Randy Grider

TN health hero featured in Runner's World

 Truckers News 2008 Health Hero of the Year Jeff Clark is receiving international recognition with a profile on him in the December issue of Runner's World magazine. Clark, an avid runner and marathoner, was first featured in our March 2008 issue as part of the Fit for the Road series. He was named the 2008 Health Hero of the Year for his dedication to helping other truckers get fit as well as his personal achievements. The Runner's World ...

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The HOS shuffle needs to end

Looks like the feds plan to rewrite the hours-of-service rule for what seems like the 10th time this decade. Of course, that's not exactly the case, but between all the lawsuits and all the tweaking, it is getting old. This reconsideration looks to have a major impact on trucking with the possibile elimination of the 11th hour of driving and the possible end of the 34-hour reset period. Regardless of what the new rule turns out to be, ...

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How low can you go

I ran across a story today about a trucker who tried to go through a tunnel in Mobile, Ala., that was only 12 feet high. Of course, that didn't work and traffic was backed up for several hours while the crews removed the damaged trailers. The driver blamed his GPS . Police say the driver failed to heed warnings from flashing lights that his rig was too high. While this was an unfortunate costly mistake for the driver, ...

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