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VID: Driver questions trooper’s safety on highway, gets clean inspection

| June 30, 2014

The following vid, originally posted to Youtube by the driver who filmed it, is remarkable not least for the politeness of the Illinois State Trooper it features, quite apologetic after being called out for unsafe speed and cell phone use by the truck driver he’d just pulled over for using his horn in an unlawful manner (to call the officer out for speed as he passed). 

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Doubtful at least that the now virally high-profile nature of the incident will do anything short-term positively for the No. 2 reader-named problem related to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program: The deteriorating relationship between drivers and law enforcement. The vid follows the chart.

  • sacramentopete

    He should now challenge with the CMS violation via DataQ. Included the Dash board cam video of the officer speeding and on his mobile phone.

  • BetterCallSaul

    Probably shouldnt have posted the vid…Cop took a look at himself in the mirror after looking at the drivers record and made the right decision. This guy deserves the badge he is wearing….Not saying the Driver was wrong..I am saying he got lucky though

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    The officer backed off, there was no violation, if he had issued a violation he would have opened a can of worms that he didn’t want to open

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    My brother was pacing a Maine State trooper once at 95mph in a 65 when they blew past a speed cop who promptly didn’t see the other trooper but did pull over my brother, after reading him the riot act my brother simply stated that if he was going to give out any tickets he was going to have to call the other trooper back and give him one too. once again not a can of worms they want to open, my brother got a warning and you have no standing to contest a warning because there is no penalty.

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    believe it or not corruption accusations raise enough havolk that police tend to avoid anyone willing to make the charge, especially if they have evidence, like a dash cam. Either that or they will escort you to a quiet place and x-file you

  • Wayne Bell

    I agree with bettercallsaul.

  • Maddbman

    OMG!! It must be good to be —– in America. SMH !!!

  • James

    It’s getting to where Cops have to tread softly much of the time,because EVERYONE has a camera and recorder. This is a good thing,except when Citizens begin trolling for trouble just to get their 15 minutes of fame on YouTube. As long as the Citizens use a little discretion and behave respectably,though,this serves to keep the Cops operating a little closer to Letter of Law. Just don’t get overzealous,people.

  • Jason McKennon

    Its all good what happened here but maybe I missed some thing, the cop said he gave him an inspection the driver seems to have known nothing about it until told, not sure how that can be done, so if im seeing it right the cop still did some thing illegal, whether he passed him or not is irrelevant, HE DIDNT DO IT

  • Dale Kirschbaum

    congratulations to the driver, if more brivers would stand up for what they know is right, we wouldn’t get harrased as much

  • ME

    The POS cop is your typical badged bully.

  • Mike64

    I remember the days when truckers and troopers were good friends. That was many, many years ago, probably many don’t remember that. I’m not an Illinois fan, but the trooper did step up and admitted he was wrong. I’m not sure without the camera though. They’re not all bad out there wearing the star.

  • Shaun

    A clean inspection? What, a level 3? The only reason the cop threw him that bone was because he didn’t have anything else to cite the driver for. Thanks, officer, for confirming that my license and med card are legit. What a tool.

  • norman ott

    Nothing like the taste of crow.

  • Trucker4life

    The Illinois cop changed his tone after the driver told him he had him on a dash cam which would have proved the cop was speeding and possibly on the phone . So he decided to play nice with the driver and bribe him with a clean inspection. This ended very nicely, but could have gone way different if the cop was in a bad mood or one of those Rambo attitude types. 20+ years ago cops and truckers looked out for one another. Just saying.

  • Gabby

    OMG !!!

    Now that’s some shit out standing Driver.

    There’s a couple of good things that came out of this first you have to respect That this officer did own up to his mistakes and being able to speak to it. like he did was ballsy.

    Although you can clearly see that he was going to be an ass hole and give you a ticket witch was B/S.

    Oh and nice scare tactic
    Mr.. Bear “I see you got a ticket recently ? Ya and SO…

    “I know its hard to stay calm Driver” in those situations but you were a little combative at the get go. but you were right in your reason and he clearly was not boy I hope his boss don see that.

    WOW I have always said that most DOT officers have no idea how to pull information from your OBRD cause they just don’t no and wont take the time and learn. cause there better then us. Control

    This sucks and is wrong in a big way.

    But proves my point that E Logs and company’s that make monthly payments to the government for these devices.

    E- Logs is another word for( Bribe) that company’s pay to bypass the coops.

    How many drivers have had there e-log go down and not even fill out a paper log and let alone if a driver even knows how too.

  • Smokey Lonesome

    I applaud the drivers moxie. He held his ground and the trooper wormed out of it. I would have to say that the trooper was clearly breaking the law and stated it was okay because he was going to the headquarters, which would not constitute an emergency in and of itself. Had he been responding to an emergency he would not have stopped the driver.
    I say we demand that the trooper be penalized the same way anyone else would. Reckless driving, excessive speed, distracted driving. And he should become a trainer for other troopers as what not to do. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.