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Use your head: Don’t shut down Oct. 11-13

| October 07, 2013

It has come to my attention that there is a growing movement online and through Facebook to organize truckers for some sort of a national shutdown and protest the weekend of October 11th-13th. I’ve been asked by listeners of my radio show and members of my websites to address this issue and offer my opinions, so here goes.

Let me be very clear about this event — I am completely and totally against this idea for so many reasons, and here is a list of why I think all truck drivers and small business owner-operators need to stay away from this group and their radical ideas.

Take just a moment and step back from your anger and frustration with the government and the current state of our political system. Think through this issue logically instead of emotionally and you will see that this can only end badly for the trucking industry and the country in general. 

1) Shutting down roads and highways is dangerous and illegal, and can lead to very dire consequences. The trucking industry prides itself on the fact that the country would stop without us. That’s a true statement. Now think for just a minute on what kinds of things could happen around major cities with massive roadblocks caused by trucks. Emergency vehicles will not be able to get through, people could die because of this one consequence alone, do you want that on your conscience? Road rage incidents will flare up everywhere and can only lead to violence. The general public will not see the industry as heroes, but as angry thugs. 

2) The protest has been planned for a weekend when the legislators and Obama are not scheduled to be in town, and it is a hefty fine for being inside the beltway and clogging highways. The resulting traffic jam does nothing in getting legislators’ attention to trucking issues. So this grassroots-planned event will be staged when no one is in town to hear them, and when it’s over, there will be lots of tickets to pay. It simply makes the trucking industry and drivers look foolish and uninformed.  

3) Drivers are being urged to shut down roads not only in Washington, D.C., but all over the country. The general public will not understand what is happening and will not look kindly on the danger and havoc reaped upon their roadways. 

4) Shippers and receivers not getting their products will have their entire business jeopardized and will not hesitate to move their freight by other means. 

Related– Wendy Parker: “Attaching a bunch of stuff to a trucking cause that has nothing to do with trucking is the same thing the government does when they attach pork to a bill.”

5) Groups that already oppose the trucking industry will jump on the chance to vilify the industry even more and call for more and stricter regulations.

6) This effort and protest is being organized and led by two people who have no connection to the trucking industry, and they are using the drivers to further their own radical agenda. They have even misled drivers into believing that they have been truck drivers. There is no real leadership — and no clear agenda.

7) I have found conversations on their Facebook page about urging company drivers to intentionally damage their company-owned trucks so that they can participate in the shutdown. I have also found similar conversations recommending that they park trucks at fuel pumps and service bays before disabling them in order to shut down services. This goes way beyond a government protest and is going to disrupt and hurt the private business we rely on to conduct our own business.

8) I read through a list of demands published by this group on both Facebook and their own website. The list was all over the place and had huge flaws in logic. The group claims to want less government regulation and a more constitutional government, yet the first two demands had to do with minimum wage for drivers and minimum rates for the trucking industry. This is anti-free market and requires huge amounts of government intrusion and regulation on the industry. You can’t have it both ways. When I interviewed the two organizers of the event, they refused to talk about those points and then later that day removed them from their websites. It’s too late, we know what their true agenda is.

Poll: Will you participate in the “Ride for the Constitution?”

9) They are now asking for donations so that they can provide fuel money for owner-operators who can’t afford the fuel to drive to Washington, D.C., and participate. This is outrageous and may even be a scam to get your money. Do you really want to be represented by owner-operators who can’t afford fuel for one trip? Is this the group you want to be associated with?

10) The group claims to want input from the trucking community but immediately deletes any comments not agreeing with any part of their agenda. 

11) This ill-conceived action punishes and endangers the general public and businesses we rely on and does nothing to the politicians we need to reach.

Please take some time to read and think through this issue. If you agree with me let’s make our voices heard. Let’s make sure that the public knows there are members of the trucking industry that are informed and are a part of the political process and are not anarchist thugs.


Overdrive Dollars & Sense columnist Kevin Rutherford is hosting a special episode podcast Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 7 p.m. to “have a true open discussion about” the issue, he said in an email promoting the podcast. To participate, call (347) 884-8327; 250 lines will be available. Click here to listen online when the episode airs.

  • USMC 69-75

    You must love obummercare, and all the lefty socialist, progressive b/s being fed you?? Wake up man, and do something, instead of play rollover and scratch my belly!

  • USMC 69-75

    At least those few can stand up and say I tried, better than staying under the porch and whining…..I hear it everyday out here, and it makes me want to puke. A bunch of spineless wannabe whiners.

  • steve

    oh and one more thing, im tired of shippers and brokers telling us weight will be a certain amount. then go thru weigh station and get a big fat ticket. We don’t load the truck. its time for the shippers to pay for over weighing the truck. like i said before. SHUT HER DOWN, STAY HOME! LETS MAKE IT THRU THE WEEK NEXT TIME, SO THEY CAN REALLY FEEL THE LOSS. WHY NOT? WE DO EVERY WEEK.

  • USMC 69-75

    I’m very happy with my life and the years in trucking, just watching it and my country being deteriorated by left wing progressive socialist, make me see red! I can only imagine where you would be today if it were for all those that died for your freedom year ago, including our forefathers, that built this country to be something great! Not today, they are all rolling over in their graves. You must enjoy it though!

  • USMC 69-75


  • USMC 69-75

    Not to mention all the other little tricks they use to milk the truckers….lane restrictions????? Split speed limits, etc. all the while trying to shove e-logs and truck safety down our throats. They are speaking out of both sides of their rectums!

  • steve

    shippers and brokers are taking alot of truckers out. I say shut her
    down. our truck will not be rollin. Its time to earn what we deserve.
    Brokers are paying as little as $300 to go over 2000 miles. To take that
    is an insult to the trucking industry. DRIVERS take no more
    insults!!!!! I had one broker last year tell me truckers had the season
    the year before. now it was the brokers season. Drivers dont work for
    fuel , if you get that and move this freight for free.We have to stop
    and take action!

  • steve

    oh and one more thing, im tired of shippers and brokers telling us
    weight will be a certain amount. then go thru weigh station and get a
    big fat ticket. We don’t load the truck. its time for the shippers to
    pay for over weighing the truck. like i said before. SHUT HER DOWN,

  • Mr Wick

    I am a driver of 18 years and OO under my own authority for the last 8. Truck drivers around the country do need to start standing together and rattling the cages of Washington DC. Remaining quiet will not help you. If this shut down at least serves to unify drivers even a little, it will go a long way to get Washington’s attention and let them know we have had our fill of pointless regulations. Sleep apnea? Really? They want us to train like astronauts and fighter pilots, meanwhile any brain dead, drunken teenager gets a drivers license with little to no training, jumps into his bald tire, no muffler, pink headlight sporting piece of sh!t ready to cause an accident!
    We do need to end the horrible harassment at every weight station and port of entry. No one even cares about how much time and money we lose while cops with no mechanical knowledge paw all over our truck trying to find a ticketable violation. I was once put out of service for a cracked brake hose when it was factory chassis paint overspray that was cracking on a brand new truck.
    We cannot blame the government for poor rates when so many trucking co’s grab any low paying broker load that they throw at them! Start saying NO to cheap freight and rates will go up. That simple! I can’t stand to hear drivers saying that their load isn’t paying anything but at least it’s “fuel money” to get home! Every cheap load you take is hurting rates for everyone.
    The last thing is, don’t expect the big trucking companys to fight the government. The big companies have no interest in helping owner operators. Every OO that throws in the towel means less competition for them. They don’t mind cheap freight because they are paying their drivers garbage wages. That cheap freight is coming out of your pocket!
    The trucking industry needs strong leadership and a Washington lobbyist, much like the NRA. Until we establish a powerful lobby, we don’t stand a chance against the socialist mindset in our law makers. We have no constitutional rights under the ICC. Every citizen has rights against illegal search and seizure, and against stop without probable cause. Law enforcement has the right to harass us at any time under ICC laws.

  • cetj98168

    A tax revolt would have more clout

  • Martin Hill

    Very well said. This so-called protest is a joke. The group’s leader actually says to ‘F’ the police and to ignore consequences from employers. Is she going to pay their families bills when they’re kicked out the door & unemployable? Absurd, discredited group.

  • DE_from_NC

    The comments that have been made over “the strike in the 70’s” and what it did/didn’t do to improve trucking is fairly simple and in my opinion the reason it’s so hard to get folks together for another shutdown. I DON’T AGREE with clogging the roads but I DO AGREE with a shutdown ! And it comes down to this- If y’all remember during the 70’s strike, the “Presstitutes” were reporting “truckers shooting windows out of other truckers” or “suspending bricks off bridges at windshield height” making it out to NOT BE A PURPOSEFUL STRIKE but instead a “war within the industry” itself !! WE ALL KNOW THAT AIN’T SO !! But if the “teleprompter readers” (aka Rothschild/Rochefeller owned “bankster” puppets) disguised as the “shamestream media” say something twice a day at 6 & 11, that most of Braindead America will take it as gospel fact !! The way you get America’s attention is very quietly (meaning NOT starting road rage incidents & other violence) is to let all the yuppy soccer Mom’s drive their minivans to the grocery store only to find Lil’ Johnnies brand of corn flakes is OUT OF STOCK and there’s no milk either. And Lil’ Johnny could use some new Levi’s and OOPS ! None o’ those available either !! And get all of Braindead America on your side real damn quick !! But as long as you have a “Presstitute” media, JUST LIKE WE HAD IN THE 70’s, your “purpose” in reality, and their “virtual story” they’ll tell the “braindead sponges”, I’m afraid the results will be the same. You gotta be willing to STAY OFF ’til the store shelves start getting bare, then there’s NOTHING the “Presstitutes” can do to “harm your purpose” BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES WILL BE SCREAMING BECAUSE THEIR OWN LIL’ JOHNNIE’S WON’T HAVE CORN FLAKES EITHER !! And as we all know, especially in the large metro areas IT WON’T TAKE LONG !! Just one guy’s opinion, who battles the same expenses every week the rest o’ y’all do trying to STILL SOMEHOW scratch out a living.

  • Igor

    “4) Shippers and receivers not getting their products will have their
    entire business jeopardized and will not hesitate to move their freight
    by other means.”

    And those “other means” are…? Rail? Ship? Aircraft? Teleporter? I can see it now – instead of moving product by truck, the highways will be clogged with hundreds of thousands of forklifts… all moving product(s) one pallet at a time.

    There comes a time when a person has to draw a line in the sand and say “This far, and no further!” Maybe this is that time, maybe it isn’t.

    But we’ll never know unless we try, will we?

  • PattyCakes

    Son, I’ve spent more times at Stop Signs than you’ve likely spent hauling.

    If you weren’t such an obvious plant you wouldn’t have said what you did …. you got your coffee pot warm inside that Scale-house rookie … Sarge ask you to empty the trash ?

    Best part of your comment is ” not everyone gets raked over the coals at these scales?? “..
    Excuse me son, why should I/We even have to slow down let alone stop … ‘ya notice all those DOT cadets just chomping at the bit ? Do you think for a second they are just Whistling Dixie or maybe they’re there for Tax Collection purposes ?

    Were Safety the actual concern, they’d eliminate you CDL Schoolboys and go back to experience getting the job … got a pulse, we have a seat for you.

    Think there just might be a reason the FMCSA Truck Nazi’s are DataMining Driver + Carrier info …. if you give 30 Million Illegals Amnesty, you just might want to give them a job … perhaps YOUR job.

  • PattyCakes

    Amen brother … Amen !

    Simply ‘ Log-Jamb ‘ the refinery(s) access and it all comes to a halt.

  • PattyCakes

    Not to be smart Karen, but really … Pick up the phone , call a Rep ? ? ?

    Might I remind you that the phone lines/fax lines were jammed and entire servers were shut down due to overwhelming volume telling those Reps you mentioned that the American People didn’t want BarryCare.

    Did they listen … do we or do we not have BarryCare ?

    Could you tell me again just how effective ” Calling my Rep ” will be !

    Might I also add, calling your Rep on a regular basis to express your discontent WILL get you on the ‘ LIST ‘ … ask Dr. Ben Carson about his IRS Audit appointment.

  • PattyCakes

    I’m sorry Shawn, did you say that Minimum Wage is ‘ None Existent ‘ ?

    Did you say that the Teamsters don’t ‘ Park Their Mobile Rat ‘ directly blocking a biz to get their point across ?

    Perhaps I misunderstood you !

  • PattyCakes

    And that thought Sir is the BINGO thought of the day !

  • Shawn McConniel

    Shippers and reciever is one of many problem with this industry. When they think they are god and hold you up give you atittude and want you to haul cheap freight. Why the hell not hurt them teach them who is boss. HOS is another huge problem politicans gottn into this industry and has regulated it to th ground.

  • Shannon Bushall

    I not asking the gov. to step in they can’t even take care of there own problems that’s part of the problem. the pay isn’t crappy but there isn’t a lot of work sometimes because everybody cutting each others throat a can do so when you have drivers that do it for nothing cause they don’t pay taxes or half of what we pay when there here illegaly but are still able to get a license a drive. I glad your making so much money and so happy maybe we should come take some of your work and spread it around but when you get mad cause we cut the rate and took your work don’t you shut down and try to block us you just keep workin and work harder to makeup for what you lost

  • Shawn McConniel

    Well said

  • godfearingrebel

    Ok. This was well thought out and resonable. I would join this guy

  • Just tired

    Shawn after the strike what they did was drive a wedge between all of us was called deregulation. Everyone in there brother jumped into the industry to get rich quick and really the Goverment and states luaghed all the way to the bank.. We can thank Ronnie for that one. either way it was efffective.

  • Kyle Gringeri

    I think the article is misinformed to some degree. He makes it sound like the truckers are trying to clog roadways and kill people start wars and whatnot. I think the protest is more on a peaceful level then you realize. By no trucks delivering freight/buying fuel/paying tolls for 3 days maybe people will realize that trucking is an important part of the economy. That’s what the real goal of the shut down is to REMIND people that we are people too, slave wages long hours on the road and weeks or months away from home to deliver the goods to make every ones life easier and we get treated like CRAP! The shutdown is not meant to be malicious it’s meant to be a wake up call to all these people that forgot how the products get to the stores they buy them from.

  • PattyCakes

    I notice he’s ‘ Downing ‘ all comments not Falling Lockstep into his thinking.

    Here we are, just trying to keep the wolves away from the door and we have our own running complicit with the enemy.

    I’ve trucked since ’69 and some schmuck toward the top of this thread tells me ‘ I’m my own problem ‘ in a roundabout fashion.
    In 1978, Tajon ‘ Guaranteed ‘ us minimum $1.00pm … TimeDC/Redball even better … 35 years ago and you still see morons running for that sort of money TODAY !

    Today, I have the luxury of polishing wheels rather than turning them for nothing, but I refuse to work for wages I made as a kid.
    Here’s a little something I throw at the Know-It-Alls’ …. ” Even a Hooker has sense enough to raise the price of her ass ”
    ……. and you can attribute that quote to me.

  • Trucker Mike

    Do I feel that this shutdown will have any positive influence on the actions by the politicians & transportation industry controllers? NO! However, that’s not going to keep me from making sure that I’m at home & shutdown this weekend. My hopes that it brings the attention of the general American public to the issues. Not just the ones we face as commercial drivers &/or owner/operators, but also the issues we face from our corporate loving, money grubbing, police state building, Constitution dismantling government. Our government has been bought & paid for, and it’s not with your Unconstitutional tax dollars. It’s through lobbiest & $2000 a plate dinners all at the behest of corporate conglomerates & international bankers. This is why I founded . And, this latest shutdown is why I wrote this article:

  • lucy

    I admire the truckers who are trying to make a difference with our government. My question is where is the American People in all this? Are we scared of the people that we elected? If you were doing harm to a company that you worked for what would your bosses do? FIRE YOU!!!. The American people need to rally and go to the White House and demand that congress and the President straighten up there act or get out. We put you there and this is our right. Another thing to think about, we went against terrorism by hunting down the master mind, Well guess what one sits in our white house and is bringing down the USA and its people from within and nobody sees it?????? COME ON AMERICA WAKE UP

  • Porter M. Corn

    Go Fuck yourself G

  • nrojb

    Danged 4 weehlers comin in here and makin’ comments belittelin us, makes me even more sure that I’m gonna be out there pullin my rig around the rotten corupt heart of OUR country. AMIRITE BROTHERS??

  • scott

    sorry but been on the road as owener op since 1976 im supporting hopefully this time we all stick to it

  • Keith Birmingham

    Up until a few days ago I was supporting a shutdown for the first time in 35 years. But, with the growth of the movement came the simple revelation that the organizers of the movement are not good at what they are doing, and do not have the interest of the country or industry at heart. In the first place it is insanely stupid to travel across the country when your working traffic lane is 3,000 mile on the other side of the country. I suggested to them that they should hold their protest at state capitals, and be mannerly about it. Even better, – park your rig out of the way, but where it will be seen, and put a sign on it. And, get on the phone to your government representatives. Little steps like these make a lot more sense, and are a lot cheaper than going to Washinton, D.C. to look like you are part of an “OCCUPY” movement.

  • Kevin Rutherford

    Do a little research and you’ll find out how involved I am in the trucking industry. I’d love to have you come on the air with me and we can discuss how much I know about the industry.

  • Kevin Rutherford

    Maybe the bigger question to ask is why can’t you pay your own bills?

  • g

    temper temper now corny…we are supposed to have CIVILIZED discourse here on KEVIN’S article/page….we are not in your favorite Dive Bar…….GUTTERMOUTH..I Dont think the editors will Approve of your filthy lingo…..

  • Shelley Scarbrough Hughes

    Just my opinion that someone that knows the trucking industry well knows that truck drivers don’t stick together .  I don’t see all these things happening that you are saying they are threatening to do.  Truckers are not like airline pilots or a strong union.  I am saying that if they don’t start standing up that the one world order will come about.  Sorry if my opinions offend you .
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  • guest

    Yes YOU are!!! Time Is Now!!!! We are being driven to POVERTY….we MUST speak up..Make our Voice HEARD!! If not now WHEN???? Oct 11-13 SHUT DOWN. Join The Convoy if You Can. Be HEARD!!

  • guest

    10-4…..Wake Up Truckers!!!

  • guest

    By the sound of these comments YOU will be the ONLY trucker working and WE will all be shut down or in the CONVOY.

  • guest

    That is Funny Kevin…if you actually DROVE a TRUCK for a LIVING you couldNOT in good conscience Ask a question like that. It is deplorable that you dont understand or have a FEEL for the ISSUES WE are protesting against…yet YOU write lofty “articles” and Proclaim to be an Expert on Trucking matters……..WHY dont truckers earn a profit and GO BROKE old kevin wants to know????? THIS shows YOU are WAY out of touch with Today’s trucking.

  • Kevin Rutherford

    I did my time behind the wheel and was very profitable doing it. I owned trucks for 25 years and was very profitable doing it. I have helped tens of thousands of owner operators become more profitable. Tell me again how out of touch I am?

  • BigRigMan

    Let me start by saying I agree with Kevin and the 11 points that he brought out.

    I am from the Old School. I started driving in 1966. A neighbor took on and taught me how to operate a truck and be a professional. Not just a throttle jockey or a steering wheel turner.

    Then I would like to say that not only is this shutdown ill conceived it will never work. Since the shutdowns first started there has only been one that was successful in shutting down the country and that was back in 1972 or 73 during the Middle East Oil Embargo. In that one we had NATSO and the truck stops behind us. They let us shutdown the driveways and the fuel pumps. If you came into the truck stop you could not leave. A couple of dozen have been called for since then, but never came about for one reason or another. The main one being everyone wanted to the chief and nobody wanted to be a brave and follow a leader. This one will not work or accomplish anything either.

    You are never going to change the rules or laws that have been past over the years. A lot of these have been brought about by the abuse of the laws by the companies and drivers. Even I abused a lot of them but I learned how to get around them.

    Another thing is the drivers today not only need to clean up there act but also themselves. By that I mean the language they use on the CB but also when they get together in the truck stops. Every other word out of some drivers mouth’s is the F word. Do you talk like that in front of your wives, mothers, or children. As far as cleaning up yourselves to see drivers come into the truck stop with jeans all full of holes and t-shirts that are like that and full of vulgar sayings is not professional. Some drivers even smell like they haven’t had a bath or washed their clothes for 6 months. Hair and beards down to their shoulder that haven’t been trimmed in a year. You want to be treated like professionals, look and act like one.

    You wonder why law enforcement treat the trucking industry like 2nd rate people. Before the advent of the CB Radio,became so popular (I started running a radio in my truck in 1969) truckers had a real good relationship with law enforcement. We would stop and assist them at accidents and other incidents. Then the truck driver started harassing the police on the radio. I’ve heard driver cuss out cop in Ohio because he got a ticket for 6 clearance lights out. Then he started on the cops wife, his mother and then his kids. Was it the cops fault that he didn’t inspect his truck and fix the lights (This was during the DOT 72 blitz) or was it the drivers?

    As Rodney Dangerfield say’s “I don’t get any respect”. All I can say is if you want some respect you have to earn it. By that I mean you have to earn that respect.

  • roge160

    I think you are right on a lot of your points I do think we need to take the weekend off ,I do not think we should stop the roads as you said that will not do anything but give the public more reason to hate us they need to see what happens when we stay home as they don’t have a clue of what we do for them and they need to see they are not alone in this world and the stores don’t get what they need at there local Walmart with out us .

  • TWade

    I have been through several shutdowns or strikes over the years and nothing was ever achieved for the driver or O/O’s. Rates did not go up and driver’s pay did not go up in any of these strikes. If change did take place it disappeared within a few weeks or months.
    Here is what did happen. Drivers were shot at by fellow truckers and by other lunatics outside of trucking. A few drivers was shot and a few died. Customers were stolen from O/O’s by their fellow O/O’s and by large corporations. Company drivers that shut down or stayed home was fired by their company with a black mark on their record.
    If you want to make a difference in the rates then target those companies and O/Os that are hauling this cheap freight and put their name out there to be seen by all. Target the brokers that are paying these rates and boycott these brokers. If you are hauling this cheap freight then you are part of the problem.
    Company drivers are you working for a low paying company, either low pay per mile or low miles, then look in the mirror and you see the driver that is supporting these companies. Or maybe you were ignorant enough to get a bad driving record and these are the only type that will hire you. Shut down each company one by one, make these plans a year in advance so that you can save enough to live on for a month, this will give the company time to fix the problems, and start with the large companies first.
    How many of you have actually got involved in your government by sending emails, phone calls, or any other communication to your representative? At the coffee counter you get 100 percent that says I do, but in reality it would be closer to 10 percent, maybe. You want the government to force the rise of rates or pay but you don’t want the government to tell you how to drive. It would be nice if they left the drivers along and picked on everybody else.
    All of these problems exist because you fail to fight back everyday, you are waiting for that white knight to show up and save your a@@ because you don’t have a pair. That will never happen. If you are too scared or lazy to fight for yourself every day then why should anybody else do it for you.
    If this strike does take place and amount to anything then only a small group will benefit from it. In the past the majority of the money donated to groups that con drivers into thinking they were going to help fellow drivers was never handed out and the company and owners disappeared into the night with the money. This strike is more about politics than helping the trucking industry.

  • guest

    You SAID IT….you USED to Drive Truck…back in the day…wonderful. You “helped” ..past tense truckers earn a profit….those were the DAYS eh kevin??? Today is what WE are concerned with…..not YESTERYEAR.

  • Kevin Rutherford

    Nice try, I’m more involved in the trucking industry today then I ever have been. Why not dispute my points, or can’t you?

  • guest

    Nice try to you too….The Trucker Shutdown and CONVOY is on schedule Oct 11-13…much to your dismay. Fox News, USA TODAY, U.S. News and World Report, Washington Times are ALL beginning to Cover the Event…you can sit in your office weeping while GROWN MEN stand UP for our RIGHTS.

  • haller

    The only trucking news on national TV is when a car and truck crash or a train hits a truck. I have NEVER seen any trucking issues on national TV, NEVER. The tonnage moved by trucks weekly, yearly, the skill of the driver, hardships, being looked down upon by the nation as a whole… The nation thinks all truck drivers are stupid.. Lets do 60 minutes on how trucking companies screw their drivers out of money, how large trucking companies hold their new drivers to a one year driving CONTRACT!! I for one am tired or passing men in tight shorts riding bicycles on roads and flipping me off when I pass.. (bicycles=no titles, no insurance, no road licence, no road use tax), get off the roads!! Don’t rock the boat, only publish negative things about trucks and good things about “dancing with the stars”….

  • haller

    80 hours per week, not starting at 8:00 am… and not ending at 5:00 pm… weekends or whenever for $900 is this correct ?

  • haller

    I don’t think it will be on the news.

  • guest mocker

    any trucker blocks my way, I’m gonna beat him with my tire thumper. How DARE you prevent me from making a living! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.