What’s your business outlook for 2014?

| December 27, 2013

  • guest

    You MUST be kidding….we cant even MOVE with these Octopus Tenticles of the GOVERNMENT wrapped around our necks! Strangled by seatbelts, observed by Dash Cam pointed in drivers face, watched via satelite by pimple faced dopes in an office, beeped by qualcom, woken up by cell phone by overzealous dispatch office worried out the toilet paper load we are hauling. Cops line up all down the interstate signaling us into the Orwellian “weigh station” that Hitler would marvel at for its total Intrusion intoour PRIVACY…questions, cameras, documents demanded…just like the SS….OBEY, COMPLY, CONFORM……Gun Toting “investigating” Cops will tell you WHEN you are free to go on to the NEXT weigh station and Repeat the “inspection” process…..You must be kidding about the “Outlook” for trucking in general????? Do you live in a cave?

  • Aldo

    I make more money hear then my own country.

  • marcel

    I agree, they treat us like a bunch of dumb kids, and we let them.

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