Trucking employment surges as 8,400 jobs added in November

| December 06, 2013

nov 13 employmentA total of 8,400 payroll jobs were added to the for-hire trucking industry’s payroll in November — the first real jump since the spring of this year, coming on the heels of about six months of stagnant or no growth in the trucking employment. The seasonally adjusted numbers were issued Dec. 6 in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly employment report.


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Moreover, October’s preliminary employment numbers — which said the trucking industry added 400 jobs in the month — were upwardly revised to 2,400 added jobs.

The U.S. as a whole added 203,000 jobs in November, pushing the unemployment rate down to a 5-year low: 7 percent.

For-hire trucking industry employment rose in November to 1.3953 million — 18,600 more than the same month in 2012 and 161,300 jobs higher than the industry’s employment bottoming out in March 2010. However, it’s still 58,100 jobs shy of January 2007’s high mark.

The BLS numbers for trucking reflect all payroll employment in for-hire trucking, but they don’t include trucking-related jobs in other industries, such as a truck driver for a private fleet. Nor do the numbers reflect the total amount of hiring since they only reflect the number of employees paid during a specified payroll period during the month.

Due to high turnover rates, the BLS estimates may overstate the number of job positions due to the methodology used in the agency’s Current Employment Survey.

  • guest

    Yep the Turnover rate is Over 100% annually so they HAVE to keep hiring unsuspecting chumps…to join in the ignorant revolving door….new guys try it out for awhile and then Quit because it totally SUCKS. Most everyone who drives today is looking for a way OUT of trucking… has become a rediculous pathetic joke.

  • guest

    If trucking is so great why the 100% annual turnover? Seems like alot of Unhappy Employees….everybody QUITS??? Seems ODD??? Since they gutted Unions out of trucking all they have is TEMPS??? What a disgusting place to work…nobody even makes it more than a few months and Quits….who the hell wants to join this rediculous industry?

  • Paul Turner

    I wonder of the 8,000 some odd hires, how many were American hires and how many drivers came up from South America for the major carriers? Maybe congressmen and women that don’t get re elected can join the transportation work force, that they screwed up, how can some of these ass wipes serve congress for life, and a president only two terms, they all should have to leave just like a president has too..
    Lobbyist would have to start all over lining newely elected
    politicians pockets.. Hell knows maybe there may be one that actually cares and wants to work for the people..and not against them..

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  • Cliff Hotchkiss

    All bottom feeder jobs that any seasoned driver don’t want!

  • guest

    Yep they have alot of nerve calling them JOBS…more like a sentence working for jerks and
    the PAY is min wage for 70 hours always away from your family…really the crappiest jobs of any available today…better off at Fast Food and be home…..these Anus companies dont even pay for MEALS….any SALESMAN or TRADESMAN that is sent out of Town on the JOB for a company gets MEALS and HOTEL paid for……they figure is truck driver is a piece of crap and so STUPID that the company doesnt HAVE to give that Lowlife a Damn thing..and POCKET all the Money…so OWNERS of these Mega Fleets become BILLIONAIRES…by cheating the driver every chance they get…when you do this to thousands of drivers in your do begin to POCKET alot of EXTRA money…that SHOULD go to the truck driver.

  • Tom T

    They all do, want to work for the people, till they get to D.C. They go down there with fairly hefty bank accounts from campaign donations and come home millionaires, if they come home at all. The idea of actually representing your constituents ended a long time ago when they realized that people don`t care and don`t pay attention till something effects them personally and then it is pacification and BS time.

    Why should they leave. They come out of congress with lifetime pensions and health benefits that their
    constituents back home came only dream of and once they realize where the money comes from that finances their next election campaign, the rest is easy,
    stay with the pay. We lost this government a long time ago, open the borders, brand new constituency.

  • Steve Paris

    Not sure about 100% turnover, but it could be close. You’re right about disillusioned new employees. When any one thinks about coming into this industry they should be given an orientation stressing the down side of it almost more than the up side( yes, there are up sides).
    I knew coming in 13 years ago that I was going to be away from home, a lot. OTR is not for those who value their family time. It can be hard emotionally on a new driver & their family being away weeks at a time. This time of year will be especially hard will the holidays upon us. It can make one very discouraged to be in this industry.
    I have a family and when I started we made an agreement that after 3 years I was to find a job that would get me home more than once every 3 weeks. 9 years later I think I found it. That being said, if I were single & had no attachments to ant one, I would so be out on the road. The places I got to see and drive through, It really was like being a paid tourist.
    The regulations are far from perfect. That can only change through drivers showing how messed up they are, really, be following them. That’s a different topic though. It is why so many drivers are looking for a way out. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.