Vows and Volvos

| April 07, 2005

Peter, the groom and his best man picked up the truck and brought it to the Martens’ house, where all the groomsmen joined in getting it ready for the big day. “They were having a blast polishing and washing,” Margaret says. “They polished it up so it was bright shining white.”

Because Volvos had been a part of the Martens family for so long, Jennifer could really appreciate the beauty of the 780, she says. “Even we had never seen such a nice truck,” she says. “We’ve always had the basic, stripped-down models. When you know what most people use on a day-to-day basis, you really appreciate the extra stuff.”

After the wedding, the newlyweds stopped to have photos taken with the Volvo 780 before leaving for the reception. The guests were so fascinated with the display that no one left for the reception before the bride and groom, Margaret says.

The Volvo made quite a spectacle on the 40-minute ride to the reception, Margaret says. The groomsmen had tied the bows from the pews all over the truck, and “Just Married” signs were magnetically attached to the sides. Peter, who was driving, honked the air horn at passing cars, and Jennifer and her new husband leaned out the window waving.

The truck made the day much more memorable than a normal limo, Margaret says, and many of the wedding guests told her they agree. “It was such a huge hit that it was almost a member of the wedding party.”

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