Agency gives turbo ruling

| September 20, 2010

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Sept. 17 that in response to a petition for rulemaking from the Truck Manufacturers Association, the agency is amending its regulations to eliminate turbochargers from the list of equipment considered to be noise-dissipative devices.

FMCSA says the regulation as written may allow vehicle operators to remove mufflers and still meet the federal inspection requirements if commercial motor vehicle engines are equipped with turbochargers. The agency says that wasn’t the intent of the rule.

FMCSA’s final rule is effective 60 days after today’s publication in the Federal Register unless adverse comments are received prior to that date. If any are received and FMCSA finds such comments have weight, it will initiate a proposed rulemaking process.

To submit comments, go to The docket number is FCMSA-2006-24065.

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