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‘Unofficial warning shot’ fired

| September 18, 2013

Last Wednesday, somewhere around 1.2 million people converged on Washington, D.C., to let our government know, in no uncertain terms, there are people who love this country enough to take time off from work, school, home and family to ride in solidarity and patriotism. These people felt it was important enough to physically show up and let our lawmakers know they’re tired of the crap, and they won’t take it anymore. There were carpenters, brick-layers, nurses, factory workers, retired military, active duty military and reserve duty military participants. Middle-class America was represented in every form. There were even a few truckers.

It’s no secret truckers are a patriotic group. There’s not another profession in which you get to actually see all of our incredible country from her very lifeline. If America were a human body, truckers would be blood and cells scurrying through the veins and arteries of it, carrying precious life-giving nutrients to every corner, assuring health and wellness from top to bottom. This is an amazing place. Traveling the roads with loads that make it function is about as patriotic as you can get.

Lyndon Armory on his bike

Lyndon Armory on his bike

Lyndon Amory is one of those patriotic truckers. His Facebook profile reads, “truck driver, drummer, NASCAR official.” He goes by the nickname Tumbleweed, and he started driving dump trucks when he was 17 years old, way back in 1975. Tumbleweed quickly graduated to an International cabover, hauling seafood up the East Coast, and went on to haul everything from meat across the Midwest to FEMA loads for Hurricane Sandy. He’s currently settled at Tidewater Express in the Hampton Roads, Va., area, hauling heavy equipment on a mostly local route. He saw information for the ride on a Facebook post, shared it, and ended up going on the “2 Million Bikers to D.C.” ride last Wednesday.

“I think the whole thing was pretty much organized on Facebook, I never saw a flier or anything, I just followed it on Facebook,” he says.

An official head count by the D.C. police was estimated at 800,000. Tumbleweed thinks there were closer to the 1.2 million reported on the few news agencies to pick the story up.

Lyndon Amory's brief encounter with National Parks police

Lyndon Amory’s brief encounter with National Parks police

“They went to manual traffic control around the capitol — the cops would let a little group of bikes through, then make us wait. A lot of people overheated and had to park.”

While the police in Prince George County, where the ride was staged, were co-operative and helpful, park rangers around the Capitol were not so eager to be of assistance. Tumbleweed’s ’85 wide-glide Harley is stroked, headed and cammed, not the best bike to be sitting still in 90 degree heat while running. He overheated and had a close call with the National Parks Police threatening to have him impounded, but he got it started again and was able to finish the ride-through.

Armory's Tidewater Express heavy hauling Western Star

Armory’s Tidewater Express heavy hauling Western Star

“It was really heartfelt,” he says. “There were people waving and cheering us on from the sidewalks and overpasses — it was really cool.”

With his 35 years of experience in the business, Tumbleweed understands the daily ins and outs of the industry. Even his year-long stint as a big rig driver for the Busch NASCAR team wasn’t all fun.

“It was the most fun trucking job I ever had, but I worked my ass off.”

Because that’s what truckers do. A heartfelt thank you to Tumbleweed, and the roughly 3.5 million others who get the same job done. America wouldn’t be what it is today without you.

  • g

    Truckers To Shut Down America is just upon Facebook…they have 2 million hits in 2 days….they are
    planning a ride to DC and asking for a shut down/strike on Oct 11-13 2013.

  • William McKelvie

    This is why WE can do this and need to do this. We are aligning with the bikers and their push. DC and Ferro are not listening to us, wake up time is now. Take the snooze button off before Anne and her goonies completely kill our industry. CSA, who has it helped? Did you know about the lawsuit in the appeals court now, challenging the scoring systems that have left companies behind, who have been charged? Ferro says Maintenance Violations. Richard Wilson says most violations are form and manner. Who are we to believe, Anne who has lied more than once, or a man who does regulations and rights fighting for a living? Richard gets my vote.

  • martymarsh

    I don’t believe this is true about the truckers, I don’t think there is enough that cares, or that they may care but they expect someone else to fix all of the problems. If this were not true the problems would be fixed already.
    So because I am tired of all the steering wheel holders that don’t care, I think I’m going to opt out.
    Farewell and God Bless.

  • Linette Christensen

    Why not just park your rig for those three days? That way you don’t have to go to DC and be “disappointed”, you can sit at home and enjoy your TV while you protest!

  • Jon McLaughlin

    The idea is a good one, but, on Saturday and Sunday Congress is already shut down. A better plan would be to shut it down Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The only thing we would do on the planned dates would be piss off the public whose support we need to garner. Think about it!!!

  • guest

    Truckers HAVE to do something and NOW!!
    This Gov is like a needs stopped NOW…they are inviting illegal aliens to take our jobs in trucking..which is ILLEGAL in itself!!! Gov is Illegal and oUT of CONTROL!!!

  • guest

    Trucking Job?? What job?? Thisi industry is being HANDED to illegal aliens….Calif just mandated ALL illegals from around the WORLD may drive car OR truck!!!! There ya have it ..kiss ur truckin Goodbye…..Jerry will sign this bill pronto!
    Oct 11-13 is a beginning..dont be apathetic and a Cry baby…stand up for Truckers!!! THIS will be a start for truckers to Organize..there are 2 million hits on the Facebook Page and people are SERIOUSLY mobilizing for this Fight for our Jobs and Respect!!!! Join and stop crying.

  • g

    Totally Agree..NOW is the time for a Fight.
    If not NOW we are going to be buried alive.

  • g

    The Battle is scheduled…this is fight#1..later we many schedule for during the week..we need THIS fight NOW…its a start….2 million hits on the Facebook page!!! Get onboard.

  • Rey Moreno

    Do you know what happened to the Facebook page for trucker to shut down? I wanted to see how many likes we were up to and the page appears to be gone

  • Linette Christensen

    I believe Facebook took it down. We are still planning to shut down October 11th to the 13th. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.