Will you participate in the ‘Truckers Ride for the Consitution?’

| October 01, 2013


  • Val

    Please post more about this. I am a owner operator. I would ride in doc convoy

  • MercenaryMan


    Heres an article about the Trucking convoy, Impeachment protest, shutdown, Buy Nothing, thing a ma jig….

  • Mind Games

    Their harts are in the right place however their message is a bit foggy. I will look deeper into this as it at least shows that someone is doing something!
    If it won’t work I have a better idea with a clearer and stronger message that WILL wake every driver up in America!

  • Big R Phillips

    Please! Our way of life my ass! The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Regulate!

  • Pat Huffman

    Do you actually think shippers and receivers and going to shutdown?

    Some food industries run 24/7 and they will not tolerate interruption of services.

    Do you think your employer is going to tolerate your taking part in this?

    You put their name out there and you get involved in an incident, you have just painted a target on yourself and the company.

    Where were you when organizers were trying to raise funds to get lobbyists representing our industry in Washington DC during the inception of the CVSA act of 1986 or actions since?

    No one wants to get involved in anything until it comes time to Play “Chris Kristofferson” in “Convoy” and show their ass!

    Is it the rates???

    Well you don’t seem to mind hauling for rates of the 80’s and this is a market driven industry.
    You haul cheap and you keep your prices down and cry foul.

    The President???

    Where we you people during the elections?
    How many of you voted?

    Turnout among truck drivers was an embarrassment.
    Your heart may be in the Right Place, but I am amazed how you don’t want to act until the dam has burst and the town is flooded.

  • Juraj Jánošík

    A shutdown is a great idea but in this case the original organizers’ motive to impeach Obama etc. has nothing to do with helping our fellow drivers have higher wages and better working conditions.

  • George

    Go for it…I’m behind you 100% ! ! ! Impeach Obama ! ! !

  • Waggs

    As an old trucker, retired from another employment field but still consider myself a trucker at heart, I’m with you 100% and will be there with y’all in spirit. Give em hell!

  • Debbie
  • Ken

    I think this was an embarrassment to the trucking industry.

  • Alexia Jones

    Oh, you betcha! I’m going to laugh my ass off every chance I get!

  • mousekiller

    This is nothing more than some one or two persons that want their name in the news. When they have to post pictures taken in 08 to bolster their weak support to make it appear it is larger than life is just plain stupid and shows it is not a viable well thought out idea. Really bad planning to begin with. No support from carriers, truck supporters such as Overdrive. CCJ, Landline etc. This is not going to end well for many O/O’s and drivers that that participate in this flyby night scheme. Tickets and towing will be the norm, little if any positive news stories , Pictures will be posted by viewers and bystanders that will go viral on the internet. The towing companies will at the least double the normal tow charge just to make money on it. It is the truckers, their families and supporters that will come out on the bottom of this haphazard day dream. Even Mike Parkhurst thinks it is a farce.

  • jim

    A waste of time and what is to be accomplished?…If its political, you’re all nuts

  • billy fannin

    no there is no trucking related issues at the forefront, impeachment of Obama? I like to see that myself but slowing down traffic on the beltways not gonna get that done. lets talk about the over regulation on the trucking industry, or the high fuel prices, or the call for higher liability insurance by lawmakers. keep it within our industry an the issues that affect me. I heard the organizers were anarchists who staged the sit in on wall street an were in no way connected to the trucking industry. been watching fox news 4 hours now no mention of it at all. I save my fuel to move freight on Monday.

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