What do you think of GPS systems?

| October 25, 2012

That’s what the American Transportation Research Institute wants to find out, and they’re soliciting feedback from both drivers and carriers in regards to their feelings about navigation systems and how they impact the industry and, specifically, driver safety.

Recent reports — and even state politicians — suggest the use of GPS devices is responsible for crashes.

See Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s report for more info on the survey, or click here to visit ATRI’s site to take part in the survey. It’s brief and confidential, ATRI says.


  • mousekiller

    I don’t understand how supposedly intelligent people can blame the GPS for accidents or crashes. The GPS is not a drive by wire unit.It is not connected to the steering wheel, the brakes or the accelerator. It is a information unit ONLY. The driver of the vehicle has to be just a little smarter than a stick of gum and there are no restarts if you screw up like in your favorite video game.. The driver of any vehicle is the one responsible for the operation of said vehicle. Trying to legislate this is going to be doing nothing but trying to legislate stupidity. Those that are trying to pass GPS legislation does prove that some legislators give a stick of gun a challenge. You can’t fix stupid. Don’t blame the GPS.

  • Harlan

    driver is someone who drives.. gps is a global positioning system…if you hit an object it is your fault not the gps… if you slid on ice and have an accident the ice is not cited.. so how can you blame a gps

  • trockens

    Never had my GPS system cause an accident (who thinks that GPS causes accidents? Probably FMCSA morons) But my GPS has tried to lead me down the primrose path into residential areas, under low bridges, and once a goat trail in Nevada. You gotta triple check the route and stay alert when you use it Not surprised State politicians think they cause accidents, mine at home are usually getting pulled over for DUI.

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