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| April 07, 2005

Haldex offers an unconditional 6-year, unlimited mileage warranty on the spring brake.

Haldex Commercial
Vehicles Systems
(800) 643-2374
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Fuel-Efficient Tires
Michelin now offers two new fuel-efficient tires for the new Volvo VN truck.

The new Michelin XDA Energy dual tire is a drive-axle tire designed for long wear and fuel savings, and is available in a low profile 22.5-inch size. According to Michelin, the tire can offer 1 to 2 percent savings versus existing fuel-efficient duals and up to 5 percent fuel savings versus existing high mileage drive duals (depending on vehicle configuration).

The Michelin X-One XDA wide single tire is available in a 445/50 R22.5 size that is interchangeable with dual low profile 22.5 tires with hub-piloted assemblies on tandem axles. The company says it delivers 3 percent savings compared to existing fuel-efficient duals and up to 7 percent versus high mileage drive duals (depending on vehicle configuration).

Michelin North America
(864) 458-5000n
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Tire Sealant
Fre-Bar Inc. has developed a new sealant that can prevent flats, stop leaks and seal punctures up to a quarter inch in diameter. The company says that Bar’s Leaks Tire Stop Leak and Sealant can save drivers money by cutting downtime.

To use, simply release the air from any tire, squeeze in the proper amount of the formula and inflate the tire. This will protect the tire from future punctures and leaks. If the tire already has a leak the flexible fibers of the product will create a seal to eliminate it. Tire Stop Leak is a permanent coating for tires, and contains inhibitor additives to protect steel wheels against rust and to protect aluminum rims from pitting.

Fre-Bar Inc.
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