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Todd Dills

What you may not know about the EOBR bill

| January 31, 2012

`(C) a determination by the Secretary that an individual is not qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle; or

`(D) a determination by the Secretary that a commercial motor vehicle driver is unfit under section 31144(g).’.

(b) Commercial Driver’s License Information System Contents- Section 31309(b)(1)(F) is amended by inserting after `disqualified’ the following: `by the State that issued the individual a commercial driver’s license, or by the Secretary,’.

(c) State Action on Federal Disqualification- Section 31310(h) is amended by inserting after the first sentence the following:

`If the State has not disqualified the individual from operating a commercial vehicle under subsections (b) through (g), the State shall disqualify the individual if the Secretary determines under 31144(g) that the individual is disqualified from operating a commercial motor vehicle.’.

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  • Phil Madsen

    It would be interesting to learn how that FMCSA power-grab language got worked into the bill.

  • Todd Dills

    Yes it would, no doubt. It goes back fairly far, though — if you track back through the stories I linked at the end of the piece here you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  • Marc Mayfield

    cui bono?

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