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Chris Fiffie’s video interview with ChampTruck racer Mike Morgan

| June 06, 2015

[youtube HGe6jNShp0s nolink]

"88 Mike" Morgan

“88 Mike” Morgan

Heck, the video itself, as always from Big Rig Videos’ Chris Fiffie, is worth a stand-alone post in and of itself, an extensive interview with Mike Morgan intercut with on-track ChampTruck racing action and views of the rigs that competed in the attendant Overdrive‘s Pride & Polish event out in Willows, Calif., at the Thunder Hills raceway a couple weeks back now.

Give it a run through above.


Euro team wins California-held ChampTruck races this weekend, '88 Mike' the runner-up (with photos)

Euro team wins California-held ChampTruck races this weekend, ’88 Mike’ the runner-up (with photos)

In the second race weekend of the ChampTruck World Series' inaugural season, Hungarian racer Kristzian Szabo won the points-earning race, with Nashville-based Mack technician Mike ...

I will say it’s been exciting to see Morgan having some success out at the few ChampTruck races so far in this its inaugural season of Class 8 truck racing. As regular readers know, the Mack of Nashville diesel tech is headquartered in my general vicinity, and leading into the first ChampTruck event he wasn’t even sure, given lack of a lot of sponsor money coming into the operation, whether he’d make that second, California event. He’s still looking for that $$ influx to keep his team solvent, but make it he did, placing second overall in the points to follow-up a first-place finish in the initial event.


Podcast: Mike Morgan on a victory lap after ChampTruck event

A talk with '88 Mike' Morgan, who came out on top of the points following the inaugural ChampTruck World Series Class 8 racing event this ...

Here’s wishing him the best as the series continues…

As for Fiffie, we’ve updated Overdrive‘s playlist with a few of his new “Rolling CB interviews” with owner-operators, all of which you can check out below. For more in-depth on the project’s origins, read the story at this link.

[youtube ovs1hFDAwPg&list=PLc1lg9rs1dUAOR6ucaTlZJLb0aQlVoMEn nolink]



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