Christmas song No. 8: ‘Santa’s Got a Semi’

| December 13, 2013

Written by Keith Harling for his 1999 “Bring it On” record, this one’s a natural for a trucking magazine’s Christmas-songs list, but of course.


The No. 9 Christmas song: ‘Jingle Bell Rock’

The 1957-recorded "Jingle Bell Rock," made popular that year by singer Bobby Helms, is a classic of Christmas music and early rock 'n' roll.

The “Santa’s Got a Semi” tune re-imagines the prototypical Christmastime flying-reindeer-powered sleigh as a diesel-powered tractor pulling the biggest, bottomless dry toy van across the world. 

(If you missed it a few weeks back, driver Bill Weaver’s tune linked here trafficks in similar themes.)

Hold on, y’all.

[youtube sn787OHcMmw nolink]

No. 7, Alabama’s “Christmas in Dixie”…

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