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When trucks are ‘an eyesore and a nuisance’

| February 19, 2013

Lack of a local parking ban on trucks in Erin, Tenn., means owner-operator Dan Heister is able with the property owner’s permission to utilize this gravel lot in his area at the intersection two state routes occasionally for overnight parking.

UPDATE 2/20/2013
According to this report from the Macon Telegraph newspaper, the Warner Robins, Ga., city council unanimously approved the 2-hour parking limit for trucks in the city limits, with the exception for haulers who had obtained permission to park from the property owner. Read more about it here.   


A vote scheduled to take place today in the city council of Warner Robins, Ga., would, if successful, ban truck and trailer parking within the city’s limits. This report from the local Fox affiliate even has councilman Mike Brashear, primary proponent behind the measure, calling trucks parked in lots and/or trailers dropped on properties around the city “an eyesore and a nuisance.”

Judging by the commentary under the Fox story, which you can find via this link, you’re not the only driver likely to take umbrage with Brashear on this issue.

It’s attitudes like these around the nation that we’re up against on the parking issue. They make it ever more important for drivers to continue to stress with their U.S. Congresspeople and Senators (and local reps, too) where exactly parking is most needed along their lanes and in their areas, as I wrote here following the Jason’s Law provision’s inclusion in the 2012 MAP-21 highway bill. As some local and state governments continue to restrict truck parking or otherwise lack the cash to address parking-availability problems or the will to allocate it, the Jason’s Law provision in MAP-21 at least ensures that the federal government has the ability to direct part of the DOT budget to truck parking along National Highway System lanes for safety and security of the freight network.

Find directory lists of Senators and Congressional reps in links in this story.

As Overdrive‘s own Wendy Parker commented under the story about Warner Robins, “These ‘eyesores’ bring your kids their groceries. When will people realize they have to have trucks to survive? Why would you tell the only lifeline to the outside world (and your cool new tennis shoes) they can’t park in your city?”

While such abstract arguments have lost power with various repeated permutations through the years, Parker didn’t stop there. Regulators, representatives, people in general respond more actively to personal examples of a problem’s impact, ultimately. Parker mentioned having been in Warner Robins a week prior to her comment and noting just one truck stop serving a busy area.

When contacting your reps/Senators, tell them where you’ve had problems, and be specific about its impact on your ability to succeed and/or operate safely.

There are plenty of good examples of this, of course. As I said earlier, of course, Parker wasn’t the only responder to the Fox story about Warner Robins by any stretch. Check out the remainder, or weigh in yourself, here.

  • Vaughn Canter

    i guess truck drivers have became lower than ditch diggers now,and your recuiter said u was a professional,trucking is a joke.

  • Peter

    Why not have the trucks stay out of the cities and towns that do not want them there. It is interesting to me that EVERYTHING is delivered by trucks and there would not be 1 item available tom all the ney sayers if truckers refused to enter areas that were “anti truck”.

  • GD

    It is so frustrating for truck drivers. I used to deal with the same thing…after being on the road for 6 weeks, only to come home for 3 days, people would chase me off, didn’t want to see my truck parked there. I would just sit in a parking lot wondering where to go…thanks a lot you inconsiderate, uncaring scum…imagine if you were in this position, you would have none of it, right? Eyesore?? You are an eyesore to your community and your constituents

  • GD

    I couldn’t agree more..truck drivers are not appreciated, they are considered the lowest form of human in existence…but if they stopped running, well, all hell would break loose and they would cry for their material belongings!

  • GD

    If only these people would realize this, it would only take a week of stopage

  • JB

    Its unfortunate, however, I sympathize with these cities, I live close to a truck stop and I see the trash that truckers leave on the ground, urine bottles, old oil containers, you name it, it spreads into the neighborhoods and countryside. Truckers are their own worst enemy.


    It’s a simple solution quit hauling goods to these cities that don’t what us there, let them get it the best way they can. As for trucker’s pissing in bottles and throwing trash out I agree they are the bad apples of our industry, the only way your going to stop it is to report them. Yes call it cowardly if you like, but it will only get better when you throw those bad apples out of the basket. Is there an ( I ) in team I don’t think so..!!!

  • Jennifer Mathis

    I’m thinking i REALLY LIKE some of the
    suggestions posted to this article !!! “.. if they don’t want to see
    trucks in their towns, then trucks DON’T GO in their towns !!! even if
    it means trucks don’t deliver in these towns !!!” let’s
    think about this realistically !! parents, do throw out ALL of our
    children cuz ONE does wrong ??? or do we discipline them at 2yr old
    for something they MIGHT do in the future ????

  • Andrea Sitler

    Still to this day, if I see a place marked “No trucks”; I will not patronize this business. I always wanted to eat at Lambert’s with their “throwed rolls” but they were so anti-truck, I just could not give them my money in good conscience. Plenty of other places that I won’t go to this day, including in my 4-wheeler, due to this same principle.

  • jj mcclure

    the reporter is interested in hearing from drivers that are boycotting Warner Robins because of the parking ban. Her email is:

    The more people the better so she can show it to city council.

  • Tony

    Everyone wants ham & eggs for breakfast but no one wants to be near the pig & chicken farm!

  • Christina M. Wright

    I’m the reporter who covered the original story about this ordinance, and I’m now hearing some of you intend to boycott the city. I’ve spoken with one person and would like to hear from others who intend to do the same, as well as talk about what a compromise would be between you and the city. Give me a call at 478-256-9685. My deadline is this afternoon, but I’ll try to squeeze you into the story if you call this evening. Thanks. Christina M. Wright, The Telegraph.

  • Mike Jones

    Fullerton Calif also has signs saying NO TRUCK PARKING anywhere in the TOWN after 10pm or so….many cities are posting this in Southern Calif…the WHOLE CITY!!!

  • Mike Jones

    SO TRUE….the trucker is the lowest of the low…if you tell somebody you Drive Truck they instantly feel you are a scumbag aith the IQ of a termite. Looking at the Animals at the “travel centers” though you can see…they come in for gasoline and a snack and stand in line to pay with some of the nastiest looking people…todays “truckers”…YUK…..Raunchy comes to mind….El speaky Spanny…comes to mind…butt cleavage and FAT belly poking out of the bottom of a filthy T shirt……its basically a Comedy………who Hires and RETAINS some of these “people”???? I can see WHY they DESPISE truck drivers..the Raunchy ones leave a lasting impression.

  • Big Good Bob

    I say let them eat cake give them what they want and just boycott deliveries to thier white collar wannabe city lets see how long that cake lasts w/out trucks delivering the goods needed…

  • Mike Jones

    If you Deliver to a customer..and you run out of hours and the customer closes and locks you OUT of his property…it will be a real problem….

  • Mike Jones

    they all laugh and make jokes about truck drivers…they fell truckers are rediculous.

  • Marisa

    never eat at a Cracker Barrell, they are horrible to truckers & will not even allow a bobtail into their lot but a huge RV pulling an SUV…no problem! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.