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Owner-operator Scott Reed, Rich Wilson and legislative influence on hours and ELDs

Owner-operator Scott Reed and TCRG Consulting's Richard Wilson stepped into the office of Ohio rep. Jim Jordan a week and a half ago to deliver a message on hours and ELDs. The main takeaway? Truckers need more flexibility.

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After the coming discontinuation of its uDrove ELD, is committed to assisting customers in finding a new vendor individually and, as was revealed in conversation with Overdrive, collectively. The company is building an ELD marketplace for vetted companies to debut this summer.

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Getting into an ELD just got a little less expensive

The Continental VDO RoadLog dedicated e-logger isn't the only electronic logging device in the no-monthly-fee camp anymore. Introducing here two BYOD/smartphone-app-based ELDs that flip the BYOD pricing model on his head.

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Load boards’ mobile evolution

Trucker Path and its Truckloads app join major players DAT and in an increasing number of operators' load board experiences, optimized for mobile devices.

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Cross your fingers and say, three times, ‘Spring freight season’ …

As on a teeter-totter, as on the spot freight market -- what goes down must come up. Well, sort of. Spot market volumes on DAT Load Boards continued their climb last week, enough to finally put pressure on rates to rise.

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POLL: ELDs and business income — what’s your view of the likely (or actual) impact of running electronic for hours?

Whether you're already running an electronic log or not, how do you believe the move from paper to the engine-connected electronic environment would or did (if at all) impact your net income?

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‘Show me the money’ – rates and pricing in the on-demand freight environment

Would-be freight market disruptors are attempting to provide a certain level of automation and data science into their pricing/rates that “better reflects the market” than what arises from the typical process, often tilted against carriers in one-on-one spot negotiations.

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Tennessee carrier’s safety awards offer atonement for past mistakes, new beginnings

Lots of carriers have driver rewards programs, but how many use them in part to honor crash victims who perished at the fault of their own drivers? TN-based Conard Transportation's Jeanne Mannes award is just such a program, recently awarding more than $8,000 to three company drivers in its first year.

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Tech accelerates freight movement visibility

While larger fleets have used trailer-tracking systems for years, more brokers and shippers are relying on mobile tech in the driver’s pocket to do the same. Some truckers are raising privacy concerns.

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Income and ELDs: The ‘rest of the story’ with Wes Memphis

Guest-blogger Wes Memphis returns to Channel 19: "Well, year one of e-logs is officially in the books, and what a year it was. Anyone care to guess how much money I lost in 2016 compared to 2015?" ... The answer may well surprise you.

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