Truckers seek investigation of LA port company

| April 17, 2014

TTSI_2Total Transportation Services Inc. truckers want California officials to inspect for health violations at the company’s Carson yard and for Los Angeles port representatives to also intervene. 

They planned to testify April 17 at the LA port harbor commission meeting. The day before, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters filed a complaint with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health on behalf of two TTSI truckers.

Company officials were not available for comment when this report was filed.

The complaint alleges the yard lacks dust control, resulting in nose bleeds and breathing problems for drivers. Toilets are unclean and insufficient in number and the site’s only water source is a spigot by the fence. Additionally, the company does not supply or pay for protective equipment required to transport certain loads, according to the complaint.

Drivers said they contacted the division after a petition earlier this month to TTSI management failed to result in improved conditions.

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  • Bamanation

    They just described half of the lumber mills that I pick up at daily. At least they have water and a bath room. I guess that is the difference Between Alabama and Commiefornia. We take care of ourselves. …..

  • Jeff See

    Start driving a water truck around to keep the dust down, and the truckers will be bitching about mud slinging up their rigs. Try pulling a low-boy for construction delivering equipment between sites, if you want to cry about where you have to drop/hook.

  • guest

    Sure..these conditions are accepatable to mexican drivers…which is who they PREFER to come to the Facility anyway….they are USED to this unsanitary stuff…and Dust….they dont care…just DENERO…..Low Paid immigrunts dont care…..only the American Driver will object…and thelow paid mexicans will lauch and call him a whiner. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.