What kinds of questions should be on the New Entrant test?

| January 14, 2014

  • g

    They need to be able to Backup in a crowded truckstop without hitting any trucks. The SKILLS segment is more important than classroom..if they cause Damage they are not worth having in the industry. The Bookwork is secondary and should be limited to Logs and Safety issues….they DO need to ride with a TRAINER for a longer period than 30 days…..new drivers are extremely dangerous as anybody who is experienced knows.

  • g

    Why overload a New driver with More Crap? Many of the mega fleets hire somewhat mentally handicapped students…when you see them sitting and staring off into space and drooling..that is an indication they dont need Business education. They should demand an IQ test.

  • MercenaryMan

    Truck Driver training schools need to put more emphasis on real driving, more backing, parking, fueling, working the fuel pump/payment systems, fuel cards, and now the EOBR, Electronic logging systems or Apps should be at least explained and covered….But Backing, Backing, Backing,,,,most guys can drive the truck, but anyone can see they cant back them up, especially when they get in a space thats not ideal, Backing up should be practiced for a week. Truck Driver Etiquette may need to be taught as the Old timers who would never sit in the fule island, are now being replaced by the guys who Crap, Shower, Eat and then Fuel….some Trucking manners !!!!

  • Small Time Truck Co.

    While I don’t disagree with the fact that drivers need more training before being put on the road, I believe some voters have missed the point of the “new entrant test”. This is a test for new carriers and freight forwarders, not truck drivers. Due to the lack of information in the description of the poll I now wonder how accurate we can assume it is.

  • Marie Turpin

    The question is in regards to new truck companies who just acquired their own authority, not truck drivers. Within the first 18 months of operation, there will be a DOT Safety audit that is performed on the business location regarding proper filing of sensitive information (drivers files, maintenance/repairs records on trucks, logs, drug testing) basically a 2 page list of items that will be checked. So, hold on to your horses..this is about the company, not the drivers.

  • Marie Turpin

    Needed to add, being a driver and now work in the office and had gone through a new entrant DOT safety audit, wouldn’t we (the drivers) like to see the office staff with some knowledge of business sense and safety regulations? How many of us have worked for a dispatcher or had a boss that didn’t know or care to understand the rules that ‘us’ drivers have to follow. I agree that office personnel/management should be tested at the time of their new entrant DOT safety audit. Get these dumb a** out of the office.

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