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Trucking and the election: What you need to know

| November 06, 2012

Along with an electoral map in which you can test different outcomes of the election to see how your candidate of choice is fairing, a live Twitter feed and links to coverage from national press, Overdrive has compiled in its 2012 election coverage page links to all of the stories ran in the last several months relative to trucking and the election, a couple blog entries on off-beat trucking-election stories, links to polls conducted of Overdrive readers, details of trucking-related campaign donations and more.

Click here to see the page and stay tuned for more coverage.

Also, let us know who you’re voting for — click here to take part in an Overdrive poll, and drop us a line on Twitter — @OverdriveUpdate — or email to say who you’re voting for and why. We’ll be compiling responses throughout the day.

  • David S. McQueen

    Apparently, Obama’s Marxist philosophies trumped American founder’s concepts of liberty and free enterprise. Who’d a thunk there were so many “American” Marxists that after 4 years of bad economy, they’d want 4 more years?

  • Jacinto Chavez Alvarado

    Less than four million Americans allowed the President to be in the office another four years. I doubt Marx had any influence on their vote. Free enterprise failed to keep the Middle Class working. The government had to bail out Wall Street. Government now has to bail out Main Street (Middle Class). What Free enterprise has to do now is bring back the jobs they sent overseas. Marx and our American founders have been death for some time. We should focus on the working class, balanced budget,education, and a strong Military. You did not really think that “trickle down economics” was going to resurface. The nation needs a strong middle class not a 1% ruling class. The Super Pacs will always loose to the will of the people. I therefore, thank those four million Americans who voted to stay on the same horse just as we were in the middle of the stream.



  • Rebuke Them

    As usual a break with reality. You had a government for eight years that ran the country into the ground, then you expect the new regime to fix it in less than four years. You all have been bitching since he got elected. The republican controlled congress has blocked every effort which is what McConnell said they were going to do, make sure president Obama was a one term president. Well they failed at that too!
    In two years we will vote out the tea party obstructionists and vote in individuals who care about all the people of this country not just some.

  • disqus_n4T4EGQX7q

    All you fools that voted for Obami deserve what’s coming to you,the rest us REAL AMERICANS don’t GOD please help us

  • disqus_n4T4EGQX7q

    You tell them Dave,anybody that votes to ruin country(Obami)
    deserves what’s coming,not the rest of poor slobs that work to support illegals and lazy minorities,had enough of the Marxists crap strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.