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Todd Dills | September 01, 2010


From “Bobby Boofay’s 24-Hour Truck Driving School,”

Jan and James McCarter at the Straight Up Sound Studio in Nashville, where Jan recorded her “Pretty Girls Drive Big Rigs Too” record. For video from one of the sessions, visit

“How much would you pay to become a professional truck driver? $50,000? $40,000? $30,000? Well come on down to Bobby Boofay’s 24-Hour Truck Driving School. We’re running a special for just $49.95!”



Paths less traveled

‘See the country’ by truck – and bike – and get more out of it.

* Scott Grenerth


* TRUCK: 2002 International Eagle hauling flatbed freight

* FLEET: Leased to Fikes Truck Line

For a video interview with Scott Grenerth (pictured) about his cycling outreach efforts, background in environmental education and work as a naturalist – and how all that dovetailed into trucking (baking is involved, too: think cost per pie) – visit

Ask drivers why they got into the business, and a common answer is “I wanted to see the country,” observes Scott Grenerth. “Well, how much do you get to see from the truck, pulling into the Walmart or the Costco, the Lowe’s Store loading dock?” Not enough, he says, “but I’m loving driving more than ever since I’ve gotten to take my bike with me.”

Combine that two-wheeler with his transition almost two years ago from company driver to owner-operator, so that he schedules his own loads and gets longer hauls, and Grenerth has experienced some unexpectedly delightful insights he wants to share.

That’s why he launched Click “How to Trucker Cycle” and you’ll see illustrations of how he carries his Schwinn (bought for $1 at auction in his northwest Ohio hometown) strapped to the front of his flatbed. He says he’s compiling examples from other drivers on how they carry their bikes and adding new places to explore on bike within easy distance of truck stops. His site includes guides to rides through Columbus, North Baltimore and Brookville, Ohio, as well as Oklahoma City; Kansas City, Mo.; New Haven, Conn.; and more.

Biking during off time on the road has obvious fitness implications, but Grenerth sees broader benefits. “A couple Mondays ago in Nashville,” he said in April, “I jumped on my bike and went over to see the Time Jumpers. Great music – two miles each way, basically, from the truck stop.”

He uses his bike to visit local farmers’ markets, grocery stores and healthy restaurants, too. “I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in my whole life, at 40 years old,” he says.

From Trucker Cycler

Columbus, Ohio

Where to park:  Pilot, I-70 Exit 94

Distance to attractions: Under 7 miles

Drivers go online to provide entertainment, advocacy, business education and more.

General terrain in area:  Flat to gentle grades

What’s nearby: New minor league baseball stadium in Huntington Field, home of Columbus Clippers; state capitol building (free tours); Ohio State University campus (including the famous football stadium and more than 50,000 students); loads of great food options to suit every taste; nice waterfront with multi-purpose trails; thriving music scene; for more:


This “Photographic Journey of an American Trucker” is broadcast in a live webstream from the dash of Central Refrigerated driver Stephen Michaels, who also includes photos from the road. Michaels’ site has caught worldwide media attention for the window it provides into the day-to-day of the American trucker.


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