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Unwanted visitors at a Texas Walmart

This has been one helluva trip. They’re all different and exciting in their own way, but this time out changed me. Up until this point, I had never experienced the discrimination against truck drivers face-to-face, I’d heard about it and read about it and been told some pretty incredible stories by my readers about it, but I had never had it in my own face. I had never felt judged, just for showing up in a truck, until we went to the Walmart in Lancaster, Texas.

George is very familiar with the Lancaster area, he delivers there often. Like any other trucker, he knows where his “sleep spots” are, and where he can go to get groceries and supplies for the truck without being hassled. The Walmart at North I-35E was one of these places. Or at least it used to be.

We have a standing rule in our house. If you can buy it anywhere other than Walmart, buy it there. We don’t shop at Walmart when we’re home. Ever. The only reason we frequent Walmart on the road is because it’s one of the few places we can get a truck in and out of without taking landscaping with us. Up until a few weeks ago, most Walmarts we’d tried were truck friendly, and we could get in and out easily.

When we pulled into the Lancaster store, George noticed signs everywhere:


“That’s weird. I was just here three weeks ago and stayed the night in the lot. I’ll go in and talk to the manager, so we don’t get towed while we’re shopping.”

Walmart boycott stickerHe parked (we only had the tractor – no trailer) and went inside to find a manager. We went directly to the front desk, and asked for one. George told the lady we were truckers (immediate eye-roll from her), and we needed to get some supplies. He wanted to make sure his rig didn’t get towed, while we were spending money in their store. She flipped out a walkie talkie.

“We’ve got trucking customers at the front. What do I tell them?”

“They have one hour, write the time down.”

She put the walkie talkie back on the clip.

“You’ve got one hour.”

As you can imagine, I was completely furious. I was hopping on one foot and smoke was trailing out of both ears. I wanted to drag her smug, eye-rolling ass across the counter and stomp some sense into her. George realized this and led me away from the counter before I went to DEFCON 5.

“I will be naked, starving and cold before I spend one thin dime in this craphole.”

“Babe, I’ve got to have a couple of things. We won’t buy anything that’s not completely necessary to get us to the next place we can shop, OK? Just be cool.”

I agreed to be cool, but I was so insanely angry it was completely futile. I just kept going back to the “one hour to spend your money” thing. We are not criminals. As a matter of fact, without our services, Walmart wouldn’t function at all. Sam Walton credited his success to his truck drivers. Sam would have pooped his pants to see the way we were treated here. I wandered around and thought about all the things on the shelves that my own husband had probably delivered to this very store. I decided I needed answers. I wanted to give Walmart a chance to defend themselves, because in my mind there were already horrific stories forming about a plague of biblical proportions coming upon this Walmart. I gleefully imagined the eye-rolling manager dragging her half-dead corpse to the door and begging the truckers to come bring the cure to the Walmart plague. It made me feel better. I calmed down enough to be reasonable and went looking for a manager to explain the sudden change of heart about truckers.

I found Ms. Eye-Roller, and very politely asked her if I could speak to someone who knew why the truckers were suddenly not welcomed. She told me the City of Lancaster was the reason they couldn’t let trucks park there anymore. When I questioned how the City of Lancaster could make rules about private property, she changed her story and said it was the new security service they hired. The new security service wouldn’t let trucks park. When I questioned why they let RVs park and not trucks, she gave me another big ol’ eye-roll and flipped out her walkie talkie again.

“Do we have a manager who can talk to a trucking customer available?”

Someone crackled back they’d “be right there,” and she left me to wait.

About five minutes later, another manager appeared. He was absolutely not happy to be where he was. His body language spoke volumes: Arms crossed, chest puffed out, jaw set. He was ready for a fight, and I was not going to give him one. I politely explained my husband had frequented this Walmart, and we were wondering why there were suddenly no trucks allowed. I mentioned that without these trucks, he wouldn’t have a job, nor would anyone else in the store. I mentioned I wrote for a trucking magazine, and would like to quote him on the new rules, to give Walmart a chance to defend themselves. When I offered to show him an article on my phone, he pushed the phone out of the way and said (and I’m completely ad-libbing here, this is in no way a direct quote):

“This is private property. You have two hours to get off the lot or be towed. And you’re not quoting me in anything. Rabbits eat lettuce and monkeys eat bananas.” (I’m going to let you deduce what he actually said, and what was ad-libbed there, so as not to ruffle any feathers about a direct quote.)


He then stormed off to the “little man” section of clothing to pick himself out a pair of pants. Kidding! He did storm off, and he was a little guy, but I’m not sure if he buys pants in the infant section of his own store. Anyway, he really upset me, and I forced George to wait until there was one minute left on our “leave or get towed” clock, just to be an ass.

We don’t have a lot of friends out there when we’re in the truck. People don’t want us around, until there’s a disaster somewhere, then the first thing that goes out is a call to truckers to spend their own time and money to get life-saving supplies to people in ravaged areas. They’re happier than hell to see a truck then. No one considers the poor treatment they get every other day of the year, they just know they need stuff and the truckers bring it. Too bad people don’t make that connection with everyday goods, like groceries and shoes and toilet paper. People should be ashamed, especially people who need the trucks to keep their jobs. Shame on you, Walmart. Sam would be absolutely livid.

  • Porter M. Corn

    You are correct Wendy about Sam Walton. Good article. We’ve brought it upon ourselves though. These fools that dump their piss bottles and trash cans on the parking lot.

    I’ve stopped in that Wal-Mart many times, usually to run into the Whataburger on the corner.

    Look around you and you can see what some of these idiots have done to the landscaping, ruts in the pavement and broken pavement at the entrances where they haven’t swung wide enough.

    Still, that’s no justification for the self important little punks attitude.

  • Billy Whisneant

    Have to agree with Porter. More and more Wal -Marts are blocking truck parking. In most cases the problem has been brought on by the lack of respect for property of some drivers.The idea of just throw it on the ground or block drive ways when they park. How many times have you seen trucks parked side by side 4 or 5 wide on a store lot. There are a lot of city’s in the DFW area that are passing city ordinances that allow only limited truck parking. Yes it even applies to the Wal mart fleet trucks get in get out no over night stops or hide where no one see’s you in the back. I drive for Wal-Mart and have that problem in DFW myself.

  • Niki Bishop

    Wendy, I used to work at Walmart when it was still an ok company to work for. I just went on to their website, and I encourage other drivers and families of drivers to do so, and wrote them a scathing letter. Because of the actions of these two people treating you and your husband like scum, I hereby boycott all walmarts until a formal apology is issued to you and the managers are dealt with accordingly. I encourage all those reading this article to follow suit and complain to the corporate headquarters and boycott all walmarts in the US. Perhaps if they are inundated with complaints, especially against the Lancaster, TX store #471, change will happen.

  • Wendy Parker

    I’m the first person to call someone out for leaving trash and pee bottles behind. They are the reason we can’t have nice things, both figuratively and literally. Let’s face it, every single profession out there has its share of dirtbags. I’m tired of people screaming about the piss bottles and refusing to prosecute for it. They do it because they know they can get away with it. If Walmart would review their security footage once in a while, and nail the jerks leaving special presents in the parking lot with huge fines, they’d stop doing it. I won’t hesitate to write a truck number down and notify a company if I see someone doing it. It’s gross and it needs to stop. I wouldn’t want it in my yard, either, but I wouldn’t feel compelled to treat every single person associated with the industry like crap because of it.

    Thanks for the support, and thanks for reading. I’m always shocked to hear there are people other than my family keeping up. I’m humbled, and I appreciate you.

  • mousekiller

    I try to understand why Wal Mart does things like this. it’s a head shaker to say the least. Corp told me they stand behind the store managers decision. The no trucks is not a corp rule. It is store manager decision. I have seen campers pull to the edge of the grass and dump the black water tank. It is not all truck drivers that are nasty and inconsiderate.

    When at the Wal Mart in Barstow CA we were allowed to park in the dirt section. No problem as it is parking. One day while waiting for the significant other, A red pickup pulled up in the truck area and then walked inside. He came out with a cart with oil and filters and a gallon of antifreez. He then crawled under his truck. pulled the drain and let the oil run onto the dirt. Changed filters and put empty oil cans and dirty filters in the cart and drove off. A couple of weeks later we or I should say trucks were no longer allowed to park there. A little power goes a long way it seems, If not on the road at home? It is getting so I buy as little as I can at Wal Mart due to the discriminating of truckers. Especially many food products. Too much Chinese stuff that is garbage and too high priced..

    Does Wal Mart really know how much money truckers spend at their
    stores.? How much their business depends on trucks? doubtful as they
    seem to promote less than qualified persons to management positions.

  • mousekiller

    Billy I have to tell you taht one driver can be as trashy as ten it seems. While at a wal mart I used to park at a lot I got to know the manager. I thanked him for allowing us to park there. In return I would gather up carts and return them to the store and I also picked up trash. One day while parked there this driver got out of his truck stood on the step and peed on the ground in full view of anyone coming in or out of the lot. Then he tossed his trash bag on the ground and headed into the store. I saw him enter the building. I picked up the trash bag. opened his drivers door that was not locked and tossed the trash out of the bag as far into his truck as I could. Then locked the truck doors with the keys in the ignition. Later I saw nothing as I was in the bunk. Bet he got the message. Needs to happen more often.

  • Eric

    Trucker drivers bring it on themselves, parking where ever they want to in a lot NOT designed for truks to park in etc, And they can’t just say this one yes that one no when they run into problem. I have seen the same thing with the trash, the piss jugs etc. Look at Lexington NE for example. 3 truck stops there with plenty of parking, but drivers will fill the parking lot(both the authorized truck parking and dead in the middle of the car parking lot. ) SO yes, I can see where they say enough is enough. Simple..If it is posted, DO NOT PARK there. It is the stores choice.

    But drivers have gotten this attitude that they are owed something because of their career choice. You are owed nothing and respect is earned. So act like a normal person when you go into Wal Mart or any where else. And here is a novel idea, (not the authour of the article but alot of others) DROP YOUR TRAILER at a truck stop and bobtail to go bet your provisions like we used to back in the day!!! You rarely ever saw anyone dragging their whole truck and trailer shopping at supermarkets, the mall etc. But drivers have become lazy and have the I am gonna park wherever I want to attitude anymore. It is only gonna get worse until we police our own.

  • Patt Fulton Warner

    Iobviously you are just an arrogant idiot who has no idea of what the trucking industry is like, first we are not dirt bags, yes like any industry we do have our share of dirt bags but just because we drive truck does not make us one. Secondly, we would love to bobtail when we have to do shopping but it is rarely possible, for a number of reasons, one being its illegable to leave a dropped trailer most places, and also its not safe to leave your load unattended , because the load could to stolen or vandalized. In regards to you comment on truckers drivers attitude that they are owed something, kiss my ass, we are human beings just you douchebag, and we work long hard hours hauling crap down the road so you can have you big screen tv and sit on your lazy entitled ass and stuff your face with Cheetos…when we go to the Walmart its because we need the basic necessities of life, milk, bread, toilet paper, fruit and vegetables, so we can eat a decent healthy meal, while we try to get some rest in our 10′ x10′ home on the road so we can get down the road the next day to bring you your Cheetos…if wanting a decent meal is a sense of entitlement you sure have a weird view on things. I would bet you ten to one my truck is 10 times cleaner than most homes and we do not leave garbage or piss jugs in parking lots. As OTR drivers all we ask for is a safe, inviting place to park our rig to pick up a few basic necessities once a week, which by the way when we spend our money we are supporting the income our your community, why not support us with a better attitude and some basic respect because we have more than earned it !!!!

  • Guest

    Hmmmm… where do I even begin?

  • Christene Graham

    Hmmmmm… where do I even begin?

    I am a Truck Driver’s Wife and very proud of it. I don’t drive, but, I spent 9 years with my Hubby on the Truck and I got to see first hand what the Drivers have to put up with on a daily basis. I also got to witness first hand the disgusting habits that SOME “Steeringwheel-Holders” do without regard to anyone else. We, like so many others, choose to shop at Walmart because that’s the only place we can get in with our rig and trailer… yes, I said ‘And trailer”. There aren’t many Truck Stops (Now mostly RV Stops) that allow the Drivers to drop their trailers for anything other than shop work, if they even have a shop. If you drive and haven’t seen the signs posted all over the lots, then, maybe, you shouldn’t be driving because you must be blind. The nasty Drivers out there trash it up anywhere they park, not just Walmarts… Truck Stops, Picnic areas, Rest Areas, and Empty lots just to name a few. We have seen more than we care to of this kind of behavior. Driver at a TA was parked next to a TRASH CAN and still just opened his door and threw the trash out on the ground. Too lazy to step out and throw it away. Driver parked right at the doors of a Rest Area, and with kids and people running around, stepped out and peed at his Drives. (I couldn’t resist bringing my displeasure to his attention (and everyone else’s)by blowing the airhorns!). Driver parks right next to the grass and lets his dogs out (off leash I might add) and let’s them crap right in the parking lot instead of being a responsible pet owner and taking them, ON LEASH, to the grass to poop and then cleaning up after them…We have 2 big dogs and always carry a poopy bag with us. Driver parked next to us at a Rest Area and decided to dump his pee bottle right there, on the asphalt (instead of taking it to the ditch to pour it out) and it splashed all down the side of our Truck. My point is that some people just simply don’t care about anyone else. They don’t care that their actions might just get the rest of the Drivers banned from parking there anymore. And it appears that they care very little for themselves either… Though it upsets me greatly to be told that we can’t park at a Walmart to do our business and replenish our supplies, I can truly understand their point of view…. BUT, I don’t believe that they should lie about it and blame it on a city ordinance or a new security firm… reach down low, grab those swingin’ things, and tell the next Driver that asks the TRUTH. Doesn’t make me angry that another “Driver” cost us the ability to park and shop? WHY HELL YES IT DOES!!! But, it’s not fair to expect a business to continue to have to pick the trash, pee bottles, and other nasty stuff left by “Drivers” that just don’t care. So, people, when you see another Driver “leaving their mark”, use your dang cell phone and take a picture!! Get a Company name, a plate/truck/trailer number… get a pic of the Driver and his nastiness. Take it in to the business… it doesn’t matter if it’s at a Truck Stop or not!! Share it with the world on Trucking sites, Facebook, etc. I know I will and don’t give a damn if they see me doing it.

  • Lorraine Tucker

    I’m a retired trucker myself. This is so not right. Being a female driver, I have been insulted more then I care to mention with just even buying fuel and being spoken to as though I were a lot-lizard. Needless to say I didn’t put up with it at any point in my trucking career. Waitresses too. They really need to step up and respect us.

  • Eric

    Also, it IS NOT illegal to drop your trailer, nor is someone gonna steal it if you put an airline lock or a king pin lock on your trailer. A little common sence. But thats too has left the industy for the most part.

  • Kittie Purr

    You are right….Sam would probably have a shit fit considering ALL the truckers that worked for him and his company. Unfortunately, since Sam passed, the place had gone to h***. I don’t shop there if I can possibly help it….I go to Kmart, ours has no problem with truckers.

  • kathy marcum

    Lorraine,i so know what you are talking about I am a disabled trucker,i drove for over 30 years an am darn proud of it,i had a very rude security guard at the Nacogdoches,tx walmart wake me at 2 am one morning back in 2006 and tell me that I could not park there when I went to bed I did not see the sign that said no parking,i told her I would move just as soon as I legally could drive,went back to bed,she came back a 1/2 later and by this time was really rude,i again told her I would move when I could legally do so,she was so rude to make a long story short,i told her if she would come off walmarts lot what I would have done to her and the stupid lady,and yea I have to say lady,on here,held on to the truck and stayed on the passenger side of the truck all the way out the lot,boy I did take some of the landscape with me,i would have liked to have spread her as fertilizer along the interstate that morning,people just don’t know all the crap truckers have to go thru so that they can go about their daily lives,god bless all the truckers out there,,,blondie from florida,, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up to all you truckers out there,,be safe and god bless,thank you for all you do my friends,,,…

  • kathy marcum

    niki,i don’t think walmart will change that’s why they don’t want to pay overtime,they treat their employs as cattle,they know someone is always looking fo a job,and so does the cycle repeat itself

  • Bret McClary

    so were can I get a bumper sticker for my truck

  • Don Lanier

    RIGHT ON WENDY…I drive an Expediter and I stay in Walmarts and SPEND MONEY EACH TIME, Ive encountered people who blocked me in cars on both ends of my truck while I slept, and then when I managed to get out of the blockade by driving over a curb Im sure they said some nice things, Walmart should put in a few designated truck spaces, be a little freindly to those that make there existence possible, The building, Its Lot, its contents and the people who work there couldnt exist if itm wernt for us lowlife truckers, who spend days and weeks away from Loved ones so they can have a JOB…I think its time WALMART realizes TRUCKERS are dirty vermin, were hard working folks, If some have broken the rules and left trash or done things that offend, we are truly sorry, a few bad apples, But the wheels of commerce are greased by us that spend our lives on these roads, we need supplys and we spend good money, So how about some designated parking… a good neighbor, and well return the favor, or we can take our money elsewhere.

  • Walmart Manager

    Your reply alone tells me your far from the PROFESSIONAL 20 YEAR DRIVER more like a wannabee because Drivers have respecty, they dont name call and use the kind of language you seem to be an expert at, if you drove a truck at all Id be surprised…having an opinion is one thing to call someone the names youve used is childlike and ridiculous.

  • Dave W

    George, you are a hypocrite. You wont support your local Wal Mart for reasons you want to keep to yourself, but demand that you have access while you are out on the road. You are not God, Sir. You do not have the right to go where you want, when ever you want, just because you drive a truck.

    Second, your attitude in the store was abysmal. You treated the staff there with absolute contempt. You in turn, were treated appropriately. You have done the rest of us a dis service by your actions. Try some diplomacy next time you have a problem you need addressed, instead of acting like a spoiled 5 year old that didnt get his way.

  • Eric

    Well I have, do you need a resume???Sometimes, people need people to be blunt with them. WALMART ISNOT a truckstop people. Get that in your heads.. But again I go back to the entitlement attitude. Like the guy who ran over the curb because he got blocked in??/ I would have called the cops and had you arrested fool. And I guess him calling me douchebag is fine… yeah I doubt you are a walmart manager either.

  • Bruce

    I am trying to figure out why you make the comment that you never shop at Walmart at home-ever. Soooo, why do you stop at them while on the road? You already have an attitude.
    Here’s how I look at it, I buy everything I can from Walmart, its all about price but you do have to watch the quality. Why should I buy a gallon of oil for $8.00 more at a truckstop than at Walmart? Lets face it, they are the king of the hill now. Same way with groceries, a gallon of 2% milk is basically a raw commodity, save money. I am willing to pay a little more but do draw the line, like driving down the road and paying 5 cents less for diesel.
    There are a few Walmarts where there have barriers erected, no problem, I shop at other ones. I have a list of all the Walmarts on my routes that allow truck parking and welcome the truckers to park overnite. If you would like a list I could compile one and send them to you.
    And to be honest, I would have felt the same way, but some where along the line the rules were changed due to a management change or whatever. You have to remember its their store and their policy, I just take my business elsewhere. I also own truck, and don’t let someone tell me what I can and can’t do. There are a lot of other Walmart’s out there, lets face it they are everywhere, find one that fits your niche.

  • Wendy

    Just for the record, George conducted himself in a highly professional manner, I’m the one who asked questions and if wanting to let the manager of Walmart have his say in a blog pist I was going to do anyway is deplorable, then so be it. I’m fairly certain you didn’t read the complete post, or I did a terrible job of explaining the situation. We don’t shop at Walmart because they treat their employees like crap and I’m tired of paying for medical coverage they could easily afford to give their employees. That’s our business. We weren’t looking for a place to stay, and frankly, if you have any sense at all you’ll know a truck stop is far safer than any Walmart parking lot. You’re statistically ten times more likely to suffer a violent attack at a Walmart. We needed supplies, and were paying customers who were discriminated against soley because of our profession. And that’s wrong. No one else in the world would be treated like that without lawsuits flying and some big headed gubmint official stepping in. No one. I am entitled. I’m entitled to the same dignity and respect given to every other paying customer. You’re damn right I’m entitled.

  • JimDollahan

    I also shop at these stores because of the ability to park but in their defense I have to add that I don’t blame them for not wanting us there. Truck drivers have become worse than a bunch of little pigs, leaving their trash everywhere along with pee jugs. Many park wherever the can to walk the fewest steps to the door, if you owned the property and serviced the community I have strong doubts that you would tolerate this behavior either. Let’s clean up our industry before we start judging those who refuse to accept our unsightly ways.

  • JJ Mclure

    A Walmart employee is the last one to have attitude. Should have told here to go to her trailer.

  • JJMclure

    that’s because of all the Mexicans

  • JJMclure

    Where I live the land owner that rents to Walmart suddenly decided on a No Parking rule. He’s from Israel too. Wait until he see’s how high his maintanance cost goes up.

  • Time Will Tell

    After having read this article and many of the comments, I had to sit back to regroup before commenting.

    This comment will probably make several of you angry. But I have noticed that when we are wrong about something, we really don’t want to have our errs pointed out to us, especially publicly. But since there is no way to speak with you personally, I must do this by public comment.

    At least by making a public comment, someone else may not do things in an unprofessional manner when they are face to face with a similar matter.

    First off, truck drivers are supposed to be professionals.

    Yes, at times we are really mistreated. Sometimes we bring things on ourselves. Sometimes the things we do bring repercussions on the entire industry. Other times we do nothing, but end up getting treated like we are pure crap.

    My point of this comment is: We need to try to act like the professionals we are supposed to be.

    When a problem arises like this particular one, there is every reason to depart from having words with that individual. Either finish your business there and leave, or just go to someplace else to accomplish this same goal.

    Now when you have gained your composure, there is an 800 # for Wal-Mart in Bentonville, AR. I have called it quite a few times when we’ve had problems with a store.

    But there are certain ways of doing things that do not make it a bad reflection on the entire industry.

    If you so chose to do things in an unprofessional manner, then you are part of the problem of this industry. (For example, trucks that drive with road rage, nasty habits on another property which does not belong to them, the way you act towards your fellow drivers, the way you act towards other people, the way you act while in contact with law enforcement persons, and that is not the entire list.)

    So it would nice to rethink your comments and try to act like the professionals we claim to be.up

  • Omg

    My mouth Is dropped open n my blood boiling after reading this!! As a Walmart employee and a truckers daughter it makes me mad that another Walmart did this!

  • Omg

    The Walmart I work at respects their truckers as we get a lot of Buisness from them since we are right off a main hwy. no Walmart should turn away a customer no matter what!

  • Time Will Tell

    If someone told you that you must leave, then by law you need to get moving then.

    As far as your story was told about the lady on the side of your truck…I hate to tell you this, but that is probably a bold face lie!

    And if you did do that, I would have prosecuted you for attempted murder!

    So go ahead and tell what is probably a lie, but if you do it for real, I’ll be glad the day you get sentenced to prison!!!

    Now run and tell that!

  • Daniel Kupke

    Dave W

    U must be a WalMart manager ?? Why wouldn’t this driver have the ability to go where-ever he wants ?? Is this still America or did it change last night ?? Just because he drives a truck he is a second class citizen ?? U R the problem ?? U know so much about what is right n wrong then eliminate everything from your life that is brought to u by a truck ?? Go to the fields n farms n factorys n get your shit yourself n eliminate us from your life ?? Those WaMart shelves will be bare n u n all the other truck haters will starve to death ?? I’m a 35 year veteran of the trucking industry n I use WalMarts all the time here at home and on the road ?? If there r signs up I either don’t go in or I park out on the street some-where or even in their truck dock area out of the way ?? Some of these WalMart joints have their head in their ass so my $200 goes down the street at that point !! But I go where I want when I want n if I am not good enough to be there then I am not good enough to buy there ?? When I spend the kind of time out away from home and my family that I do to bring all these people their items that they depend on to survive then I’m dam sure good enough to go where-ever n do what-ever I want !!!!! U want your shit ?? U better rethink your ideas ?? Or r u gonna go get your shit that is brought to u by us n then condem us for being 2nd class citizens n u people can’t go there with that bad ol truck ?? U r 2nd class citizens because u r a trucker ???

  • Patrick Montgomery

    Next time that happens, I’d like to be the tow truck driver, and tell wal-Mart that I would not tow the tractor-trailer, and relate that I respect truckers and that its trucks that keep me in business, as well as fed. Maybe then WalMart might reconsider their attitude. The same situation exists at the Wal0Mart in evanston Wyoming. We will not impound any rig parked there overnight.

  • Chaser

    This is really old news! Where have you been????!!!!! Walmart had this polciy for over twenty years now. They have had signs posted at all their entrances. I remembered and incident in Okla where some truckers who were shopping in Walmart came out and got tickets ontheir trucks for beign parked in the lot. Then spoke with the manager and complained. The manager in turn said it was Corp policy. So when they walked out back to their trucks, lord behold there weer two Walmart trucks. So the truckers called the police station and had the officer who ticketed their truck ticket the Walmart trucks. Sure enough the Walmart trucks got ticketed too, When the Walmart drivers complained the management called the police and the officer returned again for the third time. When the mamanger tried to explain that the Walmart trucks had the right to be there and were exempt. The police officer stated the sign stated “NO TRUCK PARKING” it did not state Walmart trucks exempt, ticket stands. In the local news paper there was the article and it further stated during a court hearing the judge ruled aganst Walmart, there was no exempton for the Walmart drivers due to the way the sign was posted “NO TRUCKS” means “NO TRUCKS” pay the fine.

  • Ken Nilsen

    I don’t like the restrictions that property owners place on drivers to begin with, but, I think your anger is directed towards the wrong people. Maybe you should ask yourself why people don’t like truckers on their property. Maybe you should look at the torn up curbs and landscaping, or the piss bottles and trash left in the parking lots and the holier than thou attitudes of steering wheel holders. Next, you should have asked for the property manager. Wal-Mart is out of the real estate business and has been for over 15 years. In most cases Wal-Mart simply leases the land and has no control over the rules. It is developers and property owners that make the rules, it is private property, and yes they can tell you to not park there at anytime. I’m sure that you do not allow just anyone to park at your house. If this is that important to you then you then you should have allowed your truck to be towed, payed the storage fee and went to court with the property owner/developer/manager. There are other places you can go to get what you think you need. To say you do not like people who discriminate against truckers and then puff out your trucker chest and talk bad about wal-mart makes you another billy big rigger using overdrive as your cb radio.

  • Ken Nilsen

    Niki, it is very likely Wal-mart does not own this property, they have been out of real estate for a long time and it is most likely the developer who made the change. Do some research before you go all redneck and write scathing letters when you do not know the facts.

  • unwildbill

    America is based on private property, where you CAN’T just go and do whatever you want…..Are you saying I should come to your house and do whatever I want?

  • Gerald Bryan Bailey

    I’m glad that the Wal Mart in Macomb, IL. still allows truckers. During a blizzard we had just before Christmas it gave truckers a safe haven.

    You are right that most people have no idea what comes by truck. On of the things I hauled was silica sand for use in settling tanks in water treatment plants. I also used to be a bed bugger(furniture mover for those not familier with the term).

    It just totally appalls me that poeple outside of trucking wants all of their stuff but, they don’t want trucks in their town. Maybe all the trucks need to shut down completely for 3 days. I believe 3 days is all it would take for many to start going hungry and run out fuel to get to work.
    Love your article.

  • mousekiller

    I really hate to burst every ones bubble but WAl Mart corp does not set the NO TRUCK rules for it’s stores.. It is the Store managers. This I was told by corporate headquarters. What ever the store manager does corp stands behind his or her decision. Second. Truck stops, Wal Mart etc is PRIVATE property and they can dis allow anyone they want with out legal repercussions. It is their property and they actually can do anything they want with it and ban any one or any vehicle. If they share a lot with other stores they can only enforce no trucks on the allotted property limits according to their lease. They have the right to set the rules. Example is in McAlester OK Wal Mart.

    Wendy It is a shame that the Store manager was so small (mentality) that he could not face you with proper respect and give you the reasons for the ban.
    I have had the same problem too but I have had some very nice managers to meet and greet me.

  • Hooty

    I have been driving a truck hauling everything from logs, over sized off road equpt., food, stuff that goes BOOM! for 25 years and not one time have I ever said I was a professional anything, not once. This title has been given to us by someone that does not even drive a truck, so lets get off this “professional” stuff until you hear a driver say this with his own lips.

  • Hooty

    We are talking about private property that is open to the public for business, and if you are conducting business on that property you have the RIGHT to be there, we are not talking about your front yard that is not open to the public. How stupid can you be? Do you work for Walmart?

  • Jeff Swearingen

    We had a problem one night in Illinois at a Walmart. We dropped the trailer at the truck stop and went to Walmart to buy a few things as we were shopping it was announced over the loud speaker e had five minutes to get off the lot or be towed. So we left everything in the cart and walked out. Walmart got a surprise the next morning when I parked out on the street in front of the place. I walked in told them I had a delivery from them. They said to put it in the middle door. At which time I told them since I couldn’t come on the property to shop. I couldn’t come on there to deliver. They would have to unload it where it sat. After about a half hour of them arguing they finally unloaded it on the street.

  • Dave Nichols

    The Walmart truck parking thing started years ago when I believe it was Thrifty drug made a deal with Walmart to allow their trucks to have safe parking during required off duty time. The Thrifty drivers were required to park only there.

    In retrun it seemed Walmart got a good discount on certain things.

    Then the marketeers saw that catering to rv’ers was good for business as well.

    Over the years the various municipalitys added design requirements to lots and landscaping which made truck and rv access much more difficult and damage began to be a problem

  • John

    Time Will Tell, YOU’RE AN IDIOT! And an obvious Wal-Mart employee. You better not go outside when it’s raining, else you’ll drown from having your nose so high up in the air! I saw an RV dump their sewage tank, paper and all, in the parking lot, then leave. But RV’s are still welcome in that same lot.
    The local W-M is posted with signs, No Overnight Truck Parking, but I’ve seen as many as 18 trucks parked there. The store just doesn’t turn on the lights in that section.

  • John

    AMEN! Don’t you have to “park” your tow truck, before you can “hook” on to a big rig? Wouldn’t that mean you couldn’t even bring your tow truck onto the property?

  • John

    Wal-Mart actually publishes a pocket sized guide that lists where stores are, and whether or not they allow overnight parking. I picked up a couple of copies at the Dallas truck show 2 yrs. ago from the walmart booth.

  • John

    I watched an RV dump his tanks on the uphill side of the lot of a store in Columbia, MO. When I questioned him about it, I was told it didn’t matter, walmart would just blame it on the truck parked next to him. I took a picture of the leakage from his tanks, his tag number on both the pick up and trailer, and showed it to the store manager, who promptly called the police. They caught the guy before he got to the highway. The fire dept. was called to hose down the lot. He was originally charged with littering, but then the DNR and EPA got involved. His fine was several thousand dollars.

  • John

    CB RAMBO! I bet you curse anybody that gets in your way. And you’re most likely one of those douche bags that speeds up when someone is trying to pass your slow ass. And you probably tailgate too.

  • mousekiller

    Thank you Patrick.

  • mousekiller

    No JJMclure your wrong. Dont blame the mexicans. It is for the most part the Mid eastern, Russian, Serbian, Pakistanis and the like that are problems. yes a few Mexicans but they are in the minority.

  • mousekiller

    Buying a gallon of oil is not in the same class as buying stuff made in China that is 4th grade quality. That oil is the same quality as truck stop. Lots of things I will not buy at walmart due to poor quality but will buy from local store first. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.