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YouTubing truckers hit NPR Charlotte station

| October 28, 2010

Julie Rose of Charlotte, N.C., NPR affiliate (a voice I remember from my times south of the city in Rock Hill, S.C.) picked up on the phenomenon of the YouTube community of truck drivers with a story, available at the site this past Monday, that features some familiar faces. Among them was included good ol’ Bobbie Boofay and Keys Truckers James and Jan McCarter, featured in Overdrive’s September issue, but in the lead of the piece was YouTuber LittleTrucker1972 Terry Martindale, who Rose writes was at least in part reacting to years of folks saying she could never do it when she turned to driving big trucks. The 4’11” Martindale’s “Gravy Run” vid is embedded below.

Another hauler, North Carolina-based driver Rob Wilson, perhaps best sums up the “outlet” that YouTube is for so many drivers. “It’s part of what makes me sane,” Wilson told Rose. “With traffic and cars cutting you off, and just the crazy people out there on the road, there’s a way to kind of blow off steam.” Here here.

Read Rose’s story.

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