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Finger on the ELD mandate — good marketing or well over the line?

| September 12, 2017

Friday night in the truck-parking lot at GATS the trailer pictured here trying to get you to buy the One20 F-ELD was an active topic of discussion among drivers gathered, as was (I’m sure) hoped for by the ad’s purveyors. The One20 F-ELD is probably the least expensive ELD on the market today — it is available for $170 one-time. Fleets of fewer than 10 trucks contracted with broker C.H. Robinson, furthermore, can get it at a discount. The ECM plug-in device pairs with Android- or iOS-powered smartphones or tablets, and there are no monthly fees associated with it. (And yes, the company has registered its ELD with FMCSA.)


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But one of those drivers talking at GATS, who sent in this picture, asked a question about something that, for him, raises all kinds of professional-image hackles, as it were: “Is this good marketing or just over the line?” he asked. “My opinion [is it’s] over the line. I’m proud to be a professional driver of the old-school traditions. A vendor thinking that this is how to market to me was insulting.”

He suggested I put his question out for a vote among all of you — grand idea. What do you say?

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