Vancouver port truckers plan shutdown for Feb. 26

| February 25, 2014
Port of Vancouver

Port of Vancouver

Truckers serving Canada’s Port Vancouver plan to stop work Feb. 26 in protest of excessive wait time and other issues. 

The 1,200-member United Truckers Association scheduled the work stoppage after failing to resolve problems with Port Metro Vancouver.  In a Feb. 24 UTA email to the PMV, the association “…Serviced a 48-hour notice of service disruption as truckers cannot afford to operate anymore.”


Owner-operator protest of emissions standards, wait time shut down Port of Oakland

Port of Oakland owner-operators halted the protest that began this week to seek compensation for upgrades to meet California’s port emission standards and wait time.

A representative of one shipper, West Fraser Timber, heard requests for better rates and to resolve other issues at the UTA’s Feb. 23 meeting.

Another port shipper, Inchcape Shipping Services, anticipates the protest will “severely impact” the port. “While not all drivers are members of the association, the result is likely to be a complete disruption in trucking and drayage operations, with the possibility of further action, after the initial two-days, further affecting loading operations,” ISS stated Feb. 25.

About 650 UTA members protested at the port Oct. 23, nearly two weeks after they formed the non-profit organization. Representatives of the association, the port and the Canadian labor department began meeting over concerns that included the financial hardship of the PMV’s Diesel Oxidation Catalyst standard for truckers.

On Oct. 31, the port responded to trucker concerns, noting on-going infrastructure improvements should mitigate delays. It agreed a turn-around time of 60 minutes or less was reasonable and gate hours should be expanded and coordinated.  

The PMV defended its handling of rate enforcement, stating that it works closely with province authorities conducting investigations. It also publishes sanctions issued against drayage companies on its website. 

  • Kast55

    What about here in the US? When are we going to do something like that?

  • david webster

    This strike will not go anywhere as they will just bring in more offshore drivers to make up the shortfall. The gov. needs to bring in min. trucking in rates all across Canada. I will not cross their strike lines and hope nobody else crosses them.

  • g

    WAIT time for ANY trucker should be compensated….detention at docks anywhere should be Paid. Truckers are not a Charity Business. DONATING a trucker’s TIME is Absurd…while the Corporation he is PARKED at is enjoying HUGE MONEY???? Rediculous.

  • Steve Paris

    Hey Dave, check out pictures on this FB page.

    Seems those off shore drivers are already there. They are the UTA in Vancouver.

  • Not so FAT TRucker

    I am a Canadian Trucker and you are right the offshore drivers are huge here. The one thing I will say about them is that they will stand up and scream, not just bitch and complain like most, if not all white truckers do. Take a good look at this and do something about it. QUIT BITCH and start Ditchn. Shut your machines down. Start an organization and make a difference. If most todays truckers weren’t so lazy they would get off their FAT asses and do something. That is the biggest problem; look at the truckers today. They can barely climb out of their trucks let alone start an organization. The off shore drivers sure don’t look like many white divers. They even smell better now. It’s sad what the trucking is. CLEAN UP and STAND UP, don’t just sit their in your warm cab scarfing down Chips and Cheezies while drinking an XXXTRA Large Coke.

  • jojo

    I’ll be shut down 2 or 3 days before election day so i can vote. Why don’t you all join me? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.