Final audit of FMCSA’s cross-border program begins as it enters final month

| August 27, 2014

mexicoUntitled-1The Department of Transportation Office of Inspector General has begun its final audit of the cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico.


Low participation plaguing cross-border trucking program with Mexico

Low participation plaguing cross-border trucking program with Mexico

Five months remain in the pilot cross-border trucking program with Mexico, which has continued to report few safety violations but low participation: Just 13 carriers ...

In October, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will conclude its three-year program granting long-haul authority to Mexican carriers. A 2007 law requires that the OIG audit the program and submit a final audit to Congress six months after the program ends. 

The office announced July 30 it would begin work immediately to determine:

The auditors had issued its initial report shortly before the program began and in its 11-month.

When the interim report was published, four carriers had authority under the program. Auditors concluded it lacked sufficient data and participation to draw safety conclusions. The program requires at least 4,100 inspections of 46 carriers over three years to make statistically valid analysis and projections regarding safety. 

Currently, 13 carriers participate in the program and a total of 5, 312 inspections have been conducted since the program began.

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