What trucking advice would you give a rookie driver?

Truckers News Staff | June 01, 2012

Sleep when you’re tired. Take it easy and don’t let anybody get to you.

Pat McFarlan

Ocala, Fla.

Owner-operator leased to Mercer Trucking



Drive for the other man, the other vehicles on the road.

Floyd McFadden

Lake City, S.C.

Company driver for Metropolitan Trucking



I had a trucking school teacher say, “I’ll tell you a statistic. They expect you to crash before your first year ends.” Be afraid and be cautious. Don’t treat your truck like you can just get a new one. Don’t follow too close. And during winter, drive slow on ice.

Mihail Panev

Marietta, Ga.

Owner-operator leased to Eurotrans Express



Be patient. Patience is key. Don’t ever get in a hurry to do anything.

Skip Staten

Birmingham, Ala.

Company driver for Swift Transportation

Big-Bore Engines Making Big Comeback. Don’t Compromise.

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