White-knuckle roads

| May 07, 2008

Nairobi-Nakuru-Eldoret Highway, Kenya
More than 300 people die on this road each year in crashes, most caused by speeding, improper passing and drunken driving. Rehabilitation of the road began in March 2005 but has been delayed due to heavy rains, additional work of constructing three bridges and, most recently, post-election violence.

Interstate 116, Brazil
The second-longest road in Brazil, this interstate is marked by potholes, poor signals and heavy traffic in the cities. The Curitiba-Sao Paulo section of the highway is nicknamed “Rodovia da Morte” (Highway of Death), due to its many accidents and the fact that it runs along – and even through – the edges of steep cliffs.

IP-3, Portugal
Nicknamed the “Road of Death,” this steep, deteriorating road linking the cities of Coimbra and Viseu has no barrier between lanes, and its tight curves are dangerous when wet. The road has a high accident and fatality rate – a tour bus accident killed 14 people in 2001.

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