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| April 07, 2005

Phillips Industries

Delphi Teams With Truck OEMs

Delphi has expanded its product line into several OEM truck models. Kenworth has chosen several Delphi audio systems for its 2003 models, including one AM/FM radio with cassette, CD and alarm clock. Other options include a six-disk CD changer, satellite radio and remote control.

Volvo is offering Delphi Living Environment Control Module – an electronic distribution system – on its newly redesigned VN series. The LECM integrates electrical and mechanical components into a single system. It centralizes most of the sleeper’s fuses for lights and outlets and controls all plug-in accessory feeds. It automatically reduces some of the loads when it senses lower system voltages.

Delphi is also offering:

  • The Forewarn Back-up Aid, a rear- and side-detection system, which helps drivers detect obstacles up to 16 feet away. Audible alerts vary in intensity to indicate how close the vehicle is to an object.
  • A new high-pressure fuel injection system, which improves fuel economy and lowers emissions and noise levels.


    New Trailer Scale

    The new Air-Weigh trailer scale features a keypad and LCD display screen, so an operator can weigh and calibrate the trailer even if the tractor is not equipped with a scale. The system comes with a menu of pre-programmed trailer suspensions, from which the owner can choose to calibrate the scale. Once programmed, the scale immediately displays the actual on-the-ground weight to within 300 pounds of a DOT scale. The scale is mounted on a frame rail or optional bracket for easy viewing. It weighs less than three pounds.

    All Self-Weighing Trailer Scales communicate trailer weights to Air-Weigh equipped tractors for in-cab display of axle weights, gross vehicle weight and net payload. Air-Weigh communicates over the existing vehicle wiring, so additional trailer disconnect wires are not required. Weight receipt printers are optional. Weight data can be automatically downloaded to the vehicle’s J-1708 data bus.


    Composite Trailer

    Martin Marietta Composites has entered the commercial trailer market. The first design will be a 50-foot, live-floor transfer trailer with a weight of 12,800 pounds, a capacity of 132 cubic yards and a GVWR of 68,000 pounds. The trailer will be virtually 100 percent glass-fiber reinforced polymer with the exception of the king pin, running gear and landing gear.
    Trailer production is expected to begin in the third quarter of this year. Martin Marietta’s manufacturing facility is located in Sparta, N.C.

    At Sparta, Martin Marietta also fabricates its DuraSpan bridge decks and other composite products. For seven years, Martin Marietta has produced the DuraSpan bridge decking for new and replacement bridge contracts across the United States.

    Martin Marietta, headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., is the nation’s second largest producer of construction aggregates and a leading producer of magnesia-based chemicals used in a wide variety of industries.

    Martin Marietta

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