‘Truckers Ride for the Constitution’ details emerge

| October 07, 2013
This image is the "Ride for the Constitution" Facebook page's profile picture. The agenda for the ride and weekend-long demonstration, say organizers, is focused on a mix of trucking and "constitutional" issues. The three-day demonstration has been joined by groups like Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment, and promoters offer some rally support information via this page.

This image is the “Ride for the Constitution” Facebook page’s profile picture. The agenda for the ride and weekend-long demonstration, say organizers, is focused on a mix of trucking and “constitutional” issues. The three-day demonstration has been joined by groups like Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, and promoters offer some rally support information via this page.

Organizers of the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” demonstration have chosen the Doswell Truck Stop in Doswell, Va., as a rallying point for two convoys planned to converge on Washington, D.C., Friday.

A manifesto delivered via the Ride for the Constitution.org website by principal promoters over the weekend detailed the agenda. Following an introduction, the first five demands focus on trucking issues, a latter five on what principal promoter Zeeda Andrews called the “demands of the American people.” Read the manifesto for yourself via this link to the ride’s Facebook page. 

The trucking-related issues include California’s emissions regulations, hours of service and detention issues, mandatory liability insurance, truck parking safety, and crash accounting in the federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

Representatives of Doswell Truck Stop, formerly the All American Truck Plaza, said they received calls from event organizers. One of them was Earl Conlon, a driver and author of a 2004 novel that details a fictional scenario in which all of America’s truck drivers go into long-term hiding in protest of various trucking issues.

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“I’ll be there,” said Conlon, a Georgia-based former owner-operator now working as a company driver. Conlon has been organizing the bobtail tractors, pickups and motorcycle riders planning to ride into the District of Columbia.

“We’re going to start at 7 a.m.” Friday, said Andrews, a Jacksonville, Fla., resident who is not in trucking directly but considers herself one with drivers given her past touring and performing in truck stops, traveling with driving family members and many trucking associates. Speakers and news media representatives are expected, she added.

Conlon’s convoy is intended as a show of force, he said, attendant to delivering evidence to law enforcement authorities that he hopes will result in “one or two people stuck in handcuffs,” he said – “politicians, senators, congressmen — for violating their oaths of office” to uphold the constitution.

Poll: Will you participate in the “Ride for the Constitution” in some capacity?

A second convoy, this one only tractor-trailers gathering at the Doswell stop and other venues, will then circle the beltway. The intention is simply to cause a traffic jam and get the attention of politicians and the general public, said Andrews.

She encouraged supporting drivers across the nation who are still at work to “ride in the right lane in a convoy formation. If they can do that and wave their flags in support of their fellow truckers, they can show their unity [with other drivers].” The group is actively encouraging convoys to disrupt traffic around state capitols across the nation.

Viewpoint — Kevin Rutherford: Here’s why you shouldn’t shut down Oct. 11-13

Officer Darrell Davis of the permits office within the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department noted that maneuvering large vehicles near areas patrolled by the Secret Service, U.S. Capitol police and/or the parks police could result in forced diversion of trucks to other areas or other problems. Davis noted that their office had no current permit on file for the district demonstration Friday, but that they were aware of reports of it. J.B. Schaffner, a driver participating in the effort and who helped to engineer a similar D.C. ride in 2008, stressed that the bobtail-led convoy didn’t need a permit for its route. Organizers of this week’s event have stressed that intentions are for a peaceful demonstration.

As for the planned beltway event, organizers have not specifically called for freeway blockages or anything of an unsafe nature or murky legality. Taking action against traffic congestion caused by a large number of trucks driving normally would be difficult to enforce.  


More on the five trucking grievances included in the ride’s manifesto. 

  • guest

    Yep and the TRUCKER SHUTDOWN across AMERICA is going to be fun too. Ya didnt mention THAT part.

  • Vaudreyvil

    Probably because there isn’t going to be a shutdown of any significance.

  • Vaudreyvil

    Also read this!


  • Jake Metzgar

    does this have anything to do with the gov shutdown?

  • will rodgers

    Can I suggest that someone gain access to the Traffic cams in DC. This is public domain, go to this site to see the Beltway. traffic video: http://www.chart.state.md.us/travinfo/trafficcams.php#

    .For inside the beltway you can use the city traffic cams http://www.trafficland.com/city/WAS/

    I don’t know if FEMA or HSA is getting ready for this demonstration, but I suspect they are along with NSA, and with the full brute force of the NDAA Executive Order like they did in Boston. Be prepared. God Speed, and believe me when I say Millions are behind this effort to save America.

    The reason I say get a video of it is that no major news will cover this, but we all can record it via the internet using DC’s own traffic cameras. We can ship it around, we can have some planned Tea Party meetings where we can show it on a big screen. I urge everyone to record this historic event, and to show it to everyone you know. post it all over, because you know the Lame Stream Media is going to say it never happened. Obama’s attmpt to defeat his opposition is to hide them and ignore them. Obama lives by the 12 Rules For Radicals , a book written by his good Communist friend, Saul Alinsky. Here’s Rule #1

    RULE 1: “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.” Power is derived from 2 main sources – money and people.
    “Have-Nots” must build power from flesh and blood. (These are two things of which there is a plentiful supply. Government and corporations always have a difficult time appealing to people, and usually do so
    almost exclusively with economic arguments.)

    Obama knows there is power in our actions, so his only way to diminish that power is to not recognize it.H e does this because he controls the news. Note there was very little Media of the Bikers efforts. In fact, polls reveal most people did not even know it took place. If it does get some coverage, Obama will make some snide comment to belittle your efforts:

    * RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh?
    They want to create anger and fear.)

    Look for some scare tactics from the White House later in the week. Obama is a Chicago style thug, and he will use force if he feels backed into a corner:

    RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist. (Perception is reality. Large organizations always prepare a
    worst-case scenario, something that may be furthest from the activists’ minds. The upshot is that the organization will expend enormous time and energy, creating in its own collective mind the direst of conclusions.
    The possibilities can easily poison the mind and result in

    Look for Obama to try to polarize this effort, and get people at odds with each other . Stick to the main goal of disrupting DC traffic and freedom of movement. If Obama senses a real threat, he will use Rule #12 on this Patriotic Movement:

    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
    Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.
    (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

    Do not underestimate Obama’s reactions. That would be like thinking you can out maneuver a cobra. He has years of training in how to destroy, yet none in how to create and build. But look out for this rule:

    * RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. (This happens all the time. Watch how many organizations under attack are
    blind-sided by seemingly irrelevant arguments that they are then forced to address.)

    Stay focused, and stick to the original plan all the way through. If you get time, google these Alinsky Rules, and remember there ‘s an advantage to knowing them. This is Obama’s rulebook, so you know his plays, and you can anticipate his moves.
    Many, Many real Patriotic citizens are with you, we may yet be too old for the battle field, but we are with you in Spirit. Please, win back our Nation.
    God Bless.

  • dumbmoves
  • Eileen

    Have fun. I personally think this is a huge recipe for disaster, and I don’t believe it’s going to do anything to help ‘our’ cause…but ok.

  • Voodoolou

    Please don:t represent me. If I want to really screw something up, I can do it myself. Can you guys send me some money for fuel to get to the freight that you:re going to leave for me to haul?

  • jrhix

    God bless you young men and women. I’m an old guy and my days are numbered in this business but I hope and will pray that maybe things will get better. When you will be able to do your jobs with constitutional protections, and the lawyers are limited as to what they can sue trucking companys for and our privacy is protected as much as suspected drug dealer’s. Keep the faith, I won’t be going anywhere those days.

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  • steelcan

    i see several container haulers must be planning something special too. their web masters have placed the shutdown on the front page of their site http://www.porttrucker.com – they are calling the strike action “Pier pressure!”

    it seems though they may have a few better ideas on issues calling for a week of stop work actions. wonder how many fedup truckers will actually take part in a dock strike? i hear down on the waterfront that many f the dock workers will support the truckers if it happens. this could be a perfect storm at the piers since all the holiday freight is now in full swing. if this were to sprad the big box retailers like wally world would be in trouble especially since every bit of ocean cargo is based on “just-n-time” delivery. it’s going to be interesting!

  • dcbusiness

    All you are doing is hurting Americans who are trying to run businesses, get deliveries and get to work if we have it. Do you really think that clogging the highways hurts Members of Congress? They couldn’t care less. You are being selfish

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  • USMC 69-75

    bottom feeders, can’t afford fuel but want to haul cheap freight???

  • USMC 69-75

    Your being blind, ignorant, and selfish!
    Do nothing, and nothing gets done. Except tyranny and government abuse!

  • Judicius .

    Don’t expect the Commonwealth of Virginia to welcome you with open arms. Its not our fault DC is broken, and while I am sure all of us are as angry as you are, we will probably be more upset if you decide to protest on our backs.

    Just remember that Virginia’s State Police and National Guard are fully funded, unlike the Federal Government, and we are not going to take kindly to folks from out of state shutting down the primary mid-Atlantic road link that ties us to the rest of the country.

  • acs451

    I tell you what, when I see one of your trucks on the road, I’ll be slowing down in front of it.. last thing I want is tea bagger truckers, and I used to respect truckers for keeping this country supplied, but as far as their political views they’ve never really been on the forefront.

  • radcont5164

    HEY Dummy…It is OUR FAULT for electing these stupid anti-American people into office. Think about it, WE THE PEOPLE, are supposed to be in charge of this country, not the stupid Nazi believing polititions who don’t give a damn about America.

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  • hmontaigne

    How exactly are you being abused and tyrannized? Just asking.

  • Fosterfreighting

    Your manifesto reads like a bunch of extremist fanatics (Tea Party Politicians) wrote it. A couple of the trucker issues should be part of your cause but the rest of it is nuts. I don’t want you representing me. Thanks

  • Debieve

    Well of course we will have friction from all arenas!! But fighting the good fight is worth every minute of it! People that are against this show of independence probably ride the curtails of those that do fight..that’s okay because believe it or not, they are still fighting for you too..those that are happy being controlled so be it ..just don’t spread your words of condemnation on those that are trying to do something that means a lot to them..while you are sleeping in your warm beds at night without a machine monitoring your sleep habits, while you are eating your meals at anytime u feel like it..while you are driving your luxury cars anytime you like without being spied on or restricted from stopping when you are tired..rest assured that you decided to to condemn those that cannot accept these losses of freedom! Everything you have has come on a truck..there is a human being behind that wheel who deserves your respect!..I am a trucker of almost 35yrs. I stand for all my fellowmen male and female..I respect the good fight they are fighting..Good leadership comes from those that are willing to subject themselves to the same rules as their fellowman, not exempt themselves..If it affects one then it affects the many..God Bless the Truckers of America!

  • Repugnican

    Most of them look like Nazis, so shouldn’t they act like Nazis?

  • Repugnican

    Fuel must not be high enough or fuel economy must not be low enough if drivers can afford to make a special trip to DC to do nothing but make drivers hate truckers even more.

  • wwdovew

    It is only a disaster, if no one follows with other protests across the nation. Our legislators are our servants and they do not listen to us. If they shut us down, we can shut them down next.

  • Suzie

    It is the tea party that started all of this. Take Sen. Cruz back out of town with you.

  • jmc

    How about the emergency vehicles that need to get to hospitals. They tie up traffic that bad and someone dies who takes the blame for that?

  • haller

    There are so many changes occurring in the trucking industry, so many things happening and the people making real money don’t do any trucking. They schedule, control, bother you, charge you to unload, etc.. The trucker, the person who hauls the freight makes around 48% if the freight charge.. We are UNORGANIZED, big business and government will NOT ALLOW us to get organized, ie. Jimmy Hoffa.
    We need some kind or union or national truck identification that will set freight rates, demand insurance rates, educated 4-wheelers to stay away from trucks, better parking, big fines for shippers and receivers for not unloading within a 2 hr. period, etc, etc…. I am for anything leaning in that direction…

  • haller

    go work at walmart.

  • haller

    No !

  • Repugnican

    Why don’t you review a 3rd grade grammar book and get back to me. I would be surprised if you could even read a manifest.

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  • Sherry

    I have a sign above my desk that states ” The Greatest Mistake is to do Nothing, Because you think you can only do a little.
    Be safe behind your wheel. I Do not have A CDL, but appreciate What our Truckers do, and feel sorry for the things they have to encounter throughout their day.
    From the roads to the scales and government.

  • LittleBritches

    Every year for over 30+ yrs someone has called for a shut down and rarely does it occur and when it does its only small area. locally somewhere….and never more then 20-30 trucks.

  • Hidden one

    Let’s be perfectly clear. There are not nearly enough of either. You and what army against the citizens of this country? They are not the only ones with armor piercing rounds. The only way this turns ugly is if the “authorities” interfere. If the illegal aliens can demonstrate in Washington when they have NO RIGHTS under the First Amendment, the American citizens can demonstrate under the First Amendment, because this IS our right . And while we are on it, I propose that the truckers of this country volunteer their rigs for a week to transport the illegal aliens back to the border. My bet is YES WE CAN move 12 million leeches to the Rio Grande in a week. That is the best traffic jam ever.

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  • Ralph E Hubbard Jr.

    That would be very unsafe for you trucks don’t stop on a dime..

  • Mairzydoatz

    Truckers: As a voter, taxpayer and citizen, I support your effort to do what President Obama and Congress have failed to do: Accurately represent my interests in Washington, D.C.! Thank you!

  • angelao

    Let’s Go American’s Show this government that we the people are the ones in charge.. and they need to listen to us

  • Mairzydoatz

    Remember this when you all vote next year, too. Don’t let time and complacency lull us into making the same mistakes again. Vote out the people who have put us into this mess – give serious consideration to term limits for Congress, line item vetoes, and a balanced budget amendment.. This country didn’t get great by raising its credit limit every time it needed something; it got great by the sacrifice and ingenuity of decent, hardworking men and women like all of you!

  • GetReal

    This is ridiculous! How embarrassing that trucking has been associated with this BS! Can’t believe Overdrive is helping to promote such garbage. This was not started by truckers. They’re just saying what you want to hear so you’ll take your truck there for them to use as a weapon against our economy.

  • Tony & Nancy

    Thank you to all the truckers who will make it to D.C.
    We are 80 miles from there but can’t make it. Stop by Pilot Travel Center Exit 251 off hwy 81.
    Good luck on your legal matters and safe travels. I’m always looking out for you when I drive the highways.

  • Bell

    OMG get over it Virginia, we are getting screwed also
    Gosh Virginia , have some b—-. I welcome the truckers
    Open arms, when will it be enough for you people to make a stand, when you wake up one day And this so called
    President has taken every thing off of you, stand up
    Already. Gosh now he is going after dead military , the
    Family’s of those dream Americans , this should prove
    Something to you, of what a horrid person he is, Reid also

    Again what will it take for you to make a stand

    Go truckers

  • Judicius .

    Yes, because fighting the good fight against Virginia is clearly a rational response. How would you feel if I went to your home town and deliberately caused traffic jams, general mayhem and acted all sanctimonious. You, like me, would probably demand the folks you pay your local taxes too, to do something. And rightly so. I don’t know what fantasy land you are living in, but if your problem is with Washington DC, why on Earth would you want to pick a fight with Richmond?

  • lawcenter

    These guys are kooks. Real truckers should block them in their tracks.

  • Phil

    Overdrive promotes a LOT of garbage. If you’re here reading, you obviously know it. They give a voice to these Repug Teabaggers. I never hear a WORD from the other side.

  • Ttwistnturn .

    Long overdue. It`s time to let them know they work for us not themselves or their selfish interests. Just to let you all know -O Care was written for Insurance companies. Subsidies is their guarantee of huge profits aand enforced by the government. A perfect business plan. Except there are those of us smart enough to figure it out and we are watching.

  • Kevin

    Aren’t a large portion of the issues this group is protesting against state regulations, and not federal? California, in particular, imposes far more regulation than DC when it comes to emissions and fuel efficiency and such. Shouldn’t they be circling Sacramento?

  • Freight96

    Your statement reveals your prejudice and your ignorance your side is speaking.your side is the nazis trying to destroy my freedoms and my ability to earn a living you verbally assault those that are trying to save this country where is your solution or are you the pond scum trying to destroy it ya your the pond scum

  • Freight96

    So your the idiot that hasn’t got any common sence

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