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Truckers react: Obama wins ’12 election

| November 07, 2012

Election: Romney loses the race, but wins with trucking

Most commenters on Overdrive‘s Facebook page were not thrilled to hear news that incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama had been re-elected and were quite vocal on where they stood relative to the national political scene. Most cited concerns over the president’s economic policies in an already-shaky economy.

Those who supported the president’s re-election piped in when asked if the right guy had won, though most simply said “Yes” and did not elaborate much.

In an Overdrive Hot Buttons poll conducted in October, 66 percent of Overdrive readers who responded said they preferred Mitt Romney over Barack Obama, who had the backing of 21 percent of respondents. Six percent said they preferred neither, while 7 percent said they preferred a third party or write-in candidate.

Poll: How should lawmakers deal with the ‘fiscal cliff’?

In terms of ideology, Overdrive readers in another Hot Buttons poll — this one in September — favored a more hands-off approach in terms of government and job creation. In answering the question “What role does government play in job creation?” a whopping 83 percent favored Republican or limited government-type policies — 47 percent said the government should cut taxes to stimulate private investment, 23 percent answered the government has no role in job creation and 13 percent said the government has little to no role.

Seven percent favored government raising taxes to fund job-creating programs and 10 percent supported other government initiatives besides tax policies. See those poll results here, along with drivers sounding off on their answers.

We tried to gather driver commentary throughout the day Tuesday either via email or on Facebook. Via email, Shawn H. of Victorville, Calif., said he voted for Romney: “We have given President Obama four years and he hasn’t done the job on the economy.  Since we have never elected a true businessman ( I don’t consider Bush Jr. and Sr. true businessmen) to office, I think it’s time to give one a shot. I believe Mitt Romney can end this economic malaise by instituting economic policies that will jumpstart the economy, as well as return confidence to the market.”

Douglas Kennedy, however, emailed to say he voted for Obama — his second time to do so — referencing the two most recent presidents as examples of policies and their effectiveness: “When Clinton was President, we had a surplus, and I made money,” he writes. “Bush became president and every year he was president, I made less money and every expense associated with operating my truck increased, with no increase in my rates to compensate. Since Obama has been president, I’m slowly making a little more money.

“I feel in my heart that Romney is, of, for and by the Corporation. That leaves me — the one man, one truck — odd man out.”

Here’s what Overdrive readers had to say on Facebook:

Jim Dos: It’s a sad day for business independence everywhere in America. Rules and regs will be worse and not helpful.

Brandon King: Heck no the right guy didn’t win! Obama has made a mess and now has 4 more years to make a bigger mess! It’s not fair to our kids.

Nick Lichty: Yes. Bush [screwed] us for 8 years and it’s going to take Obama at least 8 years and the next Democrat at least 4 years to fix this. Anything is better then Mitt the twit.

James Shelburn: Nope, wait ‘til fuel hits 7 bucks a gallon! And people have to pay 20 bucks for a loaf of bread! Because the haul bill was so high for hauling it.

Willie Dixson: It doesn’t matter who won (both much the same, just a fall guy for GOP or Dems). The masters are the ones controlling the value of our dollar — banksters. It is not the cost of fuel; it is the value of the dollar.

Jenni Reynolds-Kebler: No! The right guy was narrowly defeated. Now I am forced to live with the decisions of others. Hope you Democrats are ready for the rest of your life, because I think that we are truly in the beginning of the end.

Greg Krueger: Trucking for the owner operator has been bad last 6 years, might as well make it 10.

Stacey W. Betz: We are screwed…..period! You think fuel prices are high now and that there are too many regulations, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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  • jescott418

    I just thought Obama had his chance and he failed. We should vote out non productive politicians and set a standard that we won’t give them another term without results. This goes for ALL politicians. I think Obama did not deserve a second chance.

  • Bob_Hearns

    Too many truckers watch Fox and believe what they hear and see. The President does not set nor influence fuel prices. The oil companies do that. Look at Obama’s first year when the economy was in a tailspin and look at the fourth year. Quite a turnaround. The next 4 years will be even better, Even with the Republicans in Congress continuing to try to drag him down at the expense of the 99%. That’s us.

  • ldmff

    To Dougy K. when Clinton was in office he had a Republican Congress that balanced the budget, the two prior years he owned both sides and the worthless Dumb@$$ Congress those peckerwoods or hayseeds didn’t get squat done! REMEMBER! You lefties have such a short memory just like your manhood you little pricks!

  • Paul E Hix Jr

    Gridlock. It’s a good thing as Martha would say.:)

  • Rebuke Them

    I’m sure it’s the lefties and democrats who were in control when George bush ran the country into the ground you hypocrite. You have no interest in facts just rhetoric. The voters have spoken. Deal with it. Is fuel at $7 now. When we vote out the tea party people and the cowards who aided in obstructing any effort to improve this country in the next two years we should see some improvement

  • Thomas Denman

    Now if we can get them to take FOX NEWS off of the TVs in the truck stops and have THE WEATHER CHANNEL ( which is owned by BAINE CAPITOL ) broadcast the weather 24hrs a day for the whole country, instead of just NY and the east coast we all might have a better view of our Government!

  • Rebuke Them

    He did not have a chance as you stated. Mitch McConnell stated his sole purpose was to make president Obama a one term president. This is a leader in the senate saying his purpose was to do everything to make the president of the United States fail. Ask yourself if that’s what his constituents sent him to the senate for.

  • Mike Smith

    We are in a dire situation with this negro as president.

    Real Americans are facing a new form of Genocide at the hands of corporations, & escalated by Obama. They have given our jobs & our resources to China on one hand & they have allowed our country to be invaded by Mexico/Mexicans on the other hand.

    If real Americans don’t get it. This so called President, is a negro President, who’s father was not even a CITIZEN of our country. The president of the minorities, negros and Mexicans, etc.. Elected because of his Mexican support system. Mexicans whom Obama has given plenty by way of Obama Care, food stamps, extended unemployment, the Dream A$$, which gave money to Mexicans birth in our country by illegal aliens.

  • Jason Haggard

    You call us cowards yet you hide behind a false name, don’t worry you will be safe in Obama’s pants while you are kissing his ass.

  • Jason Haggard

    Where do you get your information from, and can you back it up with fact? Stereotype some more and spread your ignorance.

  • Bob_Hearns

    Jason, what stereotypes? Setting fuel prices? Not in his power. That’s just wingnuts on the right setting you up. Mitch McConnell said our mandate should be to make him a one term president. I’m sure with a mandate like that, they wouldn’t dream of doing anything to hinder Obama. Wake up and smell the coffee. You’re a dupe of the right wing trash mouths.

  • Bob_Hearns

    The real Americans were here before the white man. You’re just a walking Republican talking point.

  • Mike Smith

    I’m not a Republican. They gave r jobs to China & allowed Mexicans to Invade our country to drive down our wages. In So Cal, Mexicans now have taken over the trucking jobs, (See, Fontana, Etc.).

    Indians were not the real Americans, as you elude to. They were Stone Age people who knew nothing. Only a dummy would think otherwise. They were wanderers.

    Obviously you know nothing, as is usual, with people like you. Are you a negro or just brain washed.

    The only talking point is the silly dribble you mutter, as any thinking person can see/read.

    Speak to my points. Don’t try & attack me with mindless nonsense as you have. Lets here your support for your pathetic thoughts, if you have any.

    We Europeans came here to colonize & fight the Spanish enemies in 1586. The colony was called Roanoke. Again we came here in 1620. We colonized & settled from sea to shining sea. New Spain belonged to Spain. The people fought Spain,1821 they won & created Mexico. A mere 20 yrs later we took the area above the Rio Grand, Remember the Alamo? In 1848 we won the war against Mexico.

    It is no longer time for politicians & cowards. It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  • Bob_Hearns

    What would save us from a lot of ignorant remarks here and elsewhere would be for readers who comment to first learn how the government actually is set up. What powers the different branches have and how they interact.

  • Bob_Hearns

    ‘They gave r jobs to China’ ‘Stone Age people’. ‘wanderers’ Mike, who’s ‘they’? and Stone Age? wanderers? You can’t be serious. Won’t even try to answer this nonsense. Goodnight, Mike.

  • Mike Smith

    Clinton was the cause of the collapse. He repealed the Glass/Stegal Act which gave the financial institutions the ability to give loans to Mexicans, negros and other savages who have been allowed into our country. AND he aided & abet Sam Walton in his move to send our jobs, AND our valuable resources, to China so Walmart could profit off the Cheap Chinamen Labor. The people in power have taken from us and given what is ours to these savages.. All that has enriched all of the above AND we have been driven down. Now China is causing massive global warming. Thanks Clinton & Wal-F.

  • Mike Smith

    What I wrote is clear. Ur rehash is nothing but gibberish conjured by the likes of you. You can’t ans?

  • Mike Smith

    Obama intentional refused to back the Canadian oil pipe line; which would have brought fuel prices down. He did this to compel people to BUY more fuel efficient cars. This drove up GM, etc., stock prices & put autoworkers to work. Just another fraudulent ECONOMY by the government.

  • wayne leverton

    For all you “haters” out there, you whom wanted “MITT the TWIT” to ruin the country, you can thank us now for your improved future, as it will be better than if “MITT, BUY THIS COUNTRY WHOLESALE, ROMNEY” was in charge.


    When things really begin to turn around in the next few months of OBAMA”S second term, please be sure you don’t take advantage of any of the benefits he has brought to the USA.

    Because OBAMA’S re-elected, you won’t be living in the sleeper of your broke down. flat & bald tired truck because your house went to foreclosure, hiding it from the repo men.

    YOUR WELCOME & No hard feelings ………

  • EF

    It’s really amazing as i read the ridiculous comments posted. Most don’t really get it. We are dealing with two political parties that aren’t all that different from one another. Oh there are differences to be sure. But both practice corporate cronyism and both are globalists. And that’s a really big problems for the people. It seems to me it’d be more effective to fight issue by issue. Politicians on both sides have been bought and paid for by lobby power & money and any bipartisan deal that gets brokered will be nothing more than a resolution to a kind of Hegelian Dialectic.

  • Niels

    Yes the right guy won! Romney & his pals are crooks, pirates, & economic RAPISTS! The reason we’re where we are today. I bought a house under Clinton, had to borrow to keep it under Bush, now I can’t GIVE it away. Direct result of republikan admin. The tea party movement needs to just DIE, the rest of republikans need to get outta the way (or die too). That whole organization needs a “ground-up” makeover. I don’t care if I NEVER see another republikan in ANY office as long as I live.

  • clarence jamison

    It is so sad when peoples can’t see pass color. The only color matter is green. These guys who are in public office are smart educate. To all the trucks driver’s out here .save the politics for the politicians. Half of the driver’s out here don’t even have a high school education and only talk about what they hear or see on the news. There is so much Hate out here just because you was to lazy to get an education. Now you want to blame someone because your sorry life is mess up. We all have choices you made your. Education is the key to sucess and I’m proof of that. Life is to enjoy not Hate!!!!!!

  • jay wright

    Mike your a racist idiot

  • Mike Smith

    Speak to the points I have made. Don’t make over simplistic nonsense statements. If the word racist etc. were band you would be a completely hollow puppet.

    You are much worse. Your a blind a$$ traitor who has been brainwashed by the media and corporations that profit off this filthy despicable Invasion of our country.

  • Disks

    The president has no control over gas price wake America MIT Romney has 50 plus million dollars in the bank you think he cares about truckers Obama got America off the floor from bush don’t blame him because he is black color has nothing to do with this republicans has been dropping the ball for years and dum ass people still vote for them .if Obama was Chinese it would not matter as long as he gets the job done. When you dum ass people tried to elect Sarah palin I knew republicans are stupid people red necks can not run modern day America period. Romney knew he was going to lose Latinos and blacks feel like republicans are racist .a lot of white people hates blacks so they let get in the way of choosing presidents . I am black and I even hate what some blacks do like ghetto shit but I do not let that dictate my life and views if you are a hard worker you will truly benefit if you are a lazy ass well enjoy be homeless .

  • Mike Smith

    What’s even worse is when negro racists vote strictly for the negro president because he’s a negro, 97%. And this can be further observed by looking at the Rep. negro general, Colon Powell, who voted for his negro. It is sad. To add to this the Mexicans vote for the negro also. Why? Because they get our gov support, money, IE., Dream Act money, free health care, homosexuals get recognition, and females get medical freebies also.

  • William McKelvie

    Everyone needs to wake up. First off, we had NO and I do mean NO CSA before this administration. We had NO EOBR before this administration. With CSA we have drivers losing jobs because they are number THREE in an accident?? Because they are involved but not at fault?? With EOBR, we have companies AT WILL changing drivers hours of service, FMCSA acknowledging that and doing NOTHING about it. Will it get worse? Most probably. Why? Did you not hear Anne Ferro asking the bipartisan congressional committee during their most recent hearing on CSA, WHY they were holding that meeting. And let us not forget the attempted and now gaining ground MEXICAN border trucks coming to take everyone’s job. The TDSMC surely did not forget it, they even allowed one to come and speak and get applauded, on the basis of “gathering information”. Bullshit. Too bad we are so strong in numbers, but weak in togetherness. The only way to take american trucking back, is to do exactly what the Italians and Spanish have done in their countries!!

  • Dave

    Your talking to truck drivers. I was out there for 25 yrs. Waste of time to mention passed the buffet or a book.They can only repeat what they hear. Just like they need to research collin powells party,which president okayed opening the border for the mexicans to haul our freight. But,that would call for reading a book and thanking for themselves.And, I agree with the drivers opinion on Clinton.I made the most money in 25 yrs while he was in office. 2 MEMBERS OF THE REPUBLICANS WERE TALKING ON TV AND CLINTON WAS THE TOPIC. SAID HE KNEW HOW TO GET BOTH SIDES TO AGREE ON THINGS AND THATS WHY IT WORKED.SEE THAT 2 REPUBLICANS SAID THAT. BUSH HIT OFFICE I WENT FROM 6 TO 1 TRUCK IN KNOW TIME.

  • KeepTruckin72

    Romney left Massachusets much the way Bush left America and the rest of the planet – gutted and consumed by his plutocrat friends at ours and our children’s expense. It’s funny to see how shocked the right is at discovering the world hasn’t been sitting on the couch getting their reality from Fox News the past four years. People have access to real facts and information. And Professional Wrastling isn’t real either – sorry.
    Right Wing dark money lost BIG. And that’s a win for America.

  • davidberry

    Wow. Tell us how you truly feel? Your racist rant is difficult to swallow; especially for a savage negro such as myself. If this is how you feel about my people, then maybe I should just vote straight ticket. While I agree that repealing Glass/Steagall Act aided the financial crisis, this negro savage must call you out on a few things you didn’t consider.

    1. Glass Steagall had nothing to do with loaning money to minorities. It allowed banks and planning firms to sell insurance and insurance firms to start banks; thus removing the barrier holding them back.

    2. You misspelled Glass-Steagall.

    3. The Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (which repealed Glass Steagall) was written by a GOP controlled Congress.
    But what do I know? I’m just savage serving Truck Drivers for over 17 years.

  • Mike Smith

    You forgot to mention I have two periods after savage. You called yourself savage. I refereed to Mexicans, negors, and savages. You gotta complex.

    As for the Glass/Steagall Act, you over simplify a complex Act that even the well seasoned Economist have trouble defining. But you must be a higher level Economist than these. Repealing it is what opened up financing to those I mentioned. Their inability to pay for houses that were driven up by the same kinda of people they are. Just look at the major areas of the greatest crisis, So Cal, Las Vegas, Arizona, FL, etc.. They are inundated with third world savages, and the like, who bought & should not have been allowed to buy. And they could not pay the payments.

    As for you, you should be screaming about how the Mexicans ran negros out of CA, Compton, and Watts for that matter. Rather you seem to side with them.

    At least you tried to address the points I made rather than post empty headed one liners.

  • KeepTruckin72

    Mitt had buyers lined up to purchase our government and Mike Smith’s savages screwed it up. Now we’ll never know what it would have been like to have been the United States of Koch Enterprizes.

  • Mike Smith


  • MarionCDavies

    I think he is and IDIOT first and a racist second. Kind of a chicken and egg thing, don’t ya think?

  • MarionCDavies

    If the word “negro” were banned from this page (not “band,” Eienstien), you’d have to stick to issues and support your comments with facts. One’s ethnic identity isn’t relevant here; this is a discussion about ideology. On the other hand, people who define their ideology based on race, ethnicity, place of birth, etc… often turn out to be members of that other “n-word” minority group. Can you spell NAZI, mein her?

  • MarionCDavies

    Mike–take your meds.

  • W P

    American truckers need to wake up. Trucking has been bad for the past 25 years, it didn’t just start 4 years ago. Fuel prices were high and on the rise way before Obama became President. So please … with the B.S. Deregulation screwed the trucking industry long ago and now that every form of government especially the local mounties Know that the can profit from this industry and get away with it, because there is no unity, they’ll continue to suppress this profession. Wake up truckers – it’s a New Day! The right man won. Get on board and try to make a difference!

  • W P

    Wow! You are ignorant!

  • W P

    We see who the real beast is here. When did u purchase America? Make a world and then u can claim it. Or better yet keep living in the one in your head and call it Idiotville!

  • W P

    Aint that unity for ya. Wow!

  • W P

    Thank you Wayne. I concure.

  • W P

    Not to worry Niels, they are dying.

  • Mike Smith

    Just look who’s talk’n about ignorant. Just because s***heads like you use the word ignorant does not diminish the truths I present.

    Ignorant means to ignore knowledge, which you & plebs like you do. Brainwashing is simple saying the same thing over and over again, getting people to believe it. And this is what has happened to you and the traitors like you.

    READ all of what I’ve written. They are FACTS. They are undeniable truths. And brainwashed traitors can not change them.

    Obama is the new Nazi Minority leader inundating our country with 3rd world savages & giving them the CITIZENSHIP of my country.

    What’s ignorant is failing to recognize the truth, as many of you have. It’s truly pathetic & disgusting, that a people FAIL to recognize what is happening, AND the history of our country. MANIFEST DESTINY has been thrown out the window by traitorous scum who’ve been brainwashed into excepting the Globalist movement & the planned inundation of our country by savages who regularly have 6 kids, out breeding us, and we are paying for their birthing. We can tell after years of this what is happening by examining this election. All negros voted for a negro, & this negro bought votes from Mexicans, the homosexuals, women & students! With our government money. Pretty slick of Obama.

    By the next election there will be massive numbers of new Mexicans & others allowed into our country, and many more Mexicans coming into voting age. This will be the end of our country and the beginnings of a new turd world shit hole. But you morons just keep fiddling while Rome burns.

  • Mike Smith

    Shut the f you stupid s***. You must think you know something because you have a mouth, and fingers, and write idiotic comments. Obviously you know nothing, or you wouldn’t dare contest the truths I have written.

  • jescott418

    I agree, its the voters who voted in all the idiots in government. If government does not work its the voters fault.

  • W P

    You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit u n the a** . Go learn something and then talk. Cause right now u aint sayin’ nothing!

  • MarionCDavies

    Mike, does your Mom know you’re playing with her computer? Wait ’til she gets home, you’re going to get it and GOOD!

  • Mike Smith

    Marion another ridiculous one liner, take you enema.

  • vvaillette

    Lots of vitriol here. I am relieved that Obama won and regard his presidency as historic: 1) First black president, 2) Faced with epic GLOBAL financial meltdown, 3) Bitterly opposed by a freshman group that made their cynical goal, his failure. They lost, thankfully.

    Mike, your anger is palpable, intelligent yet misguided. Yes, the country is changing, always has. White manifest destiny is an anachronism. Stay there and you go the way of the dinosaur. Your choice, man.

  • Mike Smith

    Voters have been brainwashed. They are not responsible for what politicians do. Voters are manipulated & controlled by the corporations in power. They control the media. The media has become a propaganda machine just about like the Nazi Propaganda Machine. People have been BRAINWASHED. Brainwashed is fairly simple. It is being told the same thing over and over by the people in power. Just like in Nazi Germany. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.