Truckers News Celebrity Series 2011-2012

Truckers News Staff | September 01, 2011

TN: Everyone’s talking about the hot tub scene where you are filmed in your bikini. Tells us about that!

MS: I was surprised that they used it and not particularly happy about it. We decided to check out the hot springs and even though they were filming, it didn’t seem like it would be part of the story. I want to be taken seriously as a trucker. This didn’t help.

TN: What’s the main question other truckers ask you?

MS: They always ask, “What made you want to drive a truck?”

TN: How did you and Lisa Kelly get along?

MS: She was great! We really had a good time, got along and hope to keep in touch. I’m very grateful for her help on and off the screen.

TN: A lot of women consider you and Lisa to be role models for female truckers. Is it a hard life?

MS: Thank you! It was hard starting out. As a woman in a man’s industry, we have to work twice as hard to earn respect and be recognized as someone who can get the job done and get the job done well. I did it all on my own with no help or guidance. As time went on trucking got easier and I’m thankful to have started my career in one of the toughest areas to drive (tri-state area including New Jersey). I am thankful that all my experiences with others have been positive and supportive except for a few in the workplace who were jealous of my accomplishments. On my days off I’d rather be trucking than doing anything else. So much for calling it a job!

TN: How does it feel now, to be back as a regular trucker?

MS: After the season, I took a month off and started trucking again in New Jersey. Can’t live without my passion! I drive for a small family-owned trucking company that’s more relaxed than my previous job.

TN: Will you be back for season six?

MS: If they ask me, I will!

TN: What kind of learning curve did you have when you joined the crew?

MS: I learned a lot from Phil (Krom), Tony and Lisa. I learned a lot in general. One thing for sure is it’s a totally different style of driving and you need to know the rules of driving the Dalton. Without knowing certain things, there’s a slim chance that someone would make it without ultimately wrecking or losing their life.

TN: How can truckers help their public image?

MS: Be proud of what you do for a living. We are not recognized and appreciated for what we do. I think that truckers have to join together and just be heard and educate the world about our purpose. It’s tough to be respected without recognition. Look at all the other professions with recognition; we have doctors, policemen, firefighters and teachers. Truck drivers keep America moving. So where’s our recognition? What would happen without us? Be proud of your career and purpose as a truck driver and be heard; we can change our image for the better and finally get the respect and recognition we deserve.

I think the show has increased the image of truckers and made people notice us. We are simple people, honest and hard working. We need to take pride in what we do and the rest will follow.

TN: Do you get recognized when you go out?

MS: I’m getting recognized more often. It was funny to be asked to sign an autograph at the tollbooth on the Jersey Turnpike!

TN: What else do you like to do besides trucking?

MS: Hunting, working out, being with family.

TN: Readers are going to want to know, married or single?

MS: I have a boyfriend!

TN: It sounds to me like you are having fun.

MS: I’m having a blast! I’m living my dreams and doing what I love to do. I couldn’t ask for more.








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