What have you done to prepare for the new hours rule?

| May 16, 2013

  • Jennifer Miller

    The New Hours of Service ( HOS ). is going to make it hard on owner-op to make money

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lee-Brau/1225480604 Lee Brau

    The mandatory 30 minute break after 8 only means splitting time is the way to run if you have a tight time schedule. Shower and eat during your 2 off, sleep in your sleeper break. So much for circadian rhythm! Those living on the west coast are going to get hurt by the new reset rule, they can’t start back to work until after their early morning appointment is past. As to the once a week, if you sit twice for any reason in a week, you just designate which you choose, the second of course. Rare would be the occasion you couldn’t.

  • Duane Osborne

    That’s easy, I quit! The government had more than enough control over us before the New HOS but now, we have no control over when we drive, how hard we drive or if we feel it is safe to drive. The new HOS have nothing to do with safety or they would have listened to the people the new rules would directly effect.

    Just like 99.9% of the rules governing trucking. It is a revenue generating tool for the government, nothing more!

    Are you one of the ones who think everything is just sunshine and lollipops? Just wait, you haven’t seen anything yet and remember. All of you let it happen by not standing up for yourselves when you had the chance! I’m a 17 year 1.5 million plus (safe miles) driver and it is absolutely shocking how far trucking has gone down hill in that time! Everyone of you, Truckers, company owners, press and everyone should be ashamed at the fact that you let all of this happen because you would not stand together!

  • S.E.

    Oh, I guess we missed that memo!

  • S.E.

    As if log books aren’t confusing enough already! Commercial cops don’t even understand HOS!

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