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VIDEO: Utah Trucking Association president’s recent daredevil past

| September 05, 2013

jump ramp

As I’ve said before: Wow. 

And: Don’t try this at home. 

Godfrey in the cab before his 2011 jump.

Scott Godfrey of Godfrey Trucking in the cab before his 2011 jump.

After a colleague ran across this post yesterday about the driver of the Freightliner here, attempting to best the long-jump Class 8 truck record with a 120-plus-foot flight and failing, I tried to run down exactly where/when this took place, and I was able to find more on the driver/stuntman. Via an August post to the Facebook page of the Utah Trucking Association, I realized Scott Godfrey is the UTA’s current president and owns the Godfrey Trucking fleet, based in Utah, and that the jump took place back in 2011. Any Godfrey drivers or owner-ops in the audience?

In any case, the vid here is pretty astounding stuff, no matter its age or provenance. Hold your breath.

“Expensive jump,” eh? That’s how one commenter on the UTA’s Facebook page put it. You can find a little more about the jump, as well as some details on the safety devices in the cab that kept its pilot from injury via this story.  

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