Two-Pedal Transmission

| April 07, 2005

Eaton Fuller’s new UltraShift 10-speed fully automated, two-pedal heavy-duty truck transmission features computer-controlled shifts.

Eaton Fuller’s new UltraShift 10-speed fully automated, two-pedal heavy-duty truck transmission is based on the company’s 10-speed “B” ratio transmission and is offered in four torque capacities from 1,050 pounds-feet to 1,650 pounds-feet.

The UltraShift 10-speed will feature computer-controlled shifts, a patented automated mechanical Eaton Fuller DM AutoClutch that uses a 151/2-inch, two-plate design with industry-standard ceramic facing material, a high-capacity inertia brake that speeds automated up-shifts and serves as a clutch brake, and clutchless float shifting between gears.

The UltraShift 10-speed allows drivers to use the transmission in full automatic mode or with manual intervention, depending on conditions and driver preference.


3D American Flags

Jamestown Plastics’ new line of three-dimensional American flags measure 181/2 inches wide by 111/2 inches high and mount to virtually any hard, smooth surface without drilling or other alterations to the display surface.

The flag’s 3D design makes it highly visible from all angles. The colors will not fade over time and will withstand extreme winter and summer weather conditions, the company says.

Jamestown Plastics

PreSet Ductile Iron Trailer Hubs

Consolidated Metco’s new PreSet ductile iron trailer hubs are designed specifically for trailer applications where weight savings is not an issue, says the company.

PreSet hubs use spacers to positively set the bearing clearance and the addition of long life seals. The hub and its components are precisely machined to exacting tolerance, including higher precision bearings. The optimum bearing setting is guaranteed and retained for the serviceable life of the hub assembly.

The process eliminates the need for traditional wheel end adjustments that can cause excessive bearing preload or endplay. Excessive preload can result in premature bearing failure while excessive endplay can result in wheel seal wear, ultimately leading to oil leakage and contaminated brake linings.

Consolidated Metco

New colors in Chassis Saver

Magnet Paints’ Chassis Saver, a direct-to-rust chassis paint and underbody coating, is now offered in antique-satin black and silver-aluminum as well as black.

The new colors are ideal for vintage car and truck enthusiasts, professional restoration shops and fleet managers, the company says. Satin Black can help restorers looking to keep things original.

Chassis Saver requires no primers or topcoats and can be applied directly to rusted metal with a simple wire brushing. Chassis Saver dries to form a hard coating that will not crack, chip, flake or peel. It chemically bonds to rusted metal and is unaffected by road salts, chemicals, solvents, acids, gasoline, diesel fuel and corrosives, the company says.

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