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Final frontiers: Trucking to the moon

| August 10, 2013

Tip of the hat to the folks at LoadDelivered Logistics for this one — a fine weekend distraction from whatever task you’ve been needing distraction from at home or on the road.

The infographic below described near-future space travel as “mankind’s largest supply chain,” and it’s from the fine people at the Florida Institute of Technology. It applies the language of logistics to the movement of goods and people into and from space, with a forward-looking hypothetical element as well. As this LDL post about the infographic had it, “The Moon, and space in general, have become the subject of supply chain and natural resources researchers in recent years. Asteroids could supply Earth, future space communities, with platinum-group metals and water. Additionally, the Moon could supply the raw materials needed to build solar panels and other structures. This means that the next mode of raw materials transportation could be spaceships…” 

New opportunity, dump haulers? 

Anybody else remembering the launch-haul of the private craft SpaceX last year, which I wrote about at the time here

Fla. technology institute's space supply chain managment infographic

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