BigRoad DashLink ELD price drops for owner-ops

| July 13, 2017

BigRoad’s roadside-inspection screen on a mobile device. The DashLink ELD pairs smartphone-based software with an ECM plugin to make the connection to the truck.

In the wake of the company’s March sale to Fleet Complete company, BigRoad has reduced the price of its DashLink electronic logging device to $19.50 a month for owner-operators. It’s also launched the ability to purchase the device online.

“Many hours-of-service solution providers overlook the little guys, owner-operators and small fleets,” said Alicia Bedard, director of marketing at BigRoad. “At BigRoad, we’ve focused on developing solutions tailored to meet their needs, all at an affordable price that puts compliance within reach.”


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BigRoad’s owner-operator-focused ELD provides simple regulatory compliance without the additional tracking and reporting that’s often desired by larger fleets. If purchased before the ELD mandate deadline in December, owner-operators can run DashLink as a fully compliant automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD), the current generation e-log, until December 16, 2019, before fully transitioning to an ELD, the company says.

The $19.50 a month per unit price is available to owner-operators with 1-2 power units. Additionally, there are no hardware costs or installation fees.

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