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Understanding Granny on the road

| August 09, 2013

Me: “Gran, we’ll be in Georgia in a couple of days. I’ll stop by and see you.”

G: “Are you all on vacation?”

Me: “No Gran, we’re working. We’ll have about enough time to take you to dinner and then we have to leave.”

G: “What hospital are you working at? Coliseum? When did you quit working for Dr. Walker? I swan, I can’t keep up with you all.”

(At this point I’m ripping my hair out and trying not to burst into tears of frustration.)

Me: “Gran, I’m out of minutes. I’ll call you when we get to town.”

G: “OK honey. Tell your mother to call me.”

(Again, I have no idea who she’s talking about, because I don’t know who she thinks I am at the moment. I hang up and thank God my Gran has Life Alert, although I wonder if she’d remember to use it if she had an emergency. Being on the road is hard for everyone in the family, even those who don’t really know why you’re on the road.)

  • Dusty

    Call everybody she thought you were, AND their mothers, and have them call her. Find a niece, nephew, or somebody, to go live with her. Maybe she has a heel spur?
    We will all be just like her someday. ;-)

  • BigMama

    I don’t think making light of Granny’s mental status is cool at all. I know from experience it can be frustrating but to put her out there like that is cruel (even if she doesn’t know it).

  • Lisa

    Really? I don’t think she is being cruel. Just trying to deal with a difficult situation with a little humor. Try it sometime. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.