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What precautions do you take when preparing for spring storms and severe weather?

Truckers News Staff | March 01, 2012



“No precautions to take. Just make sure all your lights are on and know your stopping distances are shortened. As for pulling over, I don’t have time. Got to make that delivery.”

Mark Wilson

Douglasville, Ga.

Company driver for Dylan


“Slow down. I make sure my equipment is up and going good to make sure I can get through it. I carry snow chains and have satellite radio.”

Ron Moore

Dalton, Ga.

Owner-operator leased to Mike Frost Trucking


“If I start in the morning, I watch the weather map. My GPS gives me the county I’m in, and the weather radio gives severe weather warnings by county.”

Tom Compton

Mill Creek, W.Va.

Company driver for Milton



“Basically, watch your following distance and slow down, whether it’s sleet or snow or rain. Watch the road and your surroundings carefully.”

Jeff Trutt

Chicago, Ill.

Owner-operator leased to CDN Logistics

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