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Countdown to GATS initiated

| August 21, 2015

can i touchThis just in: we’re officially six days from GATS and I haven’t even got my color-coded list done.

The first time we attended the show, I was fully packed and ready to go within 15 days of departure date. I had 14 outfits, three pairs of boots, and my golden hairdryer stuffed into the appropriated space allotted in the old Cascadia. We stayed in the truck, and I learned quickly that the late August heat of Dallas can destroy a hairdo quicker than high tide at Jekyll Island. It was hot, crowded, messy and exhilarating. And I could not wait to go back.

Dallas is the pinnacle when it comes to truck shows. It’s Texas-sized and has the old-money glitz and charm The Big D exudes. Everybody who’s anybody in trucking braves the hell-hot temperatures to exhibit at this show. I’ll have to hand it to Randall-Reilly, they go all out with the showroom floor, it’s truly an awesome thing to see. People like me walk around all day, battling inner demons that compel us to touch shiny things. The struggle is real, people.


PHOTOS: OMG so much chrome!

PHOTOS: OMG so much chrome!

En route to Miami, George and Wendy stop off for a preview of the 75 Chrome Shop, the location of the first Pride & Polish ...

We’re super busy this year, and I’m not complaining, because we’re going to get to hang out with some really cool people and do some new things. I am admittedly apprehensive about the public speaking things we’re doing. You really don’t get a chance to do much public speaking on the road, beyond running into the Petro to scream, “Who is the jerk on pump nine who has been there for 45 minutes?! Put the cones out if that thing is broke down, otherwise MOVE IT!!!!!”

So, I’ll probably need to refine that a little. Actually, I’ll just be quiet and let George do the talking. That generally works better. I’ll put that in red on the color-coded list.

I’m not polishing my boots or buying a new purse, because I definitely don’t want to show up looking like the new guy.


And the flatbed adventure begins …

“I feel like the guy who shows up at the job site with new boots and a new tool belt.” -- George Parker's flatbed transition, ...

(We’re show veterans, we can find the bar and the bathrooms, follow us.) I’m also so excited to see our buddy Tony Justice open for John Anderson, I can’t stand myself. It’s weird to feel fan-geeky about a friend we know as a trucker and a regular guy, but I really can’t wait to hang out with Misty and watch him play.

If you’ve got a couple days to spend a reset in Dallas, or just a couple to burn, there’s free parking at the Fairgrounds this year — it will be a lot nicer than the previous parking conditions around the Convention Center. Free shuttles will run daily, and we’d love to see you there.


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