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Kevin Rutherford

Use your head: Don’t shut down Oct. 11-13

| October 07, 2013

It has come to my attention that there is a growing movement online and through Facebook to organize truckers for some sort of a national shutdown and protest the weekend of October 11th-13th. I’ve been asked by listeners of my radio show and members of my websites to address this issue and offer my opinions, so here goes.

Let me be very clear about this event — I am completely and totally against this idea for so many reasons, and here is a list of why I think all truck drivers and small business owner-operators need to stay away from this group and their radical ideas.

Take just a moment and step back from your anger and frustration with the government and the current state of our political system. Think through this issue logically instead of emotionally and you will see that this can only end badly for the trucking industry and the country in general. 

1) Shutting down roads and highways is dangerous and illegal, and can lead to very dire consequences. The trucking industry prides itself on the fact that the country would stop without us. That’s a true statement. Now think for just a minute on what kinds of things could happen around major cities with massive roadblocks caused by trucks. Emergency vehicles will not be able to get through, people could die because of this one consequence alone, do you want that on your conscience? Road rage incidents will flare up everywhere and can only lead to violence. The general public will not see the industry as heroes, but as angry thugs. 

2) The protest has been planned for a weekend when the legislators and Obama are not scheduled to be in town, and it is a hefty fine for being inside the beltway and clogging highways. The resulting traffic jam does nothing in getting legislators’ attention to trucking issues. So this grassroots-planned event will be staged when no one is in town to hear them, and when it’s over, there will be lots of tickets to pay. It simply makes the trucking industry and drivers look foolish and uninformed.  

3) Drivers are being urged to shut down roads not only in Washington, D.C., but all over the country. The general public will not understand what is happening and will not look kindly on the danger and havoc reaped upon their roadways. 

4) Shippers and receivers not getting their products will have their entire business jeopardized and will not hesitate to move their freight by other means. 

Related– Wendy Parker: “Attaching a bunch of stuff to a trucking cause that has nothing to do with trucking is the same thing the government does when they attach pork to a bill.”

5) Groups that already oppose the trucking industry will jump on the chance to vilify the industry even more and call for more and stricter regulations.

6) This effort and protest is being organized and led by two people who have no connection to the trucking industry, and they are using the drivers to further their own radical agenda. They have even misled drivers into believing that they have been truck drivers. There is no real leadership — and no clear agenda.

7) I have found conversations on their Facebook page about urging company drivers to intentionally damage their company-owned trucks so that they can participate in the shutdown. I have also found similar conversations recommending that they park trucks at fuel pumps and service bays before disabling them in order to shut down services. This goes way beyond a government protest and is going to disrupt and hurt the private business we rely on to conduct our own business.

8) I read through a list of demands published by this group on both Facebook and their own website. The list was all over the place and had huge flaws in logic. The group claims to want less government regulation and a more constitutional government, yet the first two demands had to do with minimum wage for drivers and minimum rates for the trucking industry. This is anti-free market and requires huge amounts of government intrusion and regulation on the industry. You can’t have it both ways. When I interviewed the two organizers of the event, they refused to talk about those points and then later that day removed them from their websites. It’s too late, we know what their true agenda is.

Poll: Will you participate in the “Ride for the Constitution?”

9) They are now asking for donations so that they can provide fuel money for owner-operators who can’t afford the fuel to drive to Washington, D.C., and participate. This is outrageous and may even be a scam to get your money. Do you really want to be represented by owner-operators who can’t afford fuel for one trip? Is this the group you want to be associated with?

10) The group claims to want input from the trucking community but immediately deletes any comments not agreeing with any part of their agenda. 

11) This ill-conceived action punishes and endangers the general public and businesses we rely on and does nothing to the politicians we need to reach.

Please take some time to read and think through this issue. If you agree with me let’s make our voices heard. Let’s make sure that the public knows there are members of the trucking industry that are informed and are a part of the political process and are not anarchist thugs.


Overdrive Dollars & Sense columnist Kevin Rutherford is hosting a special episode podcast Wednesday, Oct. 9, at 7 p.m. to “have a true open discussion about” the issue, he said in an email promoting the podcast. To participate, call (347) 884-8327; 250 lines will be available. Click here to listen online when the episode airs.

  • haller

    Your right, brokers tell me that their backhaul will pay for my fuel,, NO WAY.. I do not do backhauls that don’t pay.. I squirt in $300 of fuel set my cruise on 66 mph and go home M.T.. That way I didn’t loose $800 and put $900 in some sleazy broker’s pocket..

  • haller

    The driver is responsible as to how the truck is loaded.. It’s in the driver’s safety handbook.

  • haller

    10-4 on Reagan , that anti American.. He got rid of the air traffic controllers union.. It’s still going on now in Wis. The Rep. gov. Walker, is messing with the teacher’s union. His next dishonest plan is to sell all the public hunting land in Wis. to his rich Texas friends..(no one knows about this, it’s a secret)…

  • PattyCakes

    Was George Washington a merc when he decided to start fighting ?

  • sedsaid

    What a joke the shutdown is just what we need to get dot,csa off of are as**** and what we need for are jobs.

  • BargainOne

    “anarchist thugs?” This country was founded by people who were called the same. Federal government is far too powerful and places it weight on each of us individually. Some day we will have a revolution only this time it will be to get back where we started; the four corners of the Constitution. Meanwhile Mr. Rutherford will watch from afar similar to the loyalist the first time around.

  • Quezblorb

    There is a big difference between shutting down your truck and shutting down your truck in the middle of the road to block traffic. I doubt anyone will do that. That is just BS you made up to support your “thug” label. Screw you! I will stay home that weekend at it does not make me a thug. Go write more of your paid propaganda somewhere else. We are not listening to you nor do we care what you think desk jockey.

  • Joe Blow

    I’m all for it. These folks have been stepping on us for years. The general public, Government, trucking companies, truck stops, no one gives a rat tail about us. Shut the thing down… they will be begging us for a comeback.

  • Coffeeclue

    Some truckers get treated like crap because they allow others to treat them like crap. Shutdown will only make more people treat them like crap. You want real change? Only accept jobs that pay well, only accept freight that pays well and don’t go to areas that don’t pay well. If you’re insulted at a mega warehouse, ask for a manager on duty and politely explain your position. I’ve done this many times and it works. I’ve also told dispatchers that wanted me to pay lumper fees that I refuse to do so and if they don’t want to issue a comcheck, I will take their freight to a secure location and release it upon full payment to me. Yes, I lost a few brokers that way, but why would I want to deal with them anyway?

    Realize that YOU are the cause of mistreatment because YOU allow others to mistreat you. Deal with the issues one at a time instead of making a laughing stock of yourselves.

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    As much as i agree with the general sentiment across the board with ”enough is enough” when it comes to all the regulations and also the fact that truckload rates overall across the entire board have been stagnant since January, I’m leery of attaching myself to this cause.

    I wish the best for all the drivers participating and hope that something changes for the better from all this. It sure could’ve been organized better than it has thus far.

    But i digress, It’s only Tuesday now, A lot can happen between now and Friday.

    One thing that definitely DOES need to happen is Anne Ferro, Anthony Foxx, and the FMCSA needs to organize a ”town hall” type of meeting with us in this industry to hear our grievances and at least roll back the hours of service. The new hours do not make drivers safer. They are driving more tired due to the mandatory ” 30 min break” and not being able to reset their 70 hour clocks like they were before during the week at any time.

    The entire transportation and infrastructure committee needs to step in on this before it gets ugly.
    Over and out, boys n girls. Be safe on the highways. :)

  • Ralph E Hubbard Jr.

    If Kevin Rutherford Is so much part of trucking he sould use his influence to help us not sit in his office calling Todd Spencer crying about all the money they will not make off the Truckers..

  • Wheelman

    The true point of all this is, we are our own worse enemy’s. Shut down, gave my pound of flesh In 2008. Yep, just like before. Shut down, strike, protest. What did we get, some media coverage, trips to Harrisburg,Pa, then DC. Things looked good for us? The the home financing debockle. We got swept under the rug. Now you have 2 people not in trucking, and not even O/O’s calling for a shut down. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. Remember Jim Jones? “Mr. Koolaid”. The power of persuasion. Pick a real spokesperson and get a real course of action. And gain respect. To gain respect one must act respectfully. Dress the part, talk the part, walk the part. Be a true leader, someone that will not turn the general public against us.A leader, not someone from aepisode of Doomsday Preppers. So think before you start this and who’s agenda you supporting. We all have our problems but I don’t want my neighbors fixing them!!!

  • Van Lynch

    I’m not a trucker, but the politics here seem to be all over the place. So why don’t you guys just form a union? And the Koch Brothers are hardly friends of the working man. Why are you supporting their agenda?

  • Richard Biggs

    I have been a o/o for 40 yrs and I must say I do not agree with Kevin on a lot of things but he is right on this strike. Most of you guys could be making a lot more money if you try. I pull a step deck leased to a carrier and last month I did 2.71 a mile for all miles. Yea I get dirty and sweat a little but it sure is better than running for a buck a mile plus fsc

  • Jason Haggard

    It sure is strange that people complain that people who are not active drivers have no say in this deal, so lets look at that point.

    Zeeda Andrews is not and never has been a truck driver, Pete Santilli is not and never has been a truck driver. So for those of you hinging your argument on that issue then you would be speaking out against the very people who are organizing the event. Think about that for a minute.

    Zeeda Andrews just went on live TV tonight touting that the pressing issue with truck drivers in America today is getting rid of Obama, so now lets look at how many of you were supporting this event who didn’t know that and who may be Obama supporters.

    How many of you bothered to research this “trucking” event before you jumped in with both feet? If you had then you would have known that their list of complaints and intended goals have changed like the weather with each passing day and actual real driver concerns were never brought up until today, a mere 4 days before the event. Does that sound like an event that has driver concerns at heart when this has been in the works since the beginning of September?

    They needed to add protesters to their masses and they are attempting to use truck drivers because of the fact that many drivers are so frustrated with the industry right now that they are willing to support anything that gives them a glimmer of hope. However putting your support blindly behind people that don’t have a vested interest in the industry sets you up to be exploited and used and then discarded. Any negative publicity will not come back to impact Zeeda Andrews, it will come back to haunt every single truck driver across the country.

    Come on folks, you have many of the organizers who won’t even give their identity, just like many of the people posting their comments on here or other social media sites. What is there to hide? Why should people put any faith in an anonymous source?

    I will support anybody’s decision to participate as that is your right as an American, however I’m also looking out for the best interests of my fellow brothers and sisters as drivers and unfortunately the lack of planning and experience of the people behind this deal and the misrepresentation of it by those same people is doing nothing more than putting my brothers and sisters at risk of becoming sacrificial lambs for a radical personal political agenda.

  • Hill Billy Bone

    O yea, he’s a radio man and a big suck up. It’s people like him thats the reason we can’t get nothing done now regradless if you agree on the shut down or not. You don’t have to clog up the roads to shut down. How about that? Put that on your list Mr. suck up!

  • Road Warrior

    LOL it’s already on the news. Go truckers! I hope they screw over DC and Ohitler’s golfing session. Guest mocker if I were driving a truck and you started some trash like that I’d just bust a cap.

  • Bradley

    Good try at reason and logic, Mr. Rutherford. I don’t think this action is going to get the attention that folks are hoping for. It may get a little attention for a couple of days, but most of it will be the wrong kind of attention, and it will quickly fade.
    Two things for everybody to think about that isn’t being discussed here:
    One is that there is no way anyone that drives can insist on less regulations that are related to safety and it survive scrutiny. Regulations to prevent accidents are supported by the majority of people in general, elected officials serve at the majorities approval. If the population in general is supporting regulations, then those regulations will stand. From this perspective alone this action will be viewed as a bunch of simpletons refusing to acknowledge the majorities rule of law. The successful companies will be the ones that have figured out how to operate within the regulations.
    Second is a maybe a little harder to accept, but it seems from the support of this movement that the transport of goods by truck is a difficult way to make a living. If that’s the case, why are people in it at all? Take the emotion of being a “trucker” out of it, and look at it from a business stand point. If regulation and operating expense simply wont allow a business to operate at a profit to make it worth it, then maybe a change in business is in order. When I look at my personal business, which involves running 5 trucks, it’s got to pay it’s way or it isn’t done.
    Full disclosure: I do own and operate a small company which includes 5 trucks. We don’t haul freight for a living, and I have never driven over the road. That being said, this is the question everyone has to answer for themselves at the end of the day- Why run a business that doesn’t make your investment of time and frustration worth it?

  • Myron LInd

    Oh, Mr. Rutherford is so right, though he seems to overestimated even the most “successful” consequences of the so called shut down. No unified voice, conflicting and illogical “demands”. Go ahead and be upset. Don’t, however, be a lemming.

  • centerlaneshow

    Ok Kevin lets go head to head on this my show which airs every Wednesday night on blog at 7pm to 9pm est. I disagree with you a truckers shut down is the only way to get Washington to hear us other wise they are just listing with def ears. For every reason you give I can give more back too shut down and I’m sure my listeners will too

  • Shannon Bushall

    your more involved on the wrong side. your more involved in truckers bowing down to everyone else like government rules even if they don’t make sense and aren’t proven yet or big oil co. that make billion dollar profits a month

  • 52telecaster

    It seems as though something this important should be better planned and involve more people who know how to organize such events where certain people are in charge of certain things. In other words a press or media department, a recognizable spokesperson who the general public will be able to remember after this is long over, etc. There are plenty of celebrities who would take up this cause and its sad to say but it’s what’s needed sometimes. Look at Trace Adkins and Mark Walberg speaking for the Wounded Warrior project. This thing should be in the making for a much longer time to address and iron out the way this should be implemented. I’m no expert but I do know the media will kick this around for a few days and then we’ll be forgotten or made to look bad. Media exposure cost big bucks but a properly ran advertising campaign along with properly organized events will go much farther than a bunch of pissed off people gathering to send a message to politicians who will not even be in town. People like John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson have the resources and the time to lend their voices to an event like this. Nelson does it for farmers every year at Farm-Aid. Why not Trucker-Aid? Staying relevant in the media is the only way to keep this on the front lines. I don’t see OOIDA or ATA really having an impact on behalf of the small business trucking industry. People like the England family and JB Hunt have the money to influence politicians and other areas of our industry for only the good of big business. We need a well organized and funded organization to address our issues. I don’t have the answers on how to do something like this but it’s obvious it’s how other organizations go about it. Everytime I see those commercials for abused animals with all of those celebrities donating their time, I wonder how we are not as important as a homeless German Shepard. I’m not saying Rutherford is wrong or right. This needs much more planning, though.

  • Money Maker!

    I wonder how many police officers will be waiting along the beltway to ticket and fine any truck driver who intentionally disrupts traffic. I would encourage any carrier whose lease operator/company driver purposely shuts down and causes any type of safety issues to the public, to immediately terminate the driver or drivers lease. Nothing good will come out of this. If anything all the attention by USA Today, CNN etc, will reflect negatively on the trucking industry again. All the publicity has done is prepare law enforcement for what is to come. Unfortunately the act of a few, non truck drivers, will reflect negatively on all of the industry. This will not even be acknowledged by the President or any member of Congress. They have bigger issues to worry about this weekend than a few non truck drivers, trying to use the trucking industry to get their issues addressed. One positive for all the truck drivers with money on their mind, there will be more freight available to move this weekend if in fact many truck drivers do shutdown.

  • Daina

    Dearest Kevin:
    I am an avid fan and your loyal supporter, however, I am a small fleet owner with the well-being of my Drivers being first and foremost. You say “let’s make our voices heard”. Exactly how do you recommend we do that? The government is so haywire right now that truckers are the least of their concerns. The only way to have our voices heard is to be up in their face. What is your recommendation for our voices being heard?

  • David Obermark

    You think this is a representative sample of truck drivers? I think a more representative sample might be conducted via the CB (although still not scientifically based, not all truckers bother to run with their CB on anymore). When I bring it up on the CB, most truckers have not even heard about the shut down. Those who have heard, or now heard (after I tell them about it and the objectives), have expressed they have no intention of participating (unless they were going to be home for the weekend anyway). My sampling was done in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee. Tomorrow I might start running into some of the few who are headed towards participating in the convoy though.

  • Bret McClary

    Keven I’m an o/o and you are right the first 2 points on there page need to go SO what do you think we should do to get our point across? And if you go to the other web page all the fokes bashing you wrote on that page to probley sent to cause trouble and keep us quite

  • frank

    what a bunch of fools

  • Robert

    I am all for a REAL truckers strike,but this ain’t that.This is exactly what this article writer says it is.The people that started this are radicals that have nothing to do with the trucking industry,but are using them as tools(buffoons) to move their hidden agenda.These people cannot do this on their own so they have tricked hapless truckers into believing they stand for them,when they could care less about truckers.Believe me if this was a genuine strike,to change things that really matter to truckers,I would be all for it,but this is something that going to make truckers look like idiots and only cause truckers harm.For the record,anything truckers attempt to do should include all truckers,even Democrats.This is exclusionary and will only result in further divide and discourse among ourselves.

  • H. Jennings

    Mr. Rutherford
    This is a chance for you and everyone else to ride the coattails of someone in mainstream media(Glenn Beck…etc) and make something out of this free ride to Americans. I am like yourself and I am a businessman. I have made a lot of money in the last 10 years but their are many, many people who are slaves in this industry. We that have done very well need to take this chance for them. Don’t be self centered this time. Take up for these guys and help the slaves of this industry have a voice. Kevin and everyone else reading this knows that we are selfish by nature, but one weekend of support might be all that this movement needs to succeed.

  • joeanimal

    ya, i got my windshield shot out in the 80’s cuz they raised the fuel tax by a nickel…that was my first solo trip, headed to New York, had to drop trailer in Stubenville Ohio for two weeks till F.B.I. came to escort me outta town…thing is it was a bunch of drunken farmers who had a bonfire in the middle of the road who shot my windshield out, the dude in the motel room next to mine hooked up his trailer and tried to leave early in morning..shot dead..!

    a few other truckers were taken out by people throwing concrete blocks off of the overpasses, was dangerous time…!

    i was told if i didn’t take load i would be fired I just graduated Trucking School, i was under work release cuz i got laid off construction, owed child support, threw me in jail, if i got fired contempt charges and go back to jail, woulda been safer in jail but WTF….!

    ah, The Good Ole Days…!


  • REDcollegeedVET

    HAHA tire thumper that’s effin good.

    After serving my country honorably AND getting a B.S. degree., I turn my own wrenches out of my garage and have been doing so for a while now because it’s an honest living. While I have no experience as a trucker, I can fix just about any gas engine inside and out. I’ve never heard of a tire thumper though, and I can’t stop chuckling for some reason.

    Btw, I’m 100% for Ride for the Constitution, and will be part of the Million Vet March in my state’s Capitol. Got a little window chalk sign on the back of my Jeep promoting T2SDA/Ride and the Million Vet March.

    Keep haulin, truckers, and try to coordinate with the Million Vet March and Bikers, we are all behind you!!

  • REDcollegeedVET

    The people are behind the truckers. Don’t worry so much about those who get pi$$ed, for they are likely on the payroll and likely part of the problem. We the People, are behind the movement because we all need this change. I think the movement needs to rally Vet support and you’ll easily double your numbers. Yes, there is room for improvement in the movement. But there is greater room for improvement in the Government. Talk to everyone, again, get the word out as best as you can. I’ve got window chalk on my Jeep promoting T2SDA and the Million Vet March. The people agree that this needs to happen now, and be prepared to sit it out. Things are only getting worse and Martial Law is already being discussed by these bastards now. The time to act is now. Plan for reinforcements, and try to network with Vets. Most of us are good people with connections to good people.

  • Roland Caston

    I’m with YOU on this Kevin.

  • son of a trucker

    Kevin, with all do respect, I have been in the trucking industry my whole life. I was born into a truckdriving family. You sir are what is known as a former truckdriver. You are not the one getting hammered with all the new and improved regulations that are benefiting everyone except the man or woman behind the wheel moving this country. I and every trucker out here know that sometimes you have to fight for what you believe in. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN

  • Sharon

    If drivers would stop hauling loads for low rates maybe the brokers would start paying us more. Anyone who does this is hurting all of us. I will ride empty before I haul a load just to pay for fuel. All that is doing is putting money in a brokers pocket, not yours.

  • john

    Your #10 sounds like it came directly from odummer and his dumbacraps! We’ll listen, just not to to anybody that matters.

  • john

    every truckstop in the country sells ’em

  • Stormy

    May as well shut down, if you don’t the DC police will shut you down IF you manage to get anywhere near DC. They know you are on the way and I don’t think they will give you the key to the city. And in response to a previous Zeeda statement, I don’t think they will have Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi waiting for you in handcuffs or Obama will have packed his bags and moved out of the White House. You reckon Zeeda plans to move in and take Obama’s place? Now that’s a scary thought.

  • BunniRabbyt

    well Mr Rutherford, do you have a better idea what have you done about regulations spirralling out of control. Maybe you agree with all these ways the government is squeezing the lifeblood out of the O/O. If that is the case then maybe we should boycott your show. All I can say someone is trying to do something and that is better than nothing.

  • Mike Smith

    This is going to be a long one.

    There can be no short response to KR’s article. Desperate times call for desperate action. And KR is trying to diminish the seriousness of the situation with the same O’l crud we’ve heard from the people in power, the people with the microphone, paid by the corporations, to brainwash us into passivity, while they profit off of perversity in our country.

    Our country and our countrymen are in a serious situation. I can’t just say we are in danger. This would suggest that the our destruction is on its way, when we are already be destroyed.

    Our lifestyle is being driven down by the bastardization of phrases in our country like “let the free market decide”. The “ride for the constitution” is a way to start trying to do something about it, and what I see as a new form of genocide in our country; just look at what is happened in So. CA.

    Kevin Rutherford invites people with views that support the “ride for the constitution” only to invite them to be RUN OVER by his tricky, deceitful sophistry. Kevin uses his “bully pulpit radio program” to impose his corporate support on his listeners, who are primarily truck drivers. He buys them off with information and tips on how to maintain their trucks, and run their business. Yesterday he covered his @$$ by saying there are good markets and bad markets through out the country, and that’s just the way it is. I’ll elaborate just a little. A bad market is like the area of So. CA where there is plenty of trucks owned by Mexican families, and they use Mexican’s to drive these trucks.

    The Mexican trucks have a profound negative effect on rates throughout the Southwest. The load board tells the story. Brokers are posting loads that offer $1.00 to around $1.22 per mile. It costs 50 cents a mile just for fuel. That leaves 77 cents for the truck. At least 35 cents should go to the driver. That would leave 42 cents for all the huge costs of operating the truck. This is an outrage. It is a way to circumvent wages to American Citizens.

    One of the phrases Kevin likes to use is, “let the free market decide”. It is my belief that KR actually supports the “open borders” mentality that takes the free market mentality to a new low. (A new kind of Slavery. Willing slaves from 3rd world countries). That is to pit American Citizens against third world people, primarily Mexicans. (KR he would probably use the idea of immigration to support his case).

    The use of Mexican’s can be clearly observed by looking at what has happened to So. California. It is now almost all Mexican. All any truck driver has to do is to look around while in So. Cal in order to know this. Fontana, CA has been a major Truck Town for decades. It is now full of Mexican trucks, with Mexican family names on them, and of course Mexican’s driving the trucks.

    Many of these Mexicans can’t speak English. They drive junk trucks. I have been told by a towing business that many of the Mexicans driving the trucks drive without insurance. There are those that say that this can’t happen because of stringent controls. But in California “stringent controls” only pertain to white men, while the government allows Mexicans to get away with things we can’t get away with. I believe that the government in CA turns there heads, and I beleive that many of the government employees are Mexicans who give the Mexicans a “free pass”. These employees work for the CA DMV, and the police/authorities as well.

    Oct. 9, 2013 KR invited people to discuss the ride for the constitution on blog talk radio. The only people who showed up where KR’s “yes men”. People with an opposite view will not subject themselves to KR’s Saul Alinsky type of ridicule.

  • we’re all in the same boat

    I hope you realize that by congesting one of if not the most congested areas in the nation you are inhibiting the ability of law abiding, hard working, “Americans” to make a living wage in the D.C. area. I understand your aggravation and dismay with the politicians on the Hill and White House but your protest will be disruptive and potentially cost lives or people their homes/livelihoods. Can you really live with that on your conscience? I know that I would have a hard time with it. I just hope that all the drivers out there are civil, we have enough fender benders in this area as it is already.

  • QucikShotHeadShot

    Use our head?? This industry treats us like were headless and ignorant. It’s about time truckers do something to set a point regardless of what happens this is a sacrifice i wish all truckers would take. We put in the most hard work in this industry and have no say in anything. Brokers dig in our pockets and uncle Sam is on every corner on each interstate. Not including tolls and repairs. We keep this country running, were the cells in a system that keeps the federal budget pumping with greed. Where is our respect and the benefits we deserve?

  • Sally

    Could you pay your bills with .31 a mile averaging 2000 miles a week? The average company driver only makes .28 a mile, How are they to feed their family like that and pay on the road expenses? My husband worked for the same company for over 5 yrs, his pay increase was a whopping .31 a mile for west coast and .35 for anything east of the Mississippi.

  • sharmon

    that’s what cat scales are used for most company’s will pay for the scale ticket and if you work for a company that does not pay ,maybe you should look for another job,and do not get me wrong there are some great points out there most of the complaints are on point but it has to be a better way

  • Daniel Fulgham

    I agree….reading a lot of these comments….valid points….but like any other profession….if you can’t make a decent wage….or don’t like the way it operates….GET OUT AND GET A DIFFERENT JOB

  • Daniel Fulgham

    sounds to me like you have your own personal problems with the law out here….and yes…I have been driving for over 40 years….seen them come and seen them go….it is only as good as you make it….when you start relying on anyone else to give you what you should be getting for yourself …you’re setting yourself up for disappointment

  • Ralph E Hubbard Jr.

    OOIDA, ATA, ITA… your “legal means” have done absolutely nothing to deter the over-regulation of the trucking industry as a whole. There was nothing wrong with our old HOS, however you supported the changes that were made. What have you done to better the lives of the truckers who support your organizations… Nothing. You have backed every piece of legislation and regulation that the DOT has put forth, regardless of the wishes of your membership. You are no better than the politicians themselves. I support the T2SDA efforts. The whole thing is more than just a protest to what they have done to the trucking industry, it is also to protest what they are doing to our Constitution, Our Bill of Rights, and our American way of life. Get with the program, and support your membership the way you should.(Ken Gibson)

  • montee

    Please take the time to go read the regulations that these drivers have posted. They are clear and thorough. They didn’t just do this in a weekend but put all of their heads together and thought it through to ensure they did this in a responsible yet effective manner. FYI~they are leaving a lane open for emergency vehicles…READ their page! They are doing this in the most responsible and peaceful way possible. No one wants to put up with gov’t tyranny but no one wants to be inconvenienced either. Sorry, but if American’s want to get the attention of those shoving their agenda’s down our throats, then it may take something big and a bit uncomfortable to do it. It’s only getting worse with this out of control administration! People are damn mad and beginning to panic! So it’s either do something now or wait and give to the gov’t just what they’ve been gearing up for…civil unrest.

  • montee

    OMG’sh! Please do some research about ‘voting’ these days. The days of the citizens having a voice are long gone~ I’m sorry to tell you this, but when a city of 40k have 45k voting, something is wrong. And this happened all over the country! No, our voting system has been totally hijacked by those with the money. This is why we need to think of something else that will get their attention now~

  • montee

    We love our country and want her to be free. Is that what you mean by ‘Political Agenda’? We want our kids and grandkids to have the same chances we had. Not to come into this world owing for someone else’s lengthy luxurious vacations or arming terrorists. Is that the ‘extreme’ that you mention? All we want is the country and freedom that our God gave us. The goal has nothing to do with political parties, race, religion etc….just liberty. If that’s what you’re calling ‘political agenda’, then I guess you’re right and you’d be better off staying away and remain a slave to your leaders in congress. Let them tell you what you’re going to use all of that hard earned trucking money for. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.