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The 15 toughest states when it comes to moving violations

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Updated Jan 12, 2021

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Source: 2017 federal data analyzed by RigDig Business Intelligence.Source: 2017 federal data analyzed by RigDig Business Intelligence.

These 15 state truck enforcement programs in 2017 encoded the largest percentages of moving violations, measured as a share of all of each state’s issued violations, the nation over. From top to bottom, the states show the heaviest focus on traffic enforcement, as evidenced by data from inspection reports:

  1. Delaware – 25.5%
  2. Indiana – 23.1%
  3. Oklahoma – 14.7%
  4. Louisiana – 14.2%
  5. West Virginia – 14.1%
  6. North Dakota – 13.8%
  7. Illinois – 13.1%
  8. Idaho – 12.3%
  9. Vermont – 11.3%
  10. Michigan – 11.1%
  11. Nebraska – 10.9%
  12. Massachusetts – 10.3%
  13. New Mexico – 10.2%
  14. Minnesota – 9.8%
  15. Ohio – 9.8%

As in evident in the map at top, and which Overdrive has intimated in past reporting (see “The seven-state speed trap” from the 2015 CSA’s Data Trail series), there’s some of Midwest regional proclivity for an outsize focus on traffic enforcement.

In Minnesota, it’s on the rise. Minn.’s moving violations as a percentage of all issued violations nearly doubled between 2014 and 2016, before dropping a hair in 2017. The state’s 9.8 percent measure, still, is almost double the national average for moving violations marked on inspection reports, which make up just 5 percent of violations nationally. However, Minnesota is typical in its region and one of seven Midwest states in the top 15.

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