Hendrickson online weight calculator

Associations & Resources | Electronics | November 28, 2011

Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems launched an online tool for calculating potential payload revenue increase and fuel-cost savings opportunities to be realized by using Hendrickson’s lightweight suspensions, lift axles and bumper and trim components. The tool utilizes calculations that estimate the effect overall weight savings may have on payload increase and fuel-efficiency improvement.

Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems


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Free educational invoice factoring video

Eagle Capital has a free Web-based learning center to help educate the transportation industry on the benefits of invoice factoring. Visit www.factoringbasics101.com to watch a short movie and use the Miles2Money calculator. For more information, call 1-800-483-7079 or email customerservice@eaglecapitalcorp.com.

Portable wireless scanner

The Genius PodPad Wireless Document Scanner allows on-the-go users to scan bills of lading, receipts or other time-sensitive documents and then send them to the office instantly using an Android, BlackBerry or Windows smartphone. After downloading the PodPad app on a phone, scanned documents can be ...

Pegasus TransfloWeb online invoice system

Pegasus TransTech introduced TransfloWeb application, an online document management system that allows a carrier to create and send invoices electronically. Users also can view, store, print and email delivery documents. To use the system, documents are scanned into Transflo Web using either Transflo Express or ...

Qualcomm Mobile Computing Platform

Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform 50 is a lower-priced alternative for small and medium-sized fleets, the company says. The MCP50 includes an electronic onboard recording system compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations; Critical Event Reporting with dashboards to track and improve driving performance; Onboard navigation; ...

Hotels for truckers website

Hotels4Truckers.com has details on hotels and other lodging that accommodates truckers. The site was designed to find hotels that have parking room for tractor-trailers. The site provides discounted rates to members at hotels nationwide. Membership fees are $100 annually, but drivers may use the site ...

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