB Hunt, and the other big ones, will NOT pass up the opportunity to haul whatever other drivers shutdown with. If you want a true shutdown, park the fuel haulers. Or better yet, shut down the fuel depots. The big companies will be able to haul some freight, until they run out of fuel, but not enough to keep everything moving.

  • Del Ray Johnson

    Interesting!? Who said the protest was a failure!? I think when 2+ people joined together is all you need. Now like I have said on other posts building on this year’s success next year’s event for the Constitution will be $1mm times greater. 1) Driver’s start saving your money next November, 2014 the week before Thanksgiving we are shutting down and going home-time not on the expressway, truck-stop until January 1. 2) What this is about is money pure and simple the driver’s monetary demands should be finalized before November, 2014. Side note immigration reform is a separate topic however under my proposal cheat labor does NOT exist even in California it is illegal!

  • M.j. Zuzich

    For Your Trivia File: Pelosi, she works in the House of Representatives as the Minority Leader.

  • jim stewart

    at least once a month i have to either direct a driver in or perhaps hands-on back up his truck at one of the plants we service ourselves because he cannot maneuver a trailer within a four acre parking area without jacking it up like a pretzel. forty five years ago i don’t ever remember seeing this type drivers that we have out here operating today. some scare me to death on the highway, yes, more than the dumbest of four wheelers. i certainly have a much better chance surviving a crash with a four wheeler who makes a stupid mistake, not so with another truck that just decided to use my lane along with his. this also is why it’s we have a daily fight to maintain decent freight rates because the shippers, brokers, companies have become so accustomed to holding these guys by the hand every step of the way until they finally bust them into bankruptcy. we have so many who don’t have enough common sense to be in this profession but today it’s very easy for them to slide by under the radar. it’s also very easy for hundreds of companies to continue the use of undocumented workers training them to be seat warmers. even with stepped up enforcement and new regulations i see mostly fed-up older drivers around me leaving before the group who really needs to disappear from this industry. there’s a tremendous glut of lease truck owner-ops today (i use that word owner-op loosely) more like buy here, pay here type owner-op’s! i’m not sure how many can even read or write. from what i witness daily i don’t believe many can do math.. these same ones accept anything the motor carrier or in some cases, they are the carrier (which amazes me how they ever slipped into that position). they really don’t have what it takes, the savvy, nor the drive to make it in anything other than landscaping nor a farmhand without being subsidized along the way.. it’s very simple math to reach the conclusion as to what it takes to operate a class 8 truck. many out here don’t have a clue what they need to collect for compensation. i think making truck ownership so damn easy with all the weekly-monthly driver-leasing programs has helped this scenario to finally explode into a tremendously profitable cottage business for just about every motor carrier who wants to operate an “in house used truck dealership”.. i work beside folk everyday who truck the same loads to sometimes the very same customer that i do and they move these loads for two thirds of what i charge. yet they can’t figure why they never have the money for repairs or tires or anything else on the truck. many will however go purchase a fancy pickup or auto before finally going driving over the deep side.. maybe it’s just me, i’m just to old school, i should loosen up, enjoy, live for today, damn tomorrow!!!!!

  • PattyCakes

    Won’t be long that you’ll wish you had a bad name, because soon, you won’t even be permitted to HAVE a bad name …. it’ll be against the Regs and it’ll offend the Illegal who has your old job.

  • PattyCakes

    Why do we pay taxes ….. because we are fearful of the Money Nazis.

    Why would the carriers you listed park their equipment …. fear.

  • Danette Norrell Adamson

    there was no media coverage the way i understand it truckers were protesting the govt not a trucker strike … but no u cant get truckers to stick together if u could we could get exactly what we wanted but u could put 5 truckers in a phone booth spray them all wit super glue and not get 2 to stick together… furthermore the owner/ops cant do it by themselves and the big companies are not goin to shut down

  • William McKelvie

    Another response by another hiding behind a fake name, not surprised.

  • g

    Doesnt seemlike yer “meetings” OR ATA and OOIDA have done a damn thing for anybody….notice the bind we are in GENIUS?? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.